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Villain Overview

It's your fault! If it wasn't for you, Kaori would've been mine!
~ Hiyama's breakdown after his defeat by Hajime.

Daisuke Hiyama is an influential antagonist from the Arifureta Shokukgyou de Sekai Saikyou (From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest) franchise. He serves as the main antagonists from the first light novel, before returning as a minor character in Volume 4. In his final appearance during Vol 6., Hiyama served as one of the antagonists alongside Eri Nakamura, Noint and Freid Bagwa.

Hiyama is the former bully and self-proclaimed love rival of Hajime Nagumo, the series main protagonist. Daisuke's hatred for Nagumo stems from his jealousy of Hajime's friendship with a popular classmate, Kaori Shirasaki. Daisuke fancies Kaori and believes (correctly) that she is in love with Hajime. As such, he and a small group of followers, deliberately harass Hajime at every opportunity, with the intention of making his life absolutely miserable. This bullying only escalated when the class was summoned to the parallel world of Tortus. The rivalry eventually culminated in Daisuke trying to off his rival, by knocking him into a dungeon full of high-level monsters. Hiyama’s plan backfired horribly however when, instead of dying, Hajime became super-powerful and transformed into a ruthless and sadistic killing machine.

When Hajime eventually returned, Kaori left the group to be with him. In the aftermath, Daisuke suffered a mental breakdown which led him to betray all of his classmates and the Heiligh Kingdom. Allying with his fallen classmate and fellow traitor Eri Nakamura, he joined forces with the Kingdom’s enemies, the demons. In the final stages of the invasion, Hiyama managed to mortally wounded Kaori, with the intention of having Eri transform the dying girl into his personal zombie slave. This was prevented by the intervention of Hajime, who easily defeated his former "rival" after Nakamura betrayed Hiyama. When the latter showed no remorse and refused to repent, Hajime brought a permanent end to Daisuke’s treachery and executed his former bully by feeding him to the monsters. Buried without ceremony, Daisuke Hiyama left behind a tarnished legacy, being remembered as a traitor and pervert forevermore.

Daisuke Hiyama also appears in the corresponding manga and 2019 anime adaption. He is set to return in the anime's second season in January 2022. In the original Japanese anime, Hiyama is voiced by Minoru Shiraishi. In the English dub, his voice is provided by Orion Pitts.


Daisuke has an average build and is one of the taller members of his class. His eyes and hair are both brown. Hiyama is usually shown scowling or looking disinterested, which he often is and will only pay attention during a life-or-death situation. Whilst Daisuke is capable of feigning happiness, he only truly smiles when talking to Kaori or inflicting pain upon other people, usually the pre-Orcus Hajime. Later, after witnessing how powerful Hajime had become, this smile was replaced by genuine terror.

Like the rest of his classmates, Hiyama was originally summoned to Tortus in his school uniform. After obtaining the Light Warrior class, he swapped these clothes for a set of purple, black and orange leather armour with fur lining. Daisuke’s primary weapon is a longsword, which is strapped to his hip.


Daisuke Hiyama is a sociopath, with a few psychopathic tendencies and no redeemable qualities. He considers himself to be a highly intelligent person, who is popular with his classmates and one of the strongest members of the Hero Party. In reality however, he is an arrogant, selfish, callous and lazy individual, who cares only about himself. Daisuke is incapable of remorse and has no regard for the consequences of his actions or the feelings of other people.

Hiyama will frequently act without thinking and never acknowledges when he has made a mistake. Instead, he will try to blame incidents that are his fault upon other people, calling them out on their own failings, whilst refusing to learn from his own. He is easily angered and will often let his temper get the better of him, such as when he tried to kill Hajime on two separate occasions due to his jealousy over Kaori. This suggests that he is either emotionally or mentally unstable, if not both. The narrative suggest that Daisuke went completely insane during the last few minutes of his life.

Another indication of Daisuke sociopathic nature is his inability to form true attachment. To Hiyama everybody he knows, including his so called "friends" and "crush" are nothing but expendable pawns. From frequent monologues, it is clear that if the situation called for it, Daisuke would willingly sacrifice everybody else to save his own hide or get what he wants. This means, in retrospect, that his feelings towards Kaori are more akin to teenage lust than actual love. Hiyama simply wants Kaori to be his girlfriend, but has no further plans beyond that. Despite frequently going out of his way to try and impress her, Daisuke's "crush" did not stop him from being cruel to Hajime in Shirasaki's presence, which meant his actions had the opposite effect. Although Hajime never owned up to what was happening, Kaori was fully aware of Daisuke’s true, evil nature and therefore was not interested in him. The rest of the class, likewise knew about Daisuke’s feelings towards Shirasaki and consider him creepy due to how he acts.

Hiyama can also be quite manipulative and is capable of feigning emotions. When blaming other people for his own mistakes is not an option, Daisuke will do whatever is necessary to avoid getting into trouble. For example, following the backlash he received for causing Hajime's apparent death, Daisuke managed to Kouki Amanogawa, the strongest member of the student body, into thinking that he was both remorseful and repentant. However, this manipulation skill only goes so far. It is useless against intelligent people (like Shizuku Yaegashi), those who cannot be imitated (such as Hajime Nagumo), or those who are even more manipulative than himself (namely Eri Nakamura).

Above all else though, Daisuke Hiyama is a coward, who targets those weaker than himself, but even then still needs back up. Deep down, Daisuke knows that he is not worthy of Kaori’s affection and that what he is doing is wrong. Following his original assassination attempt on Hajime however, Daisuke concluded that since he had already sold his soul to the devil, what he did after that was of little consequence. This demonstrates how amoral he really is. The only thing that truly worried Daisuke was that somebody would discover what had really happened during their first encounter with the Behemoth. Ultimately, this did come true. Eri used this information to blackmail him, whereas Hajime used it to intimidate Hiyama into submission. In the end though, it was Daisuke's own lazy and selfish attitude, which made him one of the weakest characters in the story line and prompted his "supposed" allies (Eri and Freid) into abandoning him.

Powers and Abilities

Together with his classmates, Daisuke received a standard blessing from Ehit after being summoned to Tortus, which made him more powerful than the average adventurer in this new world. The known benefits of this blessing include enhanced physical strength, stamina, endurance and an ability to understand the worlds language. He also appears to have a high pain resistance, as he was able to glare and speak to Hajime following their final battle (albeit in gibberish), despite his extensive injuries which included a broken jaw.

He was also one of the students granted magical abilities, namely fire and wind magic. However, since Hiyama refused to engage in combat, he did nothing to improve upon these basic, low level skills. As such, he eventually became the weakest member of his group.

Under Knight Commander Melds guidance and training, Hiyama eventually adopted the light warrior class and became a proficient swordsman. Although no match for Kouki in peak condition, Daisuke was able to best the Vice Commander of the Heiligh Knights, who had years of training under his belt. Hiyama has no proficiency in any other combat style or hand-to-hand combat though. Without his sword, Daisuke is completely defenseless.

As mentioned previously, Daisuke is also quite manipulative. This was an ability he had even before being transported to Tortus. As both a high-school student and a light warrior, Hiyama was able to convince the rest of his classmates that he was a physically strong person, which is one reason that nobody picked a fight with him. He was also able to use others to his own benefit, namely Kouki and the other members of his group. Unfortunately for Daisuke, this ability only goes so far as some people like Shizuku Yaegashi, were able to see through his act. Others, such as Hajime Nagumo were not intimidated by him. A few like Eri Nakamura were even more manipulative than he was.

Relationship with the Other Characters


Mr and Mrs HiyamaDaisuke’s parents.

Mr and Mrs Hiyama their son very much and were devastated to learn of his death. They later tried to avenge him, but after learning about Daisuke’s actions from Hajime, called off their vendetta.

Love Interest

Kaori Shirasakia fellow classmate and school idol.

Shirasaki never returned Daisuke’s feelings and was further put off by his cruel treatment of Hajime. During their adventures, she tolerated him as an ally of necessity, but left to join Hajime’s party once he resurfaced. Like everyone else though, Kaori underestimated the full extent of Daisuke's villainy, until he mortally injured her. It was only the timely intervention by Hajime, which saved Shirasaki from becoming Daisuke's personal sex slave.

Following Daisuke's death at the Battle of Heiligh and own her resurrection, Kaori was informed about Hiyama's intentions and previous exploits by Nagumo. This included the attempts that were made upon both herself and Hajime’s lives. In spite of her usually kind nature, the priestess has made it clear that she feels no sympathy for the deceased light warrior and will never forgive him for what he tried to do. Several years later, in the After Story, Kaori eventually married Hajime. This was something that the now-deceased Hiyama had always feared would happen and in some ways, can be seen as an insult to Daisuke's memory.


Note: In light of Hiyama’s true selfish nature and that of the other deceptive villains within Arifureta, this term is used very loosely.

Ehit - the God wannabe who summoned Hiyama and his classmates to Tortus.

Ehit originally found Daisuke’s insanity and villainous actions to be very amusing. He considered letting the light warrior work for him personally, but Daisuke’s death at the hands of Hajime Nagumo in Volume 6 prevented this. After Daisuke failed him to destroy the Heiligh Kingdom and kill Hajime, Ehit’s only expressed minor disappointment at this, disgusted at how pathetic and weak Hiyama actually was.

Noint - Ehit's chief apostle.

They only met once before their respective deaths, during which Noint informed Hiyama that his actions were pleasing to her master.

Additional note: Although she was there to support both Daisuke and Eri, Noint’s presence unwittingly ensured that the former died in vain. Her lifeless body was later used to house Kaori Shirasaki's spirit, which not only kept her alive, but made her even more powerful.

His Former Gang (aka The Bastard Four).

Members: Reichi Kondou (deceased), Shinji Nakano and Yoshiki Saitou.

Reichi, Shinji and Yoshiki originally looked to Hiyama as their leader. Like Daisuke, they all had nasty personalities and unrequited crushes on Kaori, although theirs was not as strong or pronounced as Daisuke’s. Whilst Hiyama considered the other three to be nothing but pawns, they thought of Daisuke as their friend. The quartet hung out and did everything together, which usually involved bullying and teasing Hajime.

However, in Volume 4, the tables were turned when the group witnessed Hajime’s destructive power, sheer ruthlessness and sadism. Despite their fears that Hajime would seek revenge, this did not stop them from trying to manipulate Hajime with a false apology. This was not made out of sincerity, but rather a selfish bid to remain close to Kaori.

Unfortunately for them, Hajime saw this attempt for what it really was. After dropping a hint to Daisuke that he knew the truth about what had really happened all those months ago, Hajime cruelly dismissed his former bullies. He told them all flat out that they were weak and worthless, terms which they had previously used to describe him. He also made it clear that their previous mistreatment no longer mattered to him, but indicated that the group should not push their luck. Taking the hint, Daisuke led the others away.

Following this, Reichi, Shinji and Yoshiki gave up on their pursuit of Kaori and decided not to cross Hajime any more. Lacking his “friends” common sense, Hiyama instead vowed to do whatever was necessary to get what he wanted. He later threw his so called friends under the bus, luring them into a trap shortly before the Battle of Heiligh. Saitou and Nakano managed to escape, but Kondou was not so lucky. Killed by Nakamura, he was subsequently resurrected as one of Eri’s zombie slaves.

By the time Shinji and Yoshiki returned both of their former friends were dead. They would attend Daisuke Hiyama’s unceremonious funeral, but like everybody else, felt no sympathy for him. During the After Story, which is set several years after the classes return to Japan, Saitou and Nakano still regret that they were unable to save Reichi, but no longer regard Daisuke as their friend. The pair have also managed achieve what their deceased gang mates could not and earnt Hajime's respect. They offered sincere apologies for their previous misdeeds, before becoming his staunch yes men and bodyguards to one of Nagumo's wives, Liliana S. B. Heiligh.

Eri Nakamura – The Arch-Traitor.

Looks like Hiyama's outlived his usefulness, so how about I give Kaori to you instead?
~ Eri betrays Hiyama following Hajime’s arrival.

As a sociopath and psychopath respectively, Daisuke and Eri never saw each other as friends or comrades, just expendable pawns in their own scheme’s. Despite his own failings, Eri’s ruthlessness and utter disregard for human life scared Hiyama. Although he planned to eventually betray her, Nakamura managed to keep Hiyama firmly under her control. As the only other witness to Daisuke’s betrayal in Orcus, she threatened to out him as a murderer, if he did not do everything she said.

Despite all this, when the time came, Eri did offer to help Daisuke achieve his ultimate ambition and make Kaori his for all time. She initially upheld her part of the bargain after Hiyama successfully stabbed Kaori and began to transform her into Hiyama’s personal zombie slave. Less than a minute later however, Hajime Nagumo had successfully ruined all of Eri's schemes. Valuing her own life over that of her supposed ally, Nakamura betrayed Hiyama without a moment's hesitation. Declaring that he was no longer any use to her, she reneged on their deal by offering to resurrect Kaori for Hajime instead.

It is not clear whether or not Daisuke heard this declaration, but he unintentionally ended up saving Nakamura's life that day, when he attacked Hajime a split second before the synergist could execute the necromancer. Despite this, Eri saw no reason to return the favour and simply used this distraction as an opportunity to put some distance between herself and Nagumo. Nakamura then stood back and watched on callously as her former “ally” was first defeated, then beaten up and finally, thrown out of the courtyard to his death. She made no attempt to rescue Hiyama from the monsters, allowing Daisuke to experience what treachery felt like for himself.

Freid Bagwa – Supreme Commander of the Demons.

Freid and Daisuke never had any interaction. They are only considered allies due to their mutual association with Eri and plot against the innocent people of Heiligh. It is heavily implied that Freid was present when Hiyama met his downfall, but like the necromancer, he did nothing to help his former associate, letting his monsters eat Hiyama alive.


Hajime Nagumo – Mortal enemy and Killer.

Hell would have to freeze over before you’d manage to anything worthwhile with your miserable existence.
~ Hajime to Daisuke, shortly before killing him

Hajime Nagumo and Daisuke Hiyama share a mutual loathing for each other. Due to Kaori Shirasaki’s interest in the former, the latter considers Hajime to be his love rival. Nothing that Hajime said or did would get Shirasaki or Daisuke off his back. As such Nagumo was beaten both physically and emotionally by Hiyama’s gang without mercy, both in Japan and later Tortus.

Two weeks after the students first arrived in the parallel dimension, Daisuke committed the ultimate act of betrayal, when he deliberately knocked Nagumo onto a collapsing bridge with magic. This caused Hajime to fall to his apparent death in the lower levels of the Orcus dungeon. Whilst everybody else was shocked and traumatized, Daisuke secretly celebrated the demise of his supposed rival, whilst relishing the fact that he could now have Kaori Shirasaki all to himself.

When the pair were reunited four months later however, their positions were reversed. Witnessing Hajime’s immense power and ruthlessness first-hand after killing both Cattleya and her entire monster army, Hiyama undoubtedly recognized just how weak he was in comparison. When he later tried to manipulate Hajime in order to remain close to Kaori, Nagumo not only rejected Daisuke’s offer, but dropped a hint that he was aware about what had really happened all those months ago!

During this interaction, Hajime noticed something akin to madness in Daisuke’s eyes. What he did not know was that the revelation of his own survival, coupled the loss of Kaori, had caused Hiyama to suffer a mental breakdown. Now fully committed to making Shirasaki his own no matter the cost, Daisuke voluntarily sided with Eri, whilst betraying the rest of his supposed allies.

When Hajime next saw Hiyama during the Battle of Heiligh, the latter was standing over the body of the mortally wounded Kaori Shirasaki. Recognising what the light warrior had done, Hajime violently knocked Hiyama out of the way, injuring him severely. By the time Hiyama came around, Hajime had rescued Kaori, eliminated all of Eri’s forces and was just about to deal death to the necromancer herself. Driven over the edge by his hatred, Daisuke foolishly tried to attack Hajime head on, only to be defeated and brutally beaten up by Hajime.

Despite his horrific injuries, Hiyama continued to deny any wrongdoing, causing Hajime to chastise Hiyama for his lack of responsibility. Venting years of frustration upon his rival, Hajime told Daisuke that he was a weak, selfish and pathetic bully who had brought about his own downfall. Laying all Hiyama’s faults to bear, Nagumo told the light warrior flat out that it was his own actions and lack of responsibility that had prevented him from ever earning Kaori Shirasaki’s affection.

Although he now hated Hiyama completely for what he had done, Hajime nevertheless gave Daisuke one final opportunity to redeem himself, just like he had previously done with Shimizu. When the unrepentant Daisuke spurned it, Nagumo’s patience finally ran out. Recognizing that the crazed light warrior was now beyond any hope of salvation, Hajime threw the weak, helpless Daisuke into a horde of monsters, who proceeded to eat his former tormentor whilst he was still alive. In the aftermath, Hajime destroyed Daisuke’s already tarnished reputation by revealing to everybody what the latter had originally done to him back in Orcus. This ensured that nobody (outside of Daisuke Hiyama’s own family) would ever mourn for or miss him.

Hajime’s Party

Members: Yue, Shea Haulia, Tio Klarus & Myu.

Note: These four girls were the only ones present in Hajime’s group during Daisuke Hiyama’s lifetime. Others, such as Princess Liliana Heiligh and Shizuku Yaegashi joined afterwards. Kaori Shirasaki has her own entry, see Love Interest.

Apart from Myu, the other girls in Hajime’s party are all aware of Daisuke’s previous treatment and actions against their crush. Despite their limited interactions with the light warrior, they all hate Hiyama and consider him one of only two people that they will attack in order to protect themselves, the other being Kouki Amanogawa. Despite of their love rivalry, Yue, Shea and Tio vowed to do everything within their power to protect both Hajime and later Kaori.

Daisuke himself, did nothing to improve the girls opinion of him. His shouts of denial at Hajime’s survival, caused Yue to throw water at him. It is implied that Daisuke may have been attracted to both Yue and Shea, but this attraction soon faded, upon witnessing their power levels, as well as a romantic moment between Hajime and Yue. Later, he tried to grab Shea's ears after being coldly ignored by her and Yue, which caused Hajime to shoot rubber bullets at him. After this, Daisuke became extremely fearful of the group, recognising their superior combat prowess and ruthless attitude towards Hajime's enemies.

The groups hatred for Hiyama was sealed during the final battle of Heiligh, when he fatally injured Kaori. Only Hajime’s physical intervention and Tio’s spirit magic prevented Kaori from passing on. The group watched on pitilessly as the psychotic teenager met his demise, showing no reaction to the brutal way in which Daisuke Hiyama's life was ended. In the long run, they like everybody else, have expressed no sympathy or forgiveness for Hiyama, after what he tried to do to their beloved friend Kaori, and their future husband.

Classmates/Fellow Heroes.

Members: Aiko Hatayama, Kouki Amanogawa, Kaori Shirasaki, Ryutarou Sakagami, Shizuku Yaegashi, Eri Nakamura (traitor), Suzu Taniguchi, Jugo Nagayama, Kentarou Nomura, Kousuke Endou, Ayako Tsuji, Mao Yoshino, Yuka Sonobe, Nana Miyazaki, Atsushi Tamai, Taeko Sugawara, Akito Nimura, Noboru Aikawa, Yukitoshi Shimizu (traitor), Reichi Kondou, Yoshiki Saitou and Shinji Nakano.

Note: Kaori, Eri, Reichi, Yoshiki and Shinji have their own separate sections within the relationships section.

Rarely interacting with anybody outside his group, Daisuke falsely believed that he was one of the most popular students within his class. He also thought that his mistreatment of Hajime had earned him favor amongst his fellow teenagers. In reality, nobody else could stand Daisuke. Generally, he was regarded a creepy pervert and disliked for his selfish behavior. Despite this, nobody did anything to prevent Daisuke's bullying of Hajime since they too disliked Kaori's association with the otaku. On the contrary, several students, usually the boys laughed openly at it.

When Hajime fell to his apparent death however, the entire class unanimously blamed Hiyama for it and for unnecessarily putting their lives in jeopardy. Daisuke did not care about any of this, but eventually put on a big show in order to fool the others. This caused Kouki, the strongest and most gullible member of the group, to think that Hiyama was repentant, at which point he forced the rest of the students to back off.

Hiyama spent most of his time after this in the company of the Hero Party. Daisuke of course, felt no attachment towards any of them, willing to abandon the whole group, if it meant he would survive. Apart from Kondou, Saitou and Nakano, the rest of the Hero Party generally considered Hiyama to be an irritable liability, as he tended to sit back and insult them rather than fight himself. At the same time though, they considered him an ally of necessity, believing Daisuke to be stronger than he really was. Throughout this, Daisuke and other three bullies laughed at supposed weakness of the other students for refusing to fight.

When Daisuke finally revealed his true nature during the Demonic Invasion of Heiligh, his classmates' initial shock quickly turned into anger and hatred. Not only had Hiyama managed to fatally injure Kaori, but he had also willingly sold them out to Eri and her allies, leaving them all for dead. Many of them wanted to get to Hiyama and kill him, but were prevented from doing so by their pre-existing injuries, exhaustion and the sheer number enemies. Fortunately, Hajime arrived shortly afterwards and took care of the deed for them.

Following Hiyama’s death, the former students had a brief respite to reflect upon everything that had happened. Although shocked at the brutal way in which Hajime killed Hiyama, nobody, not even Kouki called Nagumo out on it. Amanogawa would eventually go on to state that what Hajime did was wrong, during a later exploration of the Frost Caverns of Schnee. However, this was ultimately caused by Ehit’s manipulation, along with Kouki’s own petty jealousy and warped view on justice, rather than friendship. Nagumo simply called Kouki a fool calling his ideals and self-righteousness to be childish and ridiculous, whilst also stating it was those same ideals that almost allowed Eri and Daisuke's betrayal to succeed.

Meanwhile, nobody else would condone Hajime for his actions. Ultimately, despite his previous misgivings, Hajime eventually decided to give the surviving members of the class a chance to help him defeat Ehit and save Tortus. As a demonstration of this trust, he told them all about his adventures in the various dungeons, as well as how he ended up at the bottom of Orcus in the first place. At the same time though, he used Hiyama’s death as a warning of what would happen to anybody else that dared to cross him.

This information sealed the classes negative opinion of Daisuke Hiyama once and for all. Now fully aware that their former associate had been a villain all along, they collectively wrote Daisuke off as a traitor and completely lost any lingering sympathy for him. Following Daisuke’s unceremonious funeral, none of his former associates like to talk about him. Even in the after story, set several years after the classes eventual return to Japan following Ehit's death, nobody has forgiven Hiyama for his various acts of villainy. Saitou and Nakano no longer consider Hiyama their friend. Shizuku meanwhile has stated that she will never forgive Hiyama for what he did to both Kaori and Hajime. Finally the rest of the class, including Ryutarou and Suzu have said that they won't waste their time mourning for Hiyama. As far as they are concerned, Daisuke Hiyama was just a creepy pervert and a selfish traitor, who got exactly what he deserved.


  • Hajime Nagumo - Bullied relentlessly in both Japan and early stages of Tortus. Later tried assassinate in the Orcus Dungeon but failed. Hajime eventually returned as an all powerful and completely ruthless monster-hybrid. Despite the latter's warnings, Hiyama foolishly tried to eliminate Nagumo in one on one combat, after the synergist prevented him from acquiring Kaori Shirasaki as his zombie slave. This failed and resulted in a savage beating as Hajime broke almost all of Hiyama's bones and severely ruptured his vital organs. Having quite enough of Daisuke's arrogance, persistence and insolence, Hajime threw his defeated adversary into a horde of Freid Bagwa's forces, when Hiyama refused to repent (see Monsters for further details).
  • Hajime's victims - Hiyama can held accountable for the demise of these people, despite never meeting many of them. Were it not for him, Hajime would never have gained his ruthless attitude or the power necessary to kill these people.
  • Numerous monsters - Killed as part of his training and active duty as a member of the Hero Party. Hiyama did so reluctantly however, preferring sit back and let others do the fighting for him. Ironically, following their final battle, Hajime executed the heavily wounded Hiyama by throwing him into a horde of aggressive beasts leading Daisuke to be devoured by the very creatures he had been summoned to defeat.
  • Countless Templar Knights (together with Eri) - The two traitors killed many of the Heiligh Kingdom's finest warriors, allowing Eri to reanimate them as zombie slaves. Hiyama is confirmed to have personally dueled and slain the vice captain of the Kingdom, who was the second strongest behind his own mentor, Meld who was likewise killed and zombified. Ultimately, these zombies were no match for Hajime Nagumo or his powerful firearms when he easily destroyed them all with his minigun.
  • His gang (contributed) - The trio were lured into a trap set up by Eri, which was carried out in Hiyama's presence and with his full permission. Ultimately, only Kondou perished and was subsequently reanimated as a zombie slave. His body was later destroyed by Hajime during the final battle of Heiligh. Saitou and Nakano on the other hand both managed to escape. Deeply traumatized by their experience, they refused to fight any further, but eventually went on to recover.
  • Kaori Shirasaki (failed) - Failing to win his crushes heart and affection, Daisuke resorted to fatally wounding her during the Battle of Heiligh, so that Eri could transform Shirasaki into Daisuke's own personal zombie sex slave. Hajime's arrival and intervention prevented this. After killing Daisuke in vengeance and with a bit of help from his allies, Hajime transferred Kaori's soul into Noint's lifeless body, thus ensuring her survival.
  • Classmates (failed) - Hiyama betrayed the class at large during the Battle of Heiligh, leaving them all to perish at the hands of Eri's zombies and Freid's monsters. Due to this betrayal, nobody aided him following Hajime's arrival nor condemn Nagumo for the brutal way that he dispatched Daisuke.



~ Hiyama's breakdown before Hajime brutalized him.
I’ll kill you! No matter what ish takesh, I swear I'll kill you!
~ Hiyama's final words to Hajime before his death.


  • Daisuke Hiyama is one of three students within his class to turn traitor, the others being Yukitoshi Shimizu and Eri Nakamura.
    • Fans generally consider Daisuke to be the only one of these villainous students that was truly evil. Shimizu was weak willed and lured into villainy by promises of power and fame. Eri meanwhile, was a victim of a cruel upbringing, which left her mentally and emotionally unstable. Daisuke meanwhile has no such excuse. As Hajime later pointed out, Hiyama chose to do all of these evil things of his own accord because he is a sociopath.
  • Chronologically, Hiyama was the third (formerly fourth) out of four members of his class to die within the storyline. In order the students that died were; Yukitoshi Shimizu, Reichi Kondou, Daisuke Hiyama and Eri Nakamura.
    • Kaori Shirasaki very nearly became the second. She was not truly killed however, as Eri needed her alive in order to transform her into a zombie slave. Hajime managed to prevent her death, but Shirasaki still required extensive treatment just to keep her alive.
  • Each of the fallen students had a unique death. Daisuke was the only one to perish at the hands of monsters, although he was previously been crippled following a brutal one-sided bout with Hajime.
    • Shimizu and the zombified Kondou (who was originally killed by Eri) were both gunned down by Hajime.
    • Kaori was betrayed by both Eri and Daisuke, although the latter was the one that dealt the fateful blow. As mentioned previously though, Shirasaki was saved from being turned into a zombie at the last second.
    • Eri Nakamura committed suicide via self-explosion, after failing to defeat her former/false friend Suzu Taniguchi.
  • In another unique example, Daisuke Hiyama’s family were the only one's to try and avenge their child’s death. This attempt failed and Daisuke’s ignorant parents were later told the truth about their son’s actions.
  • Daisuke Hiyama is one of the weakest characters within the Arifureta narrative (along with Kouki Amanogawa, Eri Nakamura and his former gang mates).
  • Daisuke Hiyama can be considered one of the series two overarching antagonists, the other being Ehit. It was Daisuke's original bullying of Hajime and lust for Kaori, which originally made Nagumo want the others to be sent to another world. Also, most of the people that died throughout the narrative would probably still be alive, if Hiyama had not pushed Nagumo into the Orcus Labyrinth, forcing him to become ruthless and powerful murderer. In the end though, this summoning to a new world proved to be Daisuke's undoing.

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