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Villain Overview
It's your fault! If it wasn't for you, Kaori would've been mine!
~ The severely injured Hiyama to Hajime.

Daisuke Hiyama is a major antagonist who appeared in the Japanese light novel series Arifureta Shokukgyou de Sekai Saikyou (From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest). He also featured in its manga and anime adaptions. Hiyama serves as the main antagonist of the first book, Chapters 1 - 4 of the manga, and Episode 1 of the anime. He subsequently became a minor character, before returning as one of the main villains of the Demon Invasion/War on Heiligh Kingdom Arc. Daisuke is the arch-enemy of the series main protagonist Hajime Nagumo, and is responsible for the latter's transformation from a harmless otaku into the ruthless killing machine he became.

Daisuke's hatred of Nagumo is motivated by his jealousy of Hajime's relationship with a popular classmate, Kaori Shirasaki, who Daisuke fancies. Whilst several other students, in and out share these feelings, Hiyama set out to bully Hajime and make his life as miserable as possible. This harassment escalated when the class was summoned to Tortus and eventually culminated in Daisuke trying to eliminate "his rival". 

Despite Hiyama's best efforts, Hajime survived this assassination attempt and went on to become very powerful. Their reunion resulted in a role reversal, leaving Daisuke afraid of the now monstrously overpowered Hajime. Despite knowing that Nagumo would kill him if he got in his way or harmed his companions (including Kaori), Hiyama and another student,  Eri Nakamura, betrayed the Heiligh Kingdom, their classmates and "friends" in order to acquire the object of their affections, Kaori and Kouki respectively. 

Hiyama eventually managed to murder Kaori Shirasaki, though it would later be reversed, in a bid to make her his loyal zombie slave. This was prevented by the intervention of Hajime. Now branded a traitor, he was betrayed by Eri and having lost the opportunity to claim Shirasaki as his own Hiyama flew into a rage. A final confrontation broke out between the two archenemies, in which Hajime Nagumo and finally brought an end to Daisuke Hiyama's treachery and misery as Hajime has easily defeated Hiyama. After easily dispatching his opponent, Hajime threw Daisuke into a hoard of monsters, just as Hiyama had previously done to him but eating Hiyama alive and was abandoned to death by Hajime for his treachery.

In the anime, Daisuke is voiced by Minoru Shiraishi in the Japanese version, and Orion Pitts in the English version.


Daisuke is introduced as a 17-year-old high school student. He is slightly tall, with an average build, with head length brown hair and brown eyes. Like all of the students, Daisuke was originally summoned to Tortus in his school uniform. Upon becoming a hero, he replaced it with purple, black and orange leather armour.

Hiyama is frequently shown with an arrogant, bored expression on his face, which matches his personality. This would transform into a sneer or sinister smirk whenever Hajime was around, at least until the latter's transformation. This arrogance completely vanished following Hajime's murder of Cattleya. Daisuke's initial shock was soon replaced by fear. During the final battle, Hiyama revealed his insane side to everybody. This showed just how far he had fallen, after discovering that his earlier schemes concerning Shirasaki and Nagumo had backfired, leaving Daisuke Hiyama a deranged lunatic.

The moment of his death, Hiyama's left arm was eaten off by one of the monsters.


Daisuke Hiyama displays several traits indicative of a sociopath, border-on psychopath. He is an arrogant, self-obsessed and selfish coward who takes delight in picking on those he deems to be weaker than himself, either verbally and physically. Hajime later recalled seeing Daisuke smirking when he knocked Nagumo off the bridge to his apparent death, indicating just how cruel Hiyama actually is. He has never demonstrated any remorse for his actions, and will not accept any responsibility for his mistakes.

Daisuke was aided in his tormenting of Hajime, by three classmates. Although the group stuck together during their adventures in Tortus, Hiyama never regarded any of them as his friends, just like-minded pawns. Ultimately, Hiyama does not care about anybody but himself. In the light novel, Daisuke demonstrated that he was perfectly willing to abandon the others if it meant that he could escape. Hiyamas lack of comradeship was truly demonstrated when he allowed Eri to kill Reichi Kondou, one of his supposedly friends, and when he personally attacked Kaori Shirasaki, the girl he supposedly fancied. Perhaps Daisuke's closest relationship with any of his schoolmates was with Eri Nakamura. She forced Daisuke to form a reluctant alliance with her when she revealed that she had seen what he did to Hajime. The pair cared nothing about each other, viewing one another as simple pawns. although Eri was perfectly willing to listen to Daisuke's ramblings. In the end though, Eri did not hesitate to abandoning Daisuke in a cowardly attempt to save her own skin, allowing Hiyama to see for himself what betrayal actually felt like.

Upon arriving in Tortus, Daisuke's arrogance rose exponentially, especially when he discovered that he was even more powerful than Hajime. In reality however Daisuke remained one of the weakest members of his class, leading to a role reversal when Hajime became overpowered. Hiyama did little to nothing heroic himself and tended to avoid confrontations whenever possible. Content to sit back and let others fight the battle for him, Daisuke's statistics and skills remained very low. Whenever the situation looked dire enough he would not hesitate to retreat. Hiyama is also shown to be quite manipulative and an efficient actor, as was demonstrated through his willingness to feign repentance and his use of crocodile tears. But his manipulation doesn't work on the demonic empowered Hajime as he lacks of sincerity and contained madness in his eyes for feigning an apology when he tried to make Hajime forget the mistreatment that Hiyama give him of wanted to join him and his party, purely to get close to Kaori only for Hajime call Hiyama and his gang as weak and worthless as well knew Hiyama was attempting to kill Hajime in coldblooded back at the Great Orcus Labyrinth which caused Hiyama suffered into a complete mental breakdown to become a deranged lunatic. 

His personality changed completely when Hiyama discovered that Hajime was in fact still alive. Hiyama's biggest fear since Nagumo's fall was that somebody would realize that the events of that day were no accident. When Hiyama saw first hand just how powerful Hajime had become and even more frighteningly when Hajime killed Cattleya in coldblooded, that the former otaku knew about what had really happened, he suffered a mental breakdown to become a deranged lunatic. These discoveries, coupled with the loss of Kaori drove him murderously insane, willing to commit vile acts against not just the innocent civilians of Heiligh, but his own classmates and also in Hiyama's case, his own gang. Even he was severely injured by Hajime, Hiyama continually blamed Hajime for enable of getting Kaori's attractions and bragged of his final words to Hajime that he will kill him no matter what it takes but unable to make it happen while Hiyama was killed by Hajime by throwing him to the monsters. 

Although his feelings towards Kaori Shirasaki were sincere (at least from his perspective), Daisuke's attempts to win her affections went unnoticed. Nor did not excuse his reprehensible behaviour, which as Hajime later noted was one of the things that discouraged Kaori from developing feelings for Hiyama. In the end, Daisuke proved that his feelings for Kaori were more akin to lust than actual love and that they were just as fickle as his relationships with any of the other characters. Recognising that Shirasaki was never going to reciprocate his feelings, Hiyama struck a deal with Eri, who agreed to turn Kaori into Daisuke's personal zombie in exchange for his help. When an opportunity presented itself, Hiyama did not hesitate to kill his supposed love interest, only to meet his own demise shortly afterwards, when Hajime shown up to pulverized and fed Hiyama to a group of monsters for his crimes and treachery of his temporarily murder on Kaori.

Daisuke's greatest failure though is his inability to learn from his mistakes. As a persistently sore loser, Hiyama will always blame others for incidents that were either beyond that person's control or were due to his own actions. His go-to victim, prior to Orcus was Hajime. He also does not like it when people point out his mistakes either. Before killing Hiyama, Hajime told Daisuke to his face how much of a failure he was because of his lack of responsibility, which the mortally wounded Hiyama did not take well. Due to his lacks of responsibilities and has always inflicting pain towards people whom he considered to be "weaker" than him back then, it's was Hiyama's own greedy ambitions and lust for Kaori has always lead him to his failures when after being betrayed by Eri as well as his own downfall when Hajime ruthlessly pulverized Hiyama and threw him to the monsters to eat him alive.



  • Eri Nakamura (former due to her betrayal)
  • Ehit
  • Noint
  • Reichi Kondou, Shinji Nakano and Yoshiki Saitou (formerly, due to his betrayal)


Powers and Abilities

Alongside his classmates, Hiyama was blessed with a number of skills/enhancements by Ehit, upon his summoning to Tortus. Under Melts guidance and training, this allowed Hiyama to eventually adopt the class of a light warrior. Hiyama's go-to weapon is a longsword, although he is also capable of using fire and wind magic as well.

  • Enhanced Physical Powers: blessed by Ehit, Hiyama possessed superhuman abilities. Whilst he believes himself to be one of the "strongest" members of the so-called "Hero Party", it turns out that he was one of the weakest. His abilities are even more weaker than the demonic powered monster, Hajime Nagumo when in their short fight when he didn't even try to touch or hit Hajime.
  • Enhanced Stamina and Endurance: Though Hiyama lacks durability, he possessed tremendous stamina and endurance after he cough out blood when his organs took major damage and his almost all of bones were broken by the demonic empowered Hajime as well he was able to barely speak.
  • Manipulation: Hiyama is quite manipulative of letting his classmates forgive him for this "accident" of Hajime's "fall". But his manipulation doesn't work on those who are emotionally intelligence such as Hajime, Shizuku and Eri.
  • Swordsmanship: Hiyama possessed slightest swordsmanship. He managed to kill the vice commander of the Heiligh Kingdom's knight who was the second strongest. He managed to temporarily kill Kaori Shirasaki by stabbing her heart while she was off guard. He managed to strike the supposedly strongest "hero" Kouki Amanogawa. However, in his fight with Hajime, Hiyama's longsword was easily broken by the demonic monster himself which makes for Hiyama useless in actual hand to hand combat.
  • Elements abilities: Hajime possessed magical powers. He once used a fireball in his failed attempted to kill Hajime caused him to fall where he will become a monster. His second attempted to use a fireball this time is easily deflected by the demonic Hajime as well not powerful enough of even hurting Hajime. His wind abilities doesn't even do anything against Hajime either.

Despite these skill boosts, Hiyama was lazy and reckless with his abilities. Since he did little to nothing to improve upon his basic skills, he still remained as one of the weakest of the students. He defeated most of his enemies through deception, and proved he is no match for very powerful enemies such as Hajime Nagumo due to his lack of experience of hand-to-hand combat.


  • Cowardice: Hiyama's main weakness of being a coward as he is too afraid to fight any powerful individuals and let those who are stronger than himself to deal with them. He's scared the most is Hajime's demonic powers and ruthlessness.
  • Exposed Truth: While lying, Hiyama's greatest weakness is the truth of his intention assassination Hajime early but failed and only turned him into a monster. His worst fear has came true when the demonic murderer Hajime exposed this truth toward Hiyama and gang of his failed attempted assassination to Hajime and caused him to fall but return as a destructive but murderous monster. While the truth has revealed to by Hajime, Hiyama has suffered into a complete mental breakdown caused him to fallen into insanity to become a deranged lunatic as he is willing to kill innocents civvies and his classmates as well in his case to kill his own gang. In spite of his manipulation, Hiyama can be easily manipulated by those are even more manipulative than himself such as when Eri Nakamura blackmailed him to become her collaboration or she would expose his failed attempted assassination on Hajime which turned him into a demonic mass murderer before she betrayed him that he is nothing but a pawn to her.
  • Actual Hand-to-Hand Combat: Without his sword, Hiyama was a pathetic and worthless weakling who lack of experience or potentials of fighting his enemies in an actual hand-to-hand combat due to his laziness and inflicting pain towards people who he deemed to be weaker than himself as it shown that he was surprisingly weak when he feebly fight against the demonic empowered Hajime.
  • Damaged Limbs: During his short fight with Hajime, Hiyama took severed injuries with his almost all of his bones are broken and his organs took major damaged making him unable to fight back or to move such as first Hajime sent Hiyama to the wall, second Hajime kicked Hiyama at his chin, third Hajime used an axe kick to Hiyama's face, Hajime lift Hiyama up to the air and delivered a punched from his prosthetic arm and last Hajime spin and used a roundhouse kick to Hiyama causing to spin around from the wall out of the courtyard. His body was dissected when the monsters approached to devour him after kicked and left to die by Hajime.


  • Hajime Nagumo (failed attempted) - whilst he technically did not kill Hajime, his actions led to Nagumo's transformation. As such, Hiyama can be held accountable for all of Hajime's victims. If it were not for him, Hajime would not have been able to kill them.
  • Countless Templar Knights.
  • Reichi Kondou (caused).
  • Kaori Shirasaki (temporary killed before revived by Hajime).

Killed By

  • Hajime Nagumo (caused) - After Hiyama temporarily killed Kaori Shirasaki and Eri betrayed him, Hajime beaten up his former bully, breaking almost all of his bones and damaging his organs.
  • Monsters (directly) - Hajime threw the helpless Hiyama to them. The horde proceeded to eat Hiyama, bringing about his end.



I’ll kill you! No matter what ish takesh, I swear I'll kill you!
~ Hiyama's final words to Hajime before his death.


  • Daisuke was the third (formerly fourth) out of his classmates to die. Shimizu was first, Shirasaki (formerly) second, Reichi currently second (formerly third), and Nakamura fourth (formerly fifth). He was the only one of these to be killed by monsters after Hajime feed him to them.
  • Due to his lack of responsibilities and sincere, Daisuke was the only known classmate who is truly evil.
  • Out of all of his counterparts (who were weak and selfish obsessed of idol like girls) killed by the protagonists' hands such as Diodora Astaroth, Kurt von Ritzburg and Nobuyuki Sugou, Hiyama was the only known weak and selfish villain who was killed and devoured by the monsters after Hajime thrown and abandoned Hiyama to his death.
  • Like out of his counterparts such as Diodora and Kurt who were considered to be pawns by even greater villains, Hiyama was also a pawn who was betrayed by Eri Nakamura.
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