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NOTE: Whilst the character in this article has appeared across a number of media sources, the information presented is based upon Daisuke Hiyama's portrayal in the Arifureta light novels. The web-novel is no longer canon, whilst Daisuke's appearance in both the anime and manga adaptations is based upon his portrayal in the original source material. Please be aware that the series is still ongoing and further information will be added/amended as necessary.


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Villain Overview

It's your fault! If it wasn't for you, Kaori would've been mine!
~ Daisuke Hiyama demonstrating his hatred for Hajime and obsession with Kaori, moments before his death. Arifureta Vol. 6, Ch. 4.

Daisuke Hiyama is the central antagonist of the Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest franchise. Outside of the original novels, Daisuke is also a prominent antagonist of the corresponding manga and anime adaptations.

For his television appearances, Daisuke's voice was provided by Minoru Shiranashi in the original Japanese version and Orion Pitts in the English dub.


The first antagonist to be introduced, Daisuke was one of Hajime Nagumo (the main protagonists' classmates, who was summoned alongside him to the parallel world of Tortus. Daisuke however, hated Hajime due to the latter's association with his crush Kaori Shirasaki, who in turn had a crush Nagumo. Motivated by jealousy, hatred and possessiveness, Daisuke mercilessly bullied Hajime throughout their school lives, an act which he (and his cronies) continued, following the classes transportation to this new world.

Like the rest of his class, Daisuke was meant to serve as one of this new worlds "protectors", helping the human population to defeat and drive back the Demon Forces of Garland. Daisuke however, would ultimately go on to betray humanity, selling them and his classmates out to demons, due to his obsessive desire to possess Kaori. Unfortunately for Hiyama, he met his end not long afterwards, when he refused to repent or demonstrate remorse for any of his heinous actions. In the long run, he would be remembered by everybody as a selfish traitor and a vile human being.

Although he was neither the strongest nor wisest villain in the story, Daisuke Hiyama's actions nevertheless had a huge impact on both Tortus and his classmates, especially his rival, Hajime Nagumo. During the "Heroes" first adventure into the Great Orcus Labyrinth, Hiyama attempted to assassinate Hajime in cold blood.

Instead of killing Hajime however, this act would unwittingly result in Hajime's transformation from a weak and helpless synergist into the ruthless and all powerful "God Slaying Demon King". With this new found power, Hajime would not only go on to save Tortus, but defeat Hiyama and many of his allies, enabling the rest of Daisuke's former classmates to return to Japan safely.


Daisuke had an average build and was one of the taller members of his class. His eyes and hair were both brown, bordering on red. Hiyama was a perpetual frowner, who was usually shown scowling or looking bored/disinterested. Although capable of feigning happiness, Daisuke only truly smiled when talking to Kaori or hurting other people, particularly the pre-Orcus Hajime.

Like the rest of his classmates, Hiyama was originally summoned to the parallel world of Tortus in his school uniform. Within a few days of his arrival, he had traded these clothes in for a set of purple, black and orange leather armor with a fur lining.

Daisuke's primary weapon was a long-sword, which kept strapped to his hip. These armaments (like those of the students) were provided to him directly from the Kingdoms treasury.


Don't pin the blame on other people. You're the one who decided to stoop to this level. Both here and in Japan, you've always been the loser. You didn't lose to other people. You've lost to yourself.
~ Hajime Nagumo calling Daisuke Hiyama out on his villainy.

Daisuke Hiyama is a sadistic sociopath, with a few psychopathic tendencies. Shown to suffer from both an inferiority and superiority complex, Daisuke deluded himself into believing that he was a brave, strong warrior and an intelligent person, who was popular with his classmates. In reality, he was an amoral coward, who cared only about himself and targeted anybody weaker than him for his own twisted amusement.

Like a typical bully, Daisuke was portrayed as an arrogant, selfish, callous and lazy individual. He was completely ruthless when dealing with his enemies, whether human or animal and possessed no redeemable qualities. He was also completely incorrigible, never demonstrating any remorse for his actions. Despite of all of this however, Daisuke was not insane. He only lost his mind and sanity during the last few minutes of his life. Throughout the rest of the story, it was made perfectly clear that Daisuke was not only in complete control of his actions, but knew full well that what he was doing was wrong.

Although he claimed to be in love with Kaori and friends with the other members of his gang, Daisuke actually viewed them (and everybody else) as expendable pawns/possessions, to use and dispose of at his leisure. He showed no concern or pity for the feelings of his classmates and was not afraid to use or betray them. On multiple occasions, both on and off the battlefield, Daisuke manipulated his school mates and employed underhanded tactics to get what he wanted.

Despite this however, Daisuke was not a strategic thinker. He would often act without thinking or considering the long-term consequences of his actions. Due to his short temper, Daisuke was often blinded by his anger and whenever things do not go his way, he would panic and then either fall back on his "allies", try to blame other people for what happened or simply consider running away, leaving the others behind as expendable meat shields.

These factors/flaws served to create an individual who was beyond reasoning with and stood no chance of redemption. Hajime would indicate as much during his final confrontation with Daisuke, telling his former tormentor that for all his whinging and wining, Hiyama had done nothing reputable and had repeatedly demonstrated just how pathetic and delusional he really was. Ultimately, Daisuke Hiyama would be remembered as a worthless scum bag, a self-destructive individual and a miserable excuse for a human being.

Powers and Abilities

Upon being summoned to Tortus, Daisuke and most of his classmates received a standard blessing from Ehit, the "God of Humanity". This gift gave "the heroes" an advantage over their enemies (the Demons) and made them more powerful than the average adventurer in this new world. The known benefits of this blessing included:

  • Enhanced physical strength: After being summoned to Tortus, like the majority of his classmates, Daisuke was blessed with a strength superior to that of average humans. However, since he refused to train or engage powerful enemies in combat, he failed to improve upon basic, low-level skills, and he also was completely helpless without his sword, ultimately leading to him eventually taking the Pre-Orcus Hajime's place as the weakest member of the Hero Party, a position that he retained right up to his death.
  • Swordsmanship: Under Knight Commander Meld's guidance, Hiyama eventually became a proficient swordsman. Although he was no match for Kouki and Shizuku (at least when they were in peak condition), Daisuke did manage to best the Vice Commander of the Heiligh Knights, who had years of experience under his belt. However, he failed to improve upon basic skills, and he also was completely helpless without his sword.
  • Magic: Like the majority of his classmates, Daisuke was one of the students granted with magical abilities, demonstrating an aptitude for both fire and wind magic. However, due to his laziness and refusal of training, he learned only very weak and basic spells.
  • Manipulation: Daisuke was also a bit manipulative. As both a high-school student and a warrior, Hiyama managed to convince his classmates that he was a lot stronger than he actually was. This was one of the reasons that very few people were prepared to stand up too or pick a fight with him. Daisuke was also capable of manipulating others to his advantage and getting them to do his bidding. Unfortunately for Daisuke, his acting skills only worked so far. Some people, like Shizuku Yaegashi, were able to see through his act. Others, such as the post-Orcus Hajime Nagumo, were not intimidated by him, and a few, like Eri Nakamura, were even more sinister and manipulative than he was.


  • Arrogance: Much like for Eri Nakamura and Kouki Amanogawa, one of Daisuke's main weaknesses is his arrogance. His arrogance brought him only to be easily defeated by his enemies, such as Hajime. Hiyama doesn't fight his strong opponents directly, as he always relies on ambushing them while they were off-guard, which makes Hiyama himself as a coward.
  • Disadvantages: Hiyama's secondary main weakness are unexpected changes in his schemes. His plans to have Kaori were foiled due to Hajime's unexpected interference.
  • Delusions: Much like Eri Nakamura, Kouki Amanogawa and Freid Bagwa, Hiyama has proven to be very delusional. His delusions towards Hajime has nothing but blinded him, proven when he refused to believe that Kaori chose Hajime over him. His delusions has also led himself to his demise when Hajime killed him.
  • Low intelligence: Much like for Kouki Amanogawa, Daisuke has proven to be dimwitted. He never thinks to the long-scale consequences of his actions, as seen whenever he has to express his opinion or even attack his enemy.
  • Manipulation: Despite his proficient of manipulation, Hiyama can be easily manipulated by those who are even more twisted and traitorous such as Eri Nakamura when she blackmailed Hiyama into doing her dirty works. However, when he proofed to be weak and useless, Eri betrayed Daisuke and left him to die for her own personal safety.
  • Recklessness: Whenever he fights, Hiyama does nothing but foolishly charging up to his enemies while ambushing them without even thinking, only to be easily defeated: a behavior that signed his end when he attempted to ambush Hajime in his desire to kill him, an attempt that not only got him killed, but that also proved how much he died in vain.
  • Cowardice: Much like for Freid Bagwa and Eri Nakamura, Daisuke was a dirty coward, as he was more than ready to pick on those weaker than himself only to crawl away in fear in front of those who are stronger than him, especially if they were more than willing to kill him, as witnessed in both situations with Hajime.



Mr. and Mrs. Hiyama

Mr. and Mrs. Hiyama love their son very and were completely devastated to learn of his death. Ignorant of Daisuke's true villainous nature, they later tried to avenge their son by attempting to kill Hajime in turn. The attack failed and the pair were easily defeated. Instead of punishing them however, Nagumo realized that they were misinformed and instead told the couple about the circumstances behind their sons demise. After hearing his story, Daisuke's distraught and horrified parents called off their vendetta.

Love Interest

Kaori Shirasaki

Daisuke has been smitten with Kaori since middle school and wants her to be his girlfriend. Despite his best efforts however, Kaori has never given Hiyama so much as a second glance. Daisuke (accurately) believed that this was due to her having feelings for Hajime, but this was only part of the truth. Unlike Hiyama, Kaori is a genuinely kind and all loving person. She is fully aware about Daisuke's cruel, jealous nature although she (like everybody else) underestimated the full extent of Hiyama's villainy. Kaori is also somewhat aware about Daisuke's mistreatment of Hajime, which only verifies her negative opinion of Daisuke.

After Hajime's fall into the Orcus Labyrinth, Hiyama became even more possessive of Kaori, giving anybody that approached or spoke to her dirty looks. Kaori meanwhile, largely ignored Daisuke, treating him only as an ally of necessity. When Hajime was revealed to be alive, Kaori left the Hero Party without a moment's hesitation, despite Hiyama's plea's. After she had gone, Hiyama finally realized that Kaori was never going to reciprocate his feelings. Although he did initially consider giving up on her, fellow traitor Eri Nakamura managed to convince Daisuke that if he helped her, she would make Kaori his for all time. Agreeing to her terms, Hiyama ultimately stabbed Kaori in the back, when she returned to aid the Hero Party during the Battle of Heiligh. Only Hajime's timely intervention prevented Kaori from dying or becoming Daisuke Hiyama's loyal undead slave. He proceeded to kill Daisuke not long afterwards, putting an end to any delusions or ambitions, the latter may have once had for her.

Following Daisuke's death, Hajime was able to resurrect Kaori (with a little help from both Yue and Tio). Shortly afterwards, Kaori would hear about the full extent of Hiyama's villainy from Hajime. From that day onwards, Kaori, who would later go on to marry Hajime and in spite her usually kind nature, made it clear that she now completely hates Daisuke Hiyama and will never forgive him for what he did.



As the overarching antagonist, Ehit found Daisuke's villainous actions to be very amusing. He even considered letting the light warrior work for him following the Battle of Heiligh, but Daisuke's death at Hajime's hands has put an end to this ambition. Ehit made no attempt to rescue or resurrect Daisuke and his only reaction to the light warrior's demise was a minor disappointment when Hiyama has failed him. In the long run he, like everybody else, wrote Hiyama off as worthless.


Although they only met once before their respective deaths, Noint was the one who informed Hiyama that his actions were very pleasing to her master and extended an offer of a future partnership. Although she was there to support both Daisuke and Eri, Noint's presence would unwittingly ensure that Daisuke died in vain. Her lifeless body was used to house Kaori Shirasaki's spirit, until her original one healed. This not only kept Shirasaki alive but, due to the numerous blessings Noint had received during her service to Ehit, made Kaori even more powerful.

The Bastard Four

Reichi, Shinji and Yoshiki were Daisuke's "friends" and accomplices who willingly aided him in harassing Hajime. According to Nagumo, the quartet all had nasty personalities and unrequited crushes on Kaori, although Hiyama's was both the strongest and most pronounced. Despite their comradeship, Kondou, Nakano and Saitou did temporarily avoid hanging around with Daisuke after he put their lives in unnecessary danger during the classes first venture into the Orcus Labyrinth. After Daisuke had "apologized" however, the group were soon up to their old tricks again: hanging around together and taking the mickey out of their comrades.

The groups confidence was shattered however, following Hajime's return. After saving them from Cattleya, Nagumo led the group back to the surface having shown them all how ruthless and sadistic he had become. When Kaori announced her intention to leave the Hero Party, the group first pleaded with her to reconsider, then tried to persuade Nagumo to take them on. Seeing through their false apology, Hajime made it clear that whilst he wasn't planning to punish them for their past misdemeanors, they should not push their luck. Given everything that they had just witnessed. Reichi, Shinji and Yoshiki decided to take Hajime's warning seriously and gave up on their pursuit of Kaori.

Not long afterwards, Hiyama would show the trio how little he valued their so-called friends. He lured his unsuspecting "comrades" into a trap, set up by Eri with the full intention of having them killed. Caught off guard, the Saitou, Kondou and Nakano were set upon by Eri and many of her zombie slaves. By some miracle, Saitou and Nakano managed to fight their way out, but Kondou was not so lucky. He was killed and reanimated as one of Eri's zombie slaves, whom he would serve until his destruction during the Battle of Heiligh.

Realizing that there was nothing they could do, Saitou and Nakano fled the Capital. By the time they returned, the battle was over and their treacherous comrade was dead. Present for both Hajime's story and Daisuke's unceremonious funeral, the duo were more concerned about their failure to save Kondou (their true friend) rather than what had happened to Hiyama. Learning from the experience, the former bullies made amends with Hajime vowing to never cross him again. Remaining true to their word, Saitou and Nakano, later wrote Daisuke off as a traitor and soon realized that he had never really been their friend.

Eri Nakamura

Looks like Hiyama's outlived his usefulness, so how about I give Kaori to you instead?
~ Eri betrays Hiyama following Hajime's arrival.

A fellow traitor hailing from Daisuke's class, Eri was the only other person to witness Daisuke's betrayal of Hajime in the Orcus Labyrinth. Needing allies for her own twisted machinations, she forced Hiyama to work for Nakamura and do her dirty works, threatening to out him as a murderer if he did not comply. Daisuke reluctantly did so, knowing full well that if Eri carried out her threat, everybody would believe her. Despite being a sociopath, Daisuke found the psychopathic Eri's complete disregard for human life creepy and planned to betray her at the first opportunity.

Whilst the pair never regarded one another as friends or allies (just expendable pawns), Eri always honored her side of the arrangement. She even offered to help Daisuke achieve his ultimate ambition and during the Battle of Helleigh, attempted to transform the fatally wounded Shirasaki, into Hiyama's personal zombie slave. Before she could complete the process however, Hajime arrived, incapacitated Hiyama and managed to get Kaori away from the battle (with the help of Tio). With her plans foiled and life in jeopardy, Eri deserted Hiyama without a moment's hesitation. Valuing her own life over that of her pawn, she reneged on their deal and offered to resurrect Kaori for Hajime instead. However, Hajime was not interested of her dirty bargain and proceeded to dispatch Eri's undead army within less than a minute.

A split second before Nagumo could deal death to the traitorous necromancer herself however, Daisuke foolishly attacked him. Despite unintentionally saving Nakamura's life, Eri saw no reason to return the favor. Using the opportunity to her advantage, she instead put some distance between herself and Hajime. Eri then stood back and watched on as her fellow traitor met a horrific end, allowing Daisuke to experience for himself what betrayal truly felt like.

Freid Bagwa

The Commander of the Demonic Forces, Freid Bagwa was the archenemy of the Hero Party and Tortus' human population in general. Despite being allies during the Battle of Heiligh he and Hiyama never had any interaction with one another. They are only considered allies due to both their mutual association with Eri and their respective plots against the innocent people of Heiligh. Freid was present when Daisuke met his downfall, but like Nakamura and Ehit, did nothing to help his former associate, allowing his beasts to devour the light warrior alive.


Hajime Nagumo

Hell would have to freeze over before you'd manage to anything worthwhile with your miserable existence.
~ Hajime to Daisuke shortly before killing him.

Daisuke Hiyama hates Hajime Nagumo with every fiber of his being. He considers Nagumo to be the biggest obstacle in his path to earning Kaori Shirasaki's affection, having guessed (correctly) that she is more than just a little interested in him. To Hiyama, the attention/affection she lavishes on him is completely undeserved, because as far as Daisuke is concerned, Hajime is nothing but a weak, worthless otaku. Despite this, Hiyama knows that if Hajime ever asked Kaori to be his girlfriend, Shirasaki would not hesitate to say yes. As such, Daisuke (with the help of his cronies) would beat Hajime both physically and emotionally on a daily basis.

The result of all this, was that Hajime dreaded coming to school and being around Shirasaki. Lacking the strength or confidence to stand up to Daisuke, Hajime hoped that Hiyama would eventually grow bored and leave him alone. Unfortunately, nothing that he said or did managed to deter Kaori or get Daisuke off his back. As such, the abuse continued into their adventures in Tortus.

Two weeks after the students first arrived in the new world, the class ventured into the Orcus Labyrinth on a training exercise. It was here that Daisuke, despite Nagumo risking his own life to save Hiyama's own, betrayed Hajime. In order to keep Kaori all to himself, he deliberately knocked Hajime back onto a collapsing bridge with his magic, causing Hajime to fall to his apparent death in the lower levels of the Labyrinth. Whilst everybody else ended was up shocked or traumatized, Daisuke celebrated the demise of his rival and the fact that he had (essentially) gotten away with murder.

Four months later however, Daisuke Hiyama was singing another tune, when he learnt that his rival was not only alive but exceptionally powerful. Despite witnessing Hajime's immense power and ruthlessness first-hand, Daisuke still tried to manipulate him with a fake sincere. When Kaori stated that it was her intention to leave the Hero Party, Hiyama asked to accompany Nagumo as well. Hajime however, not only rejected Hiyama's offer, but indicated that he was completely aware about what really happened all those months ago. Taking the hint, Daisuke backed off and Hajime, deciding that Daisuke was not worth his time or effort, left him to reflect on his actions.

Unfortunately, this small act of mercy came back to bite both Hajime and Kaori in the worst possible way. Upon confronting his enemies during the Battle of Heiligh, Hajime found Daisuke standing over the body of the mortally wounded Kaori, with his sword still embedded in her back. Furious, Hajime temporarily incapacitated Hiyama, which allowed him to safely extract Kaori, before dealing with Eri's zombie warriors. By the time Daisuke came to his senses, it was too late for him, Kaori was taken by Tio and Hajime now stood triumphantly over the defeated Eri. Driven over the edge, the enraged Daisuke foolishly attacked Hajime with his magic, drawing the latter's attention back to himself. Here, Daisuke discovered just how outmatched he really was. Hajime easily dominated their fight (if it could even be called that), with Daisuke unable to touch Hajime or even land a single blow. When it was over, nearly every bone in Daisuke's body was broken and his internal organs were unrepeatably ruptured (in the anime, Hajime easily defeated Hiyama by slamming his face to the ground with just his cybernetic arm).

The two rivals had a brief conversation, each of them expressing their absolute hatred for the other. In typical fashion, Daisuke continued to deny any wrongdoing. Unrepentant, he blamed Hajime for everything that had happened. Unintimidated, Hajime countered that he should have known Daisuke would do something like this. Without mincing his words, the monstrous synergist told the defeated light warrior that he viewed the latter as nothing but a weak, selfish bully who would never have succeeded due to his selfishness and failures. When the persistent Hiyama vengefully vowed to kill Hajime, Nagumo's patience and mercy finally ran out. Knowing full well what would happen, he tossed the deluded traitor's broken body by punching his face and kicking him at the abdomen (in the anime only kicked Hiyama's face), sending him to the invading horde, leading to Daisuke being devoured alive by the monsters, putting an end to both his villainy and delusions once and for all.

Following the battle, Hajime eventually destroyed Daisuke's already tarnished reputation by revealing to everybody what the latter had originally done to him in the Great Orcus Labyrinth all those months ago. This ensured that nobody (outside of Daisuke's own family) would ever mourn for or miss him and allowed Hajime to move on with his life.

Hajime's Party

Daisuke only met Hajime's companions on two occasions before his death. Firstly, when they saved him and the others from Cattleya during what was supposed to be a routine excursion into the Orcus Labyrinth. The second was during the Battle of Heiligh, where they witnessed the aftermath of Hiyama's attack on Kaori, along with Daisuke's subsequent demise.

During the first encounter, Yue dropped water on Hiyama's head, when the latter would not stop blabbering about Hajime's survival. There an implication that Hiyama was attracted on Yue, but this will faded away after seeing her cold attitude and a romantic moment that she had with Hajime. Later, when Hiyama tries to grab Shea at her ears, after she and Yue refused to talk to him, he was kicked away by Yue, then shot in the head with a rubber bullet by Hajime. Hiyama made no further effort to interact with any of the girls following this.

Yue, Shea and Tio were all aware of his previous mistreatment of Hajime. As such, they all hated Daisuke and did their best to protect both Hajime and later Kaori from his villainy. They were not successful in this regard, since Daisuke almost succeeded in killing Kaori. Fortunately, Tio was able to use her magic to help Hajime resurrect Kaori, ensuring that Daisuke died in vain. Like everyone else, they did not object to the brutal way in which Daisuke Hiyama's life was ended and have expressed no sympathy for him.

Kouki Amanogawa

Daisuke always compared himself unfavorably to Kouki, who was extremely talented at both academics and sport. It is implied that Hiyama also viewed Kouki as a rival for Kaori's affection, but acknowledged that he stood no chance of bullying Amanogawa the same way that he did with Hajime. Fortunately for Daisuke though, Kouki was an extremely gullible person, who refused to see the bad side of people, even when their vile nature should have been obvious.

Hiyama later used this to his advantage. When the rest of the class began harassing him following the events in the Orcus, Daisuke put on a big performance in front of Kouki, feigning remorse and regret for what had happened. Buying the act, Kouki accepted Hiyama's apology, took him under his wing and told the rest of the students to back off. Although he would not hesitate to call Kouki out on his foolishness, Daisuke subsequently stuck by Kouki for his own protection. Not realizing that he was being used, Amanogawa ultimately came to view Hiyama as both a trusted comrade and a friend.

Hiyama ultimately, repaid this kindness and trust by not only betraying Kouki, but by stabbing his long time friend and love interest Kaori Shirasaki in the back right in front of him. Furious Kouki, wanted to kill Hiyama, but was prevented from doing so by his injuries and the sheer number of enemies. Fortunately, Hajime would take care of the deed for him. In spite of his own justice driven attitude, Kouki did not call Hajime out on the brutal way in which the villainous Daisuke's life was ended, at least not at first.

As the story progressed however, Kouki (like Daisuke before him) began to grow increasingly jealous towards Hajime's superior strength, usurping of his position as the leader/hero and the attention he received from numerous women (Yue, Shea, Tio, Kaori and Yaegashi). Ehit eventually used this to his advantage in the Frost Caverns of Schnee, getting Kouki's doppelganger to convince him to attack Hajime. As the two men battled, one of the things that Kouki criticized Hajime for was the brutal way in which he had dispatched Daisuke Hiyama. Although he no longer considered Daisuke a friend or ally, he still believed that the traitor should have been tried for his actions, whilst stating that what Hajime did was straight up murder. Unimpressed, Hajime proceeded to thrash Amanogawa, whereupon he told his defeated adversary that it was that same attitude naive, self-serving attitude that had almost allowed Daisuke's treachery to succeed. Though he was convinced to spare him, Hajime warned Kouki that if he did anything like this again, he would suffer the same fate as Hiyama.

Classmates/Fellow Heroes turned Enemies

Outside of his gang, Hiyama has a negative relationship with most of his classmates. Although he considered himself one of the most popular students, in reality almost everybody despised him. Aware about his true nature and feelings for Kaori, the rest of the students view Daisuke as a creepy pervert and dislike him for his selfish behavior. The only reason that nobody has called him out on his mistreatment of Hajime is because they too dislike Kaori's association with the otaku and do not want to bring Daisuke's wrath down upon themselves.

Despite this, after Hajime fell to his apparent death in the Orcus Labyrinth, the whole class unanimously turned upon Hiyama and started to harass him. They only stopped when (the unrepentant) Daisuke put on a big show, causing Kouki to intervene on Daisuke's behalf. Now under Kouki's direct protection, Hiyama continued to look down upon and mock his fellow heroes, especially those that refused to fight following Hajime's "demise".

When Daisuke finally revealed his true colors during the invasion of Heiligh, his classmates' initial shock quickly turned into righteous anger. Many of them wanted to get to Hiyama and kill him for what he had done to Kaori, but were prevented from doing so by their preexisting injuries, exhaustion and the sheer number enemies. Fortunately. Hajime soon arrived and the class watched on as Daisuke received his comeuppance. Since they never liked him, nobody came to his aid nor do they condone Hajime for the brutally way he dispatched Daisuke due to his betrayal towards them.

Following the battle and Kaori's restoration, Hajime was convinced to give the others another chance to help him clear the remaining Labyrinths. As a demonstration of this trust, Nagumo told them the full story about his adventures. Once Hajime had revealed how he had ended up at the bottom of the Great Orcus Labyrinth, the rest of the class finally realized that Daisuke had truly been a filthy villain the entire time, which sealed their negative opinion of him. Although they were courteous enough to bury Daisuke Hiyama, it was an unceremonious funeral and those in attendance had lost whatever sympathy they once had. Since then, many of the students have stated that they will never forgive Hiyama for what he tried to do to them. Even after their eventual return to Japan, they continue regard Hiyama as a creepy, delusional fool who paid for his selfish desires with his life, which as far as they are concerned, is exactly what Daisuke deserved.


Despite being one of the weakest characters in the whole series, Daisuke Hiyama is arguably responsible for a great amount of deaths throughout the Arifureta storyline. His (attempted (and failed) or indirectly caused) victims are:

  • Hajime Nagumo (failed).
  • Hajime's victims (by proxy).
  • Yukitoshi Shimizu (indirectly responsible for Shimizu's betrayal).
  • Numerous monsters (indirectly).
  • Hundreds of innocent civilians (indirectly).
  • Countless Templar Knights including Meld Loggins and the Vice-Captain (indirectly).
  • Reichi Kondou (indirectly; caused by Nakamura).
  • Shinji Nakano and Yoshiki Saitou (failed).
  • Kaori Shirasaki (failed).
  • The Hero Party/Classmates (failed).
  • Eri Nakamura (intended; failed).

Even though Hiyama did not kill any of these people directly, he is never the less accountable. Were it not for him, Hajime Nagumo and Yukitoshi Shimizu would have never become anti-heroes/villains respectively, meaning all of the former's victims would still be alive.



~ Hiyama's breakdown before Hajime brutalized him.
I'll kill you! No matter what ish takesh, I swear I'll kill you!
~ Daisuke Hiyama's final words to Hajime Nagumo, just moments before his death. Arifureta Volume 6, Chapter 4.
No! Help Me!
~ Daisuke Hiyama's final words in the anime. Season 2, Episode 11.


  • Daisuke Hiyama is one of the weakest and most hated characters within Arifureta (besides Kouki Amanogawa and Eri Nakamura).
  • Chronologically, Daisuke was the first out of three members of his class to turn upon their classmates and betray the people of Tortus. The other two were Yukitoshi Shimizu and Eri Nakamura.
    • Interestingly, Daisuke is the only member of this group that fans consider to be truly evil. Shimizu was a delusional, weak willed and traumatized young man, who was lured into villainy by false promises of power and fame. Eri on the other hand, was the victim of a cruel upbringing, which left her both mentally and emotionally unstable. Daisuke meanwhile, was repeatedly shown to commit all of his heinous actions willingly of his own accord, despite knowing full well that what he was doing was wrong.
    • Since Shimizu's trauma was originally caused by Hajime's fall into the Orcus Labyrinth, Daisuke can be held accountable for the latter's corruption.
    • Daisuke Hiyama was the only traitor to be blackmailed into serving another one (Eri Nakamura), who in turn betrayed him before he could kill her.
    • He was also the only traitor not to be offered an opportunity to redeem themselves. Although they both rejected it, Shimizu was offered a chance to repent by Aiko-sensei, whilst Suzu pleaded with Eri to turn away from Ehit.
  • Hiyama was the third of four members of the Hero Party to die within the original story line. In order the students that perished were: Yukitoshi Shimizu, Reichi Kondou, Daisuke Hiyama and Eri Nakamura.
    • Daisuke was the only member of this group to be killed/eaten by monsters after being beaten up by Hajime. While the others died differently, Yukitoshi Shimizu and the undead Reichi Kondou (who was previously killed and resurrected by Eri Nakamura) were gunned down by Hajime Nagumo. Eri on the other, committed suicide by exploding herself in attempt to kill Suzu Taniguchi.
    • Daisuke Hiyama and Reichi Kondou died in light novel volume 6, Yukitoshi Shimizu died in light novel volume 3 and lastly Eri Nakamura died in light novel volume 11.
    • Along with Shimizu and Kondou, Daisuke is one of the three classmates who became the victims Hajime Nagumo.
    • Even though Hajime did not kill Hiyama directly, his actions nevertheless contributed to a karmic and ironic death for his rival. Hajime first subjected Daisuke to a savage beating, before throwing him into a horde of powerful monsters, which is reminiscent of what Hiyama previously did to him back in Volume 1.
    • Interestingly, Daisuke's parents were the only ones out of all of the deceased students families that tried to avenge their sons demise.
  • In very many ways, Daisuke Hiyama represents each of the Seven Deadly Sins.
    • His obsessive "feelings" towards Kaori and his insatiable desire to possess her constitute lust, greed and gluttony.
    • Hiyama's out-and-out hatred and jealousy of Hajime account for wrath and envy. Daisuke is also implied to be somewhat envious of Kouki, specifically his abilities and strength.
    • As Hajime pointed out, Daisuke is a lazy/slothful person.
    • Yet despite all of his flaws, Hiyama retains a biased and prideful opinion of himself.
  • As Hajime's former bully, foremost enemy and self-proclaimed love rival, Hiyama is categorized similar to other villains (who are the protagonists' weak, selfish, dimwitted, hypocrite, delusional, foolish, cowardly, unredeemable, perverted, incompetent, lustful, abusive , arrogant and paranoid self-proclaimed love rivals)
    • Daisuke (and the other villains) started of to be stronger than the protagonist. However, he unintentionally made Hajime Nagumo as the most powerful-but ruthless monster in the world.
    • Daisuke (as well those villains) believing himself to be strong/intelligent. But neither of them turned to be true (though in the anime. Hiyama is a lot weaker and stupid than light novel franchise). He was also being used and later deserted by an even more capable villains (mainly Eri Nakamura).
    • Daisuke (like those villains) hold a lust on one of the protagonist's lovers, Kaori Shirasaki in attempt to get her to become his girlfriend which always failed as far willing to kill her if he couldn't get her to become his.
    • Daisuke (similar to others) is a coward when he refused to train or fight his own battles when relying on backup and letting those fighting his battles for him.
    • When his final attempt to obtain Kaori failed, Daisuke (like those in the category) foolishly fought Hajime in attempt to kill him where Hiyama was easily defeated and later fed to the monsters by Nagumo.
    • After his death, Hiyama (and almost all who died) has a tarnished legacy when Hajime completely ruined his reputation causing his classmates to remember of Hiyama's villainous sins instead of his supposedly "heroisms".
  • Together with Ehit, Daisuke can be considered one of the main catalysts of the Arifureta series. If Hiyama had not knocked Hajime into the Orcus Labyrinth, forcing the synergist to become a ruthless and powerful anti-hero, the story may have turned out very differently.

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