Daishikyou is the Archbishop of the Dekoboko cult and the main antagonist of the Dekoboko Arc.


Dekoboko Arc

She first appeared in episode 275, where she posed as a fortune teller and talked with Kyubei about the latter's conflicting gender identity. The Archbishop laments how the people of Earth act in ways that do not fit their gender-assigned birth as a mysterious light beams down from the sky, changing everyone's genders, turning male into female and vice-versa, with the Archbishop mysteriously disappearing around this time.

Later in Episode 277, after the heroes raid the Dekoboko base to look for the cure to the genderswap, Kyuubei realizes that the Archbishop was nowhere to be found, only for the Archbishop to appear on a video screen where she reveals that she bugged Kyuubei's sword with a tracking chip during their encounter. The Archibishop believes Kyuubei to be worthy of carrying out Dekoboko's teachings and fires the genderswap beam down on Earth again, returning everyone's gender back to normal, except for the heroes, who were underground in the Dekoboko base.

Some time later at the planet of Chrislings, a race of aliens whose members all resemble Chris Matsumura, therefore making it difficult to tell who's actually male or female, the Dekoboko cult strike again, but their attempts to take control of the city amidst the genderswapping confusion are thwarted by the heroes, who tracked the Dekoboko cult to the planet and intentionally let themselves get genderswapped back to their original genders before taking down the cult. Then, Kyuubei makes her appearance and tells the Dekoboko cult how flawed their beliefs are before destroying the genderswapping ray, putting an end to their schemes.


  • Daishikyou is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga who also voiced Benio Amakusa from Ouran High School Host Club, Takuto Shindou and Rion Hyuuga from Inazuma Eleven Go, and KT from Ixion Saga DT.
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