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Note: Whilst the character in this article has appeared across a number of media sources, the information presented in this article is based upon Daisuke Hiyama's portrayal in the Arifureta light novels.

The web-novel is no longer canon by fans, whilst Daisuke's portrayal in both the anime and manga adaptations is based upon his portrayal in the original source material.

Please be aware that at the time of this articles publication, the series is still ongoing and further information will be added with amended as necessary.

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Villain Overview

It's your fault! If it wasn't for you, Kaori would've been mine!
~ Hiyama's breakdown after his defeat by Hajime.

Daisuke Hiyama is an influential antagonist from the Arifureta Shokukgyou de Sekai Saikyou (From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest) franchise. He is the first antagonist introduced in the series and one of the main protagonist, Hajime Nagumo's, foremost enemies. Hiyama despises Nagumo due to his association with Daisuke's crush, Kaori Shirasaki.

Believing that this attention was undeserved, Hiyama set out to make Hajime's life as miserable as possible. Whilst his bullying was mostly limited to insults and name calling, Daisuke eventually betrayed Hajime, attempting to murder him in cold blood. His plan backfired horribly however, leading Daisuke to become even more villainous, whilst setting events into motion that would culminate in his own destruction.

Outside of the original novel, Daisuke Hiyama is also a prominent antagonist in the corresponding manga adaptation and a minor antagonist in the 2019 anime adaption. For his television appearance, Daisuke's voice is provided by Minoru Shiraishi in the original Japanese version and Orion Pitts in the English dub. Hiyama is set to return in January 2022 for the anime's second season.


Daisuke has an average build and is one of the taller members of his class. His eyes and hair are both brown, bordering on red. Hiyama is a perpetual frowner, who is usually shown scowling or looking bored/disinterested. Although capable of feigning happiness, Daisuke only truly smiles when he is talking to Kaori or hurting other people, particularly the pre-Orcus Hajime. This smugness disappeared once he realised how powerful Hajime had become and was replaced by genuine terror.

Like the rest of his classmates, Hiyama was originally summoned to Tortus in his school uniform. Within a few days though, he had swapped these clothes for a set of purple, black and orange leather armor with a fur lining. Daisuke’s primary weapon is a long-sword, which is strapped to his hip. It is implied that these armaments were provided from the Kingdoms treasury.


What's up, you gross otaku.
~ Daisuke Hiyama's introduction and first words to Hajime in Volume 1.

From the moment of his introduction, Daisuke Hiyama was shown to be a very unpleasant individual. At first, he demonstrated many traits typical of a bully; being an arrogant, selfish, callous, lazy and amoral individual. As the story progressed however, it became clear that Daisuke is actually a sociopath, with a few psychopathic tendencies and no redeemable qualities. He is however, shown to suffer from both a superiority and inferiority complex, comparing himself unfavorably to Kouki, but favorably to Hajime (at least before their reunion in Tortus).

Although Hiyama considers himself to be a brave and strong warrior, he only attacks those that he believes or knows to be weaker than himself. He will never a battle without backup and is completely ruthless when it comes to dealing with his enemies. Despite this, Daisuke is not a strategic thinker and will often act without thinking.

One of the biggest indicators of Hiyama's sociopathic nature is his inability to form true attachment. To him, everybody else, including his "friends" and "crush", are expendable pawns. Hiyama has no qualms about taking advantage of peoples generosity or naivety and will abuse peoples trust. From monologue's it is clear that If the situation called for it, Hiyama would ditch everybody around him in order to save his own skin. This was what eventually happened during the Battle of Heiligh, when he stabbed Kaori and left the rest of his classmates to be annihilated by Eri's zombies.

Another of Hiyama's defining characteristics is his lack of responsibility or remorse. Whenever he gets in trouble, Hiyama will try and shift the blame onto other people. If this is not an option however, Daisuke is not afraid to put on a massive act and feign remorse. Additionally, Hiyama has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he has no conscience. Despite his short temper, Daisuke is not insane or psychotic, since he knows full well that what he is doing is wrong. He is just extremely selfish, greedy and evil. Daisuke is more concerned about fulfilling his own selfish desires, than the concerns or feelings of his comrades or those he hurts. In the end, it was this insolence and selfish attitude, which proved to be Daisuke's undoing, as he refused to repent for his past misdeeds or make amends for his mistakes. (see below to find out what happened to him).

Powers and Abilities

Together with most of his classmates, Daisuke received a standard blessing from Ehit after being summoned to Tortus, which made him more powerful than the average adventurer in this new world. The known benefits of this blessing include:

  • Enhanced physical strength.
  • An increase in stamina.
  • Increased endurance
  • Comprehension of the worlds language.

Under Knight Commander Melds guidance and training, Hiyama eventually adopted the light warrior class and became a proficient swordsman. Although he was no match against Kouki (at his peak), Daisuke was able to best the Vice Commander of the Heiligh Knights, who had years of training under his belt. Daisuke was also one of the students granted magical abilities, namely fire and wind magic.

However, since Hiyama refused to study or engage powerful enemies in combat, he failed to improve upon these basic, low level skills. As such, he eventually became one of the weakest members of the Hero Party. For example, Hiyama has no proficiency in any other combat style and is completely helpless without his sword.

Daisuke is also quite manipulative. As both a high-school student and a light warrior, Hiyama was able to convince the rest of his classmates that he was a physically strong person, which is one reason few people ever picked a fight with or stood up to him. He could also manipulate others to his advantage such as Kouki Amanogawa and the other members of his immediate gang (see Relationships for further details). Unfortunately for Daisuke, his acting skills only work so far, since some people, like Shizuku Yaegashi, were able to see through his act. Others, such as the post-Orcus Hajime were not intimidated by him and a few like Eri Nakamura were even more manipulative than he was.

In Volume 6, Daisuke was shown to have a high pain threshold. He was able to speak to Nagumo following their final battle, despite his extensive injuries, albeit in garbled, slurred speech. It is not known if this was a side effect of Ehit's blessing or Hiyama's natural ability.



Mr and Mrs HiyamaDaisuke’s parents.

Mr and Mrs Hiyama love their son very much and were devastated by his death. Ignorant of Daisuke's true evil nature, they later tried to avenge him by attempting to kill Hajime. This failed and after learning about the circumstances behind Daisuke’s demise, the distraught couple called off their vendetta.

Love Interest

Kaori Shirasakia fellow classmate and school idol.

Daisuke has known Kaori since middle school and believes himself to be smitten with her. For several years, he has gone out of his way to try and make her his girlfriend. In reality however, Hiyama does not really care about Kaori and is only attracted to her beauty. He views her more as a possession than an actual person and has no regard or concern for Shirasaki's feelings.

Despite his best efforts however, Kaori has never shown any interest in Daisuke nor given any indication of returning his feelings. Daisuke accurately believed that this was due to her having feelings for Hajime, but this was only part of the reason. Kaori was fully aware about Daisuke's selfish and jealous nature (though she ultimately underestimated just how villainous he actually was). She was also aware that he was mistreating Hajime, but not about the full scale of the abuse. It should be noted that Daisuke did not do himself any favors, as he refused to behave himself in Kaori's presence, which put her off him even more.

Following Hajime's fall into the Orcus Labyrinth, Kaori was angry about Daisuke's role in the incident. Like everyone else, she was ignorant of what Daisuke had really done and (to her kind nature) eventually came to tolerate Hiyama as an ally of necessity. She had minimal interaction with him however, and when Hajime was revealed to be alive, Kaori left the Hero Party, in spite of Daisuke's protests.

After she had gone, Daisuke finally realized that Kaori was never going to reciprocate his feelings no matter what he tried. Although he initially considered giving up on her, Eri convinced him not to. Instead, Nakamura offered Daisuke a deal, which she assured him would make Kaori his for all time. During the Battle of Heiligh, Hiyama betrayed Kaori by literally stabbing her in the back. The plan was to mortally injure her, so that Eri could bind Shirasaki's soul to her body, stripping her of her free will, whilst making her eternally youthful and loyal to Daisuke forever. Fortunately for Kaori, Hajime's timely intervention saved her from this fate and Daisuke met his end soon afterwards.

Hiyama ultimately died in vain, since Hajime managed to resurrect Kaori using Noint's body. At some point during or after this process, Shirasaki was made aware of what had happened to her and was present when Hajime exposed Daisuke's villainy to the rest of their classmates. From that day onwards, Kaori has made it very clear that she feels no sympathy for Daisuke Hiyama and will never forgive him for what he tried to do to her or her loved ones. At some point after returning to Japan, Kaori married Hajime and went on to live a happy life with him. This was something that the long dead Hiyama had always feared would happen and in some ways, the marriage can be seen as an insult to Daisuke's memory, whilst also demonstrating that they are no longer affected by his influence or legacy.


Note: Given Hiyama’s true selfish nature and that of the other deceptive villains within Arifureta, this term is used very loosely.

Ehit - the God wannabe who summoned Hiyama and his classmates to Tortus.

Ehit originally found Daisuke’s insanity and villainous actions to be very amusing. He considered letting the light warrior work for him personally following the Battle of Heiligh, but Daisuke’s death at the hands of Hajime Nagumo in Volume 6 prevented this. Ehit made no attempt to rescue or resurrect Daisuke. His only reaction to the light warrior's death and failure was a minor disappointment, coupled with his disgust at how pathetic/weak Hiyama had actually been.

Noint - Ehit's chief apostle.

Although they only met once before their respective deaths, Noint was the one who informed Hiyama that his actions were pleasing to her master, whilst extending to him the offer of a future partnership.

Additional note: Although she was there to support both Daisuke and Eri, Noint’s presence unwittingly ensured that Hiyama died in vain. Her lifeless body was later used to house Kaori Shirasaki's spirit, which not only kept Shirasaki alive, but made her even more powerful.

His Former Gang (aka The Bastard Four).

Members: Reichi Kondou (deceased), Shinji Nakano and Yoshiki Saitou.

Reichi, Shinji and Yoshiki originally looked to Hiyama as their leader. Like Daisuke, they all had nasty personalities and unrequited crushes on Kaori, although theirs was not as strong or pronounced as Daisuke’s. Whilst Hiyama considered the trio to be nothing but pawns, they thought of Daisuke as their friend. As such, the quartet hung out and did everything together, which usually involved bullying Hajime.

However, in Volume 4, the tables were turned when the group witnessed Hajime’s destructive power, sheer ruthlessness and sadism when he mercilessly executed his defeated adversary Cattleya, along with all her allies. Despite their fears that Hajime would seek revenge upon their person, they nevertheless tried to manipulate him with a false apology in a selfish bid to remain close to Kaori. Unfortunately, Hajime saw through their act and cruelly dismissed them, whilst making it clear that the group should not push their luck.

Following this, Reichi, Shinji and Yoshiki wisely gave up on their pursuit of Kaori, having no desire to incur Hajime's wrath. Lacking his “friends” common sense, Hiyama ultimately betrayed his "group of friends", when (shortly before the Battle of Heiligh) he lured them into a trap, set up by Eri with the full intention of having them killed. Ultimately, Saitou and Nakano managed to escape, but Kondou was not so lucky. He was killed and reanimated by Eri as one of her zombie slaves.

By the time Shinji and Yoshiki returned to Heiligh, the battle had concluded, with both of their former comrades amongst the casualties. The pair were present not only for Hajime's story, but also Daisuke's funeral as well. Having learnt the full extent of the latter's villainy however, they, like everybody else, felt no sympathy for the now-deceased Hiyama. On the contrary, they were more distraught about their failure to save Kondou from their false friend's betrayal. Despite this, Daisuke's death did serve one major purpose to them: it showed that Hajime had been serious about his threat not to cross him. As such, Shinji and Yoshiki did what the deceased traitor had been incapable of, they sincerely apologized to Hajime for their previous misdeeds, making a solemn promise to never cross him or harm any of his lovers ever again.

Several years later (by the events of the After Story), Saitou and Nakano have remained true to their word. The pair are now Hajime's staunch yes men (much to Nagumo's annoyance) as well as the personal bodyguards to one of his wives, Liliana S. B. Heiligh. Whilst the pair are shown to still mourn for Kondou, they along with everybody else, have written Daisuke off as a traitor and have accepted that he was never their friend.

Eri Nakamura – The Arch-Traitor.

Looks like Hiyama's outlived his usefulness, so how about I give Kaori to you instead?
~ Eri betrays Hiyama following Hajime’s arrival.

As a sociopath and psychopath respectively, Daisuke and Eri never regarded one another as friends or comrades, just expendable pawns in their own twisted scheme’s. Eri’s ruthlessness and complete disregard for human life scared Hiyama and he planned to eventually betray her. Despite this, Nakamura was able to keep Hiyama firmly under her control, having been the only witness to Daisuke’s betrayal of Hajime in the Orcus Labyrinth. She threatened to out him as a murderer if he did not do everything she said and Daisuke knew full well that if that happened, everyone would believe her.

Despite all this, when the time came, Eri did honor her promise to help Daisuke achieve his ultimate ambition and make Kaori his for all time. After Hiyama successfully stabbed Kaori during the Battle of Helleigh, she began to transform Shirasaki into Hiyama’s personal zombie slave. Less than a minute later however, Hajime had arrived and foiled all of Eri's evil schemes. With Kaori now safe, Eri, valuing her own life over that of her "ally", ended her alliance with the currently incapacitated Hiyama. Without a moment's hesitation, Nakamura declared that Daisuke was no longer of any use to her, and, reneging on their deal, offered to resurrect Kaori for Hajime instead. Unfortunately for her, Nagumo was not interested and attacked her as well attempted to kill her, while disregarding of what her motivations was or who has made her a traitor.

Whether or not Daisuke heard Eri's proclamation, he unintentionally saved her life, by attacking Hajime a split second before the synergist could execute the traitorous necromancer. Despite this, Eri saw no reason to return the favor. Instead, she used this distraction as an opportunity to put some distance between herself and Nagumo. Nakamura then stood back and watched on callously as her former “ally” met a horrific end. She made no attempt to rescue Hiyama, allowing Daisuke to experience for himself what betrayal felt like.

Freid Bagwa – Supreme Commander of the Demons.

Freid and Daisuke never had any interaction. They are only considered allies due to their mutual association with Eri and plot against the innocent people of Heiligh. It is heavily implied that Freid was present when Hiyama met his downfall, but like the traitorous necromancer, did nothing to help his associate, allowing his monsters to devour Hiyama alive.


Hajime Nagumo – Mortal enemy and Killer.

Hell would have to freeze over before you’d manage to anything worthwhile with your miserable existence.
~ Hajime to Daisuke, shortly before killing him

Hajime Nagumo and Daisuke Hiyama share a mutual loathing for each other. Due to Kaori Shirasaki’s interest in the former, the latter considers Hajime to be his love rival. Although Hajime hoped that Hiyama would eventually grow bored of picking on him, nothing he said or did would get Shirasaki or Daisuke off his back. As such Nagumo was beaten both physically and emotionally by Hiyama’s gang without mercy, both in Japan and later Tortus.

Two weeks after the students first arrived in the parallel dimension, Daisuke committed the ultimate act of betrayal, when he deliberately knocked Nagumo onto a collapsing bridge with magic. This caused Hajime to fall to his apparent death in the lower levels of the Orcus dungeon. Whilst everybody else was shocked and traumatized, Daisuke secretly celebrated the demise of his supposed rival, whilst relishing the fact that he could now have Kaori Shirasaki all to himself.

When the pair were reunited four months later however, their positions were reversed. Witnessing Hajime’s immense power and ruthlessness first-hand after killing both Cattleya and her entire monster army, Hiyama undoubtedly recognized just how weak he was in comparison. When he later tried to manipulate Hajime in order to remain close to Kaori, Nagumo not only rejected Daisuke’s offer, but dropped a hint that he was aware about what had really happened all those months ago.

During this interaction, Hajime noticed something akin to madness in Daisuke’s eyes. What he did not know was that the revelation of his own survival, coupled the loss of Kaori, had caused Hiyama to suffer a mental breakdown, driving him to become a completely psychotic, villainous and insane lunatic. Now fully committed towards making Shirasaki his own no matter the cost, Daisuke voluntarily sided with Eri Nakamura, whilst betraying the rest of his supposed allies.

When Hajime next saw Hiyama during the Battle of Heiligh, the latter was standing over the body of the mortally wounded Kaori. Recognizing what the light warrior had done, Hajime violently knocked Hiyama out of the way, injuring him severely. By the time Hiyama came around, Hajime had rescued Kaori, eliminated all of Eri’s forces and was just about to deal death to the traitorous necromancer herself. Driven over the edge by his hatred towards Nagumo for foiling his last opportunity to have Kaori for himself, Daisuke foolishly tried to attack Hajime head on, only to be easily defeated and savagely beaten up by Nagumo.

Despite his horrific injuries, Hiyama continued to deny any wrongdoing, blaming Hajime for everything that had happened. Venting years of frustration upon his rival, Hajime told Daisuke flat out that this was all his own fault. Making it clear that he considered Hiyama to be nothing but a weak, selfish bully, Hajime declared that Daisuke never stood a chance with Kaori, due to his selfishness, callousness, psychotic, immorality and irresponsibility nature.

Failing to recognise that Hajime was giving him one last chance to spare him if he repent or demonstrate some measure of remorse, Daisuke foolishly vowed to kill Hajime, no matter what it took. Hearing to this insolence, Hajime Nagumo’s patience finally ran out. Recognizing that the light warrior was now beyond any hope of salvation, Hajime executed the persistent Daisuke by throwing his former bully's broken body into a horde of Freid Bagwa's monsters, who devoured him alive. In the aftermath of his former tormentor's death, Hajime completely destroyed Daisuke’s already tarnished reputation by revealing to everybody what the latter had originally done to him in the Great Orcus Labyrinth all those months ago. This ensured that nobody (outside of Daisuke's own family) would ever mourn for or miss him.

Hajime’s Party

Members: Yue, Shea Haulia, Tio Klarus & Myu.

Note: These four girls were the only ones present in Hajime’s group during Daisuke Hiyama’s lifetime. Others, such as Princess Liliana Heiligh and Shizuku Yaegashi joined afterwards. Kaori Shirasaki has her own entry, see Love Interest.

Apart from Myu, the other girls in Hajime’s party are all aware of Daisuke’s previous mistreatment and actions against their crush. Despite their limited interactions with the light warrior, they all hold hatred towards Hiyama and consider him one of only two people that they will attack in order to protect themselves, the other being Kouki Amanogawa. Despite of their love rivalry, Yue, Shea and Tio secretly vowed to do everything within their power to protect both Hajime and later Kaori from Daisuke's villainy.

Daisuke himself, did nothing to improve the girls opinion of him. His shouts of denial at Hajime’s survival, caused Yue to drop water on him. It is implied that Daisuke may have been attracted to both Yue and Shea, but this attraction soon faded, upon witnessing their power levels, as well as a romantic moment between Hajime and Yue. Later, he tried to grab Shea's ears after being coldly ignored by her and Yue only for them to easily kicked him and his gang, which caused Hajime to shoot rubber bullets at him.

The groups hatred for Hiyama was sealed during the final battle of Heiligh, when he fatally injured Kaori. Only Hajime’s physical intervention and Tio’s spirit magic prevented Kaori from passing on. The group watched on pitilessly as the psychotic teenager met his demise, showing no concern for the brutal way in which Daisuke Hiyama's life was ended. In the long run, they like everybody else, have expressed no sympathy or forgiveness for Hiyama, after what he tried to do to their beloved friend Kaori, and their future husband.

Classmates/Fellow Heroes.

Members: Aiko Hatayama, Kouki Amanogawa, Kaori Shirasaki, Ryutarou Sakagami, Shizuku Yaegashi, Eri Nakamura (traitor), Suzu Taniguchi, Jugo Nagayama, Kentarou Nomura, Kousuke Endou, Ayako Tsuji, Mao Yoshino, Yuka Sonobe, Nana Miyazaki, Atsushi Tamai, Taeko Sugawara, Akito Nimura, Noboru Aikawa, Yukitoshi Shimizu (traitor), Reichi Kondou (pawn), Yoshiki Saitou (pawn) and Shinji Nakano (pawn).

Note: Kaori, Eri, Reichi, Yoshiki and Shinji have their own separate sections within the relationships section.

Daisuke was a member of the Hero Party's vanguard and falsely believed himself to be one of the most popular students within his class. He also thought that his mistreatment of Hajime had earnt him great favor amongst his fellow teenagers. In reality, nobody apart from Kouki and the members of his own gang could stand Daisuke. Generally, he was regarded a creepy pervert and disliked for his selfish behavior. Despite this, nobody did anything to prevent Daisuke from bullying Hajime since they too disliked Kaori's association with the otaku. On the contrary, several students, usually the boys laughed openly at it.

When Hajime fell to his apparent death however, the entire class unanimously blamed Hiyama for it and for unnecessarily putting their lives in jeopardy. Daisuke did not care about this and eventually put on a big show in order to fool the others. This caused Kouki, the strongest and most gullible member of the group, to think that Hiyama had learnt his lesson, at which point he forced the rest of the students to back off.

Hiyama spent most of his time after this in the company of the Hero Party. Daisuke of course, felt no attachment towards any of them, willing to abandon the whole group, if it meant he would survive. Apart from Kouki, Kondou, Saitou and Nakano, the rest of the Hero Party generally considered Hiyama to be an irritable liability, as he tended to sit back and deal with the weaker enemies, whilst letting them do all the real fighting. At the same time though, they considered him an ally of necessity, believing Daisuke to be stronger than he really was. Throughout this, Daisuke and other three bullies laughed at supposed weakness of the other students for refusing to fight.

When Daisuke finally revealed his true nature during the Demonic Invasion of Heiligh, his classmates' initial shock quickly turned into anger and hatred. Not only had Hiyama managed to fatally injure Kaori, but he had also willingly sold them out to Eri and her allies, leaving them all for dead. Many of them wanted to get to Hiyama and kill him, but were prevented from doing so by their pre-existing injuries, exhaustion and the sheer number enemies. Fortunately, Hajime arrived shortly afterwards and took care of the deed for them.

Following Hiyama’s death, the former students were more shocked at Daisuke's betrayal than the brutal way in which Hajime killed him. After preventing Kaori's death, Hajime with a bit of encouragement from his allies, was persuaded to give his former classmates a chance to help him clear the remaining labyrinths in order to defeat Ehit and save the world. As a demonstration of this trust, Hajime told Aiko and the rest of the students about his adventures following their separation in the Orcus Labyrinth and, more importantly, who put him there in the first place. At the end of his story, Hajime delivered an important warning to the remaining members of the class, if any of them would betray him or harm his companions/lovers, they would suffer to the same death similar to Hiyama.

However, the only classmate who condemned Hajime despite Hiyama was a traitor, is Kouki Amanogawa (it was due to his naiveties and delusions as well his petty jealousy towards Hajime). Kouki stupidly believes what all of Hajime's doings were wrong and Hiyama was only necessary for his so-called justice because he was manipulated by Ehit. He tries to blame Hajime for not informing him of both Ehit's true nature as well as Eri and Hiyama's betrayal. Hajime coldly scolded Kouki by calling him a fool and considered his self-righteousness to be childish and ridiculous which almost allowed Eri and Daisuke's plan to succeed.

The information provided on that day completely sealed the remaining students' negative opinion of Daisuke Hiyama once and for all. Now fully aware that their former associate had been responsible for so much suffering, they wrote Daisuke off as villain and completely lost lingering ounce of sympathy they had for Hiyama. The students were nevertheless courteous enough to grant the deceased Daisuke a funeral, but it is an unceremonious nature and lack of mourning illustrated their hatred for the now-deceased Hiyama.

Following the burial, none of Daisuke's former associates like to talk about him much and if they ever do, it is always in a negative light. Even in the after story, set several years after Ehit's death and the remaining student eventually returned to Japan, it is made clear that the heroes have still not forgiven the long dead Daisuke and that they are unlikely to ever do so. As far as they are concerned, Daisuke Hiyama was just a delusional selfish traitor and a creepy pervert, who got exactly what he deserved.


  • Hajime Nagumo - Former bully victim, whom he later tried assassinate in the Orcus Dungeon. The attempt failed and instead resulted in Hajime becoming most powerful monster. Several months later, Hajime repaid Daisuke simply by thrashing him, when the latter's failed attempted to turn Kaori into a zombie slave. After subjecting Hiyama to a savage beating (see Hajime Nagumo for details), he executed Daisuke for his insolence, by feeding him to Freid Bagwa's monsters (see Monsters for further details) and later destroyed his reputation by revealing the full extent of Hiyama's villainy to his fellow heroes/classmates.
  • Hajime's victims - Although he never met most of these people, Daisuke is never the less accountable for their deaths, since Hajime would never have gained his ruthless attitude or the power necessary to kill these people, had Daisuke not knocked him into the Labyrinth.
  • Numerous monsters - Killed as part of his training and duty as an active member of the Hero Party. However, following the aforementioned betrayal towards his classmates and Hajime easily defeated Daisuke, Hiyama was devoured to death by a horde of Freid Bagwa's powerful beasts, i.e. the very creatures he had been summoned to defeat.
  • Heiligh Kingdom's Civilians - Helped Eri to kill many innocent civilians so that she could reanimate them as zombies. They were all destroyed by Hajime Nagumo, shortly before Daisuke's own demise.
  • Countless Templar Knights - Helped Eri to kill many of the Heiligh Kingdom's finest warriors, allowing Eri to reanimate them as zombie slaves. Hiyama is confirmed to have personally dueled and slain the vice captain of the Kingdom, who was the second strongest behind his own mentor, Meld (who was likewise killed by Noint and zombified). Again, these soldiers were ultimately wiped out by the enraged Hajime Nagumo, shortly before Daisuke's own demise.
  • His former gang (contributed) - Lured his so-called "friends" into a trap set up by Eri, which was carried out in his presence and with his full permission. Ultimately, only Kondou perished and was subsequently reanimated as a zombie slave. Saitou and Nakano managed to escape but were left deeply traumatized by the experience. In the long run, Kondou was liberated by Hajime, alongside all of the other zombies. Saitou and Nakano meanwhile initially refused to fight any further, but eventually went on to recover from the loss of Kondou and sincerely apologized Hajime for their previous misdeeds.
  • Kaori Shirasaki (attempted) - Stabbed Shirasaki in the back during the Battle of Heiligh, so that Eri could transform her into his own zombie sex slave. Hajime's arrival and intervention prevented this, leading to Hiyama's own demise. Fortunately, Hajime (along with Yue and Tio) was able to save Kaori, by transferring her soul into Noint's body.
  • Classmates (by proxy) - Hiyama left his classmates and fellow heroes to die at the hands of Eri's army during the Battle of Heiligh. Due to this betrayal, none of them aided him when Hajime showed up, nor would they ever condone Nagumo for his actions or the brutal way in which he dispatched Daisuke.
  • Eri Nakamura (intended) - Hiyama hated serving Eri, but was forced to tow the line due to her blackmail. Despite their alliance, he intended to betray and kill Nakamura at the first opportunity. Ironically, this ambition was never realised as the psychopathic Eri betrayed him first, leaving Hiyama to die at the hands of hers and Freids monsters, after deciding that he was worthless to her.



~ Hiyama's breakdown before Hajime brutalized him.
I’ll kill you! No matter what ish takesh, I swear I'll kill you!
~ Hiyama's final words to Hajime before his death.


  • Daisuke Hiyama is one of three students within his class to turn traitors, the others being Yukitoshi Shimizu and Eri Nakamura.
    • Fans generally consider Daisuke to be the only member of this group that was truly evil. Shimizu was weak willed and lured into villainy by false promises of power and fame. Eri meanwhile, was a victim of a cruel upbringing at the hands of both her mother and stepfather, which left her mentally and emotionally unstable. In contrast, Daisuke had no such excuse and as Hajime ultimately pointed out, chose to commit all his evil deeds of his own accord, because he is a sociopath.
  • Chronologically, Hiyama was the third out of four members of his class to die within the original story line. In order the students that perished were; Yukitoshi Shimizu, Reichi Kondou, Daisuke Hiyama and Eri Nakamura.
    • Kaori Shirasaki very nearly became the second but was not truly killed, since Eri needed her alive in order to transform her into a zombie slave. Hajime's actions managed to prevent Kaori's death, but Shirasaki still required extensive treatment to keep her alive. Her soul was transferred into the body of Ehit's fallen minion (who was killed by Nagumo), Noint.
  • Each of the fallen students had a unique death, with Daisuke being the only one to perish at the hands of monsters. That being said, he had previously been crippled following a brutal one-sided bout with Hajime. (For details on the other villains deaths, check out their respective pages).
  • In another unique example, Daisuke's family were the only one's to try and avenge their sons demise, although the said attempt failed.
  • Daisuke Hiyama is both one of the weakest and most hated characters within the Arifureta narrative (along with Kouki Amanogawa, Eri Nakamura and his former gang mates) as well as the fans do not care if they die or not where his death at Hajime's hands happened inevitably.
  • Together with Ehit, Daisuke can be considered one of the series two overarching antagonists. It was Daisuke's original bullying and lust for Kaori, which originally made Hajime want the others to go to another world. Additionally, most of the people that died throughout the narrative would probably still be alive, if Hiyama had not attempted to kill Hajime in the Orcus Labyrinth, forcing Hajime to become a ruthless and powerful murderer.

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