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Villain Overview

It's your fault! If it wasn't for you, Kaori would've been mine!
~ Hiyama's breakdown after his defeat by Hajime.

Daisuke Hiyama is a major antagonist who appeared in the Arifureta Shokukgyou de Sekai Saikyou (From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest) franchise. Hiyama serves as the main antagonist of the first light novel, Chapters 1 - 4 of the manga, and Episode 1 of the anime. He subsequently became a minor character, before returning as one of the main villains of the Demon Invasion/War on Heiligh Kingdom Arc in the Light Novel 6.

Hiyama is one of the mortal enemies of the series main protagonist and his later killer, Hajime Nagumo. He is single-handedly responsible for the latter's transformation from a harmless otaku into the ruthless killing machine he became. Daisuke's hatred for Nagumo stems from his jealousy of Hajime's relationship with a popular classmate, Kaori Shirasaki, who Daisuke fancies. Whilst several other students share this dislike, Hiyama (and a small group of others) set out to bully Hajime with the intention of making his life as miserable as possible. This harassment only escalated when the class was summoned to Tortus and eventually culminated in Daisuke trying to kill his "enemy" in cold blood. 

His actions backfired however leading to a role reversal. Despite knowing that Nagumo would kill him if he got in his way or harmed his companions (including Kaori), Hiyama and another student, Eri Nakamura, betrayed the Heiligh Kingdom, their classmates and "friends" in order to acquire the object of their affections, Kaori and Kouki respectively.

Hiyama eventually managed to kill Kaori, though it would later be reversed, in a bid to make her his loyal zombie slave. This was prevented by the intervention of Hajime, who easily defeated Hiyama in a final confrontation when Eri betrayed Hiyama after she revealed he was just a pawn in her rebellion. When Daisuke showed no remorse for any of his actions due to his psychopathy and dishonesty, he lost his last opportunity to survive when Hajime threw his treacherous classmate into a horde of monsters, who ate Hiyama alive. After his death, Daisuke Hiyama was buried without a ceremony leaving a tarnished legacy, his classmates will forevermore remembering him as a traitor.

In the anime, Daisuke is voiced by Minoru Shiraishi in the original Japanese version and Orion Pitts in the English version.


A 17-year-old high school student, Daisuke is one of the taller members of his class, and possesses an average build. He has head length brown hair and brown eyes. Like his classmates, Hiyama was originally summoned to Tortus in his school uniform. After becoming a light warrior, he swapped his uniform for a purple, black and orange leather armour. His primary weapon is a longsword, which is strapped to his hip.

Originally, Hiyama was frequently shown scowling. He seemed to have an arrogant, almost bored expression on his face, which matched his cruel personality. Whenever Hajime was around, Daisuke would always smile sinisterly, indicating just how much he enjoyed tormenting and physically bullying the latter. This arrogance vanished completely after Hajime's murder of Cattleya.


Daisuke Hiyama shows many traits of a sociopath bordering on deranged psychopath. He is an arrogant, self-obsessed and selfish bully, who takes delight in hurting those he deems to be weaker than himself. Hiyama is also shown to be quite manipulative, as he was able to trick Kouki into protecting him from the other students following Hajime's fall. His mental breakdown later in the series suggests that Daisuke may also be unstable.

Hiyama possesses no redeemable qualities, and has never demonstrated remorse for any of his heinous actions. Everything that he does revolves around getting what he wants, without regard for the consequences (both long and short term) or the feelings of others. This mostly revolves around getting Kaori Shirasaki, his classmate and school idol, to become his girlfriend, whilst punishing Hajime Nagumo (another classmate) for being close friends with her. Daisuke does not appear to have any moral compass or conscience. Whilst his original bullying of Hajime was limited to beatings and insults, when an opportunity presented itself in Tortus, Hiyama did not hesitate to try and murder his perceived "love rival" in cold blood.

Although reasonably intelligent, Daisuke is no where near as smart as he believes himself to be. Hiyama never learns from any of his mistakes and will always blame others for his own shortcomings and failings. He is also hypocritical, such as when he frequently calls the others (especially Hajime) out for being weak, whilst never doing anything to aid the Hero Party or working to strengthen and improve himself. A coward at heart, Hiyama will mostly sit back and let others fight his battles for him. He will only get involved when he thinks the creature/person they are attacking is weaker than himself. Even then, Daisuke will only participate if he has backup. After Hajime revealed to be alive but has became a extremely powerful and sadistic killer, Hiyama's cowardice has suddenly increased of not only his superiority prowess completely surpassed their entire classmates but also his mass murdering intents when he easily killed Cattleya and her monster army. Hiyama is shown in more terrified when Hajime told he will kill even his own classmates. Hiyama's fears for Hajime has suddenly grown even worse when Hajime single-handedly pulverized a gang of thugs and even defeated Kouki so easily in a worthless unarmed duel of Kouki's weak attempt to take Hajime's lovers (including Kaori and Yue).

Whilst his "feelings" towards Kaori appear to be sincere (at least from his perspective) Hiyama has repeatedly demonstrated throughout the light novel that he is incapable of any real attachment. Although he does fancy Kaori, Daisukes attraction is more akin to lust than actual love. He simply wants her to be his girlfriend but does not appear to have any long term plans beyond that. This lack of comradeship and friendly attachment is extended towards the rest of his classmates. From internal monologues it is clear that Daisuke considers the rest of the class (including Kaori) to be expendable, if it means he can save his own skin. Despite being the leader of a small gang of like-minded bullies, Hiyama never regarded any of his accomplices as his friends. To him, the three of them were just dispensable like minded pawns. Daisuke's alliance with Eri was likewise not made out of comradeship or similar ideals. It was done out of desperation to obtain Kaori and necessity on his part, since Nakamura threatened to out him as a would-be-murderer if Daisuke did not comply. In his defeat by Hajime, Hiyama is shown to be more persistent when he still won't accept responsibilities.

Due to him being a psychopath, Hiyama does not handle stress well, and will react badly when things do not go his way, usually by letting his emotions blind him. This was demonstrated in both his penultimate and final encounter with Hajime. After Kaori professed her love to Hajime, Hiyama, despite witnessing first hand just how powerful Nagumo was, did not do the sensible thing and relinquish his feelings for her. Nor did he apologize and try to make amends for his past misdeeds with his mortal enemy. Instead he tried to manipulate Nagumo to his own advantage, by offering a false apology of letting Daisuke to join and in exchange for Hajime to forget about the mistreatment that Nagumo received from Hiyama in order to remain close to Kaori. When that did not work as Hajime told his former bully that his mistreatment doesn't hold any means to him, Daisuke suffered a mental breakdown to become an insane lunatic and joined Eri for her evil schemes in her rebellion. Hiyama aided her in her rebellion to murder hundreds of innocent people, which he deemed necessary in order to obtain Kaori, whom he would fatally stab upon their next encounter, in order for Nakamura to use her evil magic to bind Shirasaki to Daisuke's will. When Hajime intervened and succeeded in rescuing the barely alive Shirasaki and Daisuke was being betrayed by Eri Nakamura for being too weak against Nagumo, Hiyama was filled with rage. Blinded by it, he charged at Nagumo vengefully in a foolish bid to reclaim "what was his" and eliminate his mortal enemy once and for all. However, this only led him to his greatest mistake when he was being pummeled within an inch of his life after nearly all of his bones were broken and his inner organs took major damage by Hajime, who then threw Daisuke into a horde of invading monsters that ate Hiyama whilst he was still alive.

Daisuke's two greatest fears are that somebody (Hajime) will take Kaori away from him and, following the disastrous first decent into the Orcus Dungeon, that his classmates will realise that he had knocked Nagumo off of the collapsing bridge intentionally. When both of these came true, and he saw first hand just how badly his plan to dispose of Hajime had backfired, Daisuke lost all restraint and became a lot more villainous. This inability to handle his emotions properly led to Hiyama's own downfall and he left behind a tarnished legacy to always being remembered by his classmates as a selfish creep and a self-deluded traitor.

Powers and Abilities


Alongside the majority of his classmates, Daisuke received a basic blessing from Ehit after being summoned. These skills and enhancements made him far more powerful than the average adventurer in Tortus. Under Knight Commander Melts guidance and training, Hiyama eventually adopted a light warriors class.

Daisuke's known strengths include:

  • Enhanced Physical Powers: A basic blessing provided by Ehit, which gives Daisuke superhuman reflexes and abilities compared to normal adventurers. This blessing remains at its most basic setting however, since Hiyama has done nothing to enhance it and is therefore nowhere near as strong as he thinks he is.
  • Enhanced Stamina and Endurance: The aforementioned blessing has also given Hiyama an incredible amount of stamina and endurance. This was demonstrated in his final battle with Hajime, where he still managed to get back up despite having been knocked into a wall. Even after being defeated, with all of his bones broken and him coughing up blood, as a result of his organs taking major damage, Daisuke was still able to speak hatefully to his opponent. Ultimately, it was his enemies that killed him, not these injuries.
  • Manipulation: Hiyama is shown to possess a silver tongue and has demonstrated that he is quite manipulative, especially towards some of his more gullible classmates. Unafraid to put on an performance, Daisuke will do whatever it takes to avoid punishment or trouble, whilst working towards his own goals. As explained in the next section however, this is also one of Hiyama's greatest weaknesses.
  • Swordsmanship: The combination of Meld's training and Ehit's blessing has made Hiyama a pretty capable swordsman. Though he has done little to improve upon his basic skilset, Daisuke is still far more competent than many of his adversaries, even those with years of experience under their belt, even managing to best the vice commander of the Heiligh Kingdom's Knights, and land a decisive strike upon Kouki Amanogawa the supposed "Strongest Hero". As shown in his fight against Hajime however, without his sword Hiyama is completely helpless (see Weaknesses: Hand-to-Hand combat).
  • Elemental abilities: Ehit's blessing also granted Daisuke a small degree of magical power. Whilst the full extent of his capabilities remains unknown, Hiyama has confirmed that he can use both fire and wind magic, though he claims that the latter is his proficiency. Whilst we never see him utilise wind magic, Hiyama has used offensive fire magic against Hajime on two separate occasions, both fireballs. On both occasions, Daisuke tried to kill Nagumo but failed miserably.


Despite the aforementioned skills and boosts, there is no denying that Daisuke Hiyama is one of the weakest characters in Arifureta. This is mainly because he is an incompetent, lazy individual who is reckless with his abilities. Since he does little to no fighting, Hiyama has done nothing to improve upon his basic skills. He defeated most of his enemies through deception and surprise. When that failed, he used others to fight his battles for him, making him vulnerable to strong enemies such as Hajime Nagumo.

The notable weaknesses, which eventually contributed to Hiyama's demise include:-

  • Arrogance: Whilst Daisuke likes to think of himself as one of the strongest members of the "Hero Party", he is actually one of the weakest being nowhere near as strong, capable, intelligent or well liked as he believes himself to be. Even after learning how powerful Hajime had become, Hiyama is completely an idiot when he foolishly convinced himself that he was Hajime's equal, a decision, which had fatal consequences and a complete opposite that Hajime has no equal and Hiyama is far too weak to defeat him. Eventually, Hiyama's arrogance has became his own downfall when he was easily defeated and fed to the monsters by Hajime.
  • Common Sense: Whilst he may be somewhat intelligent and quick witted, Hiyama rarely ever thinks things through. He will always taking what he believes to be the safest option, with the ambition of achieving his goals. Convinced that things will always work out the way he intended, Daisuke either does not recognise or refuses to acknowledge the sensible thing to do in an unfavourable situation. For example, upon learning that Kaori was in love with the now monstrously overpowered Hajime, who had not only survived Daisuke's assassination attempt but also knew full well what he had done, Hiyama should have backed away and tried to make amends with him. Instead, he let his anger and jealousy get the best of him, refusing to admit defeat or that he stood no chance whatsoever of besting Hajime in one on one combat.
  • Cowardice: This is one of Hiyama's greatest weaknesses. Daisuke is usually too afraid to fight anybody whether they be humans or monsters on his own or part of a group. Hiyama will never participate in a fight unless it is one that he is certain he will win. As such he will usually sit back and let others fight his battles for him. This not only included the powerful adversaries encountered in Tortus, but his bullying of Hajime before the latter underwent his transformation. This lack of participation cost Daisuke the opportunity to gain valuable combat experience, so that when necessity did force him to fight, he was easily defeated by Hajime.
  • Emotional Instability: Daisuke Hiyama's life and actions are influenced by his greed, lust and jealousy, which he fails to keep in check. Determined to get what he wants, mainly Kaori, Hiyama will throw a temper tantrum whenever he sees anything or anybody standing in his way to her, which is usually Hajime. After Kaori left the Hero Party to be with Nagumo, these emotions consumed Hiyama causing him to suffer a mental breakdown to become an insane lunatic after Hajime called Hiyama as weak and worthless. Following a conversation with Eri, he joined her in her evil schemes against his classmates, no longer caring what he had to do in order to obtain what he wanted. However, when Hajime arrived and foiled Eri's schemes, Hiyama's emotions became even more unstable and even in his ease defeat by Hajime, Hiyama's emotions still blinded him from repentance and remorse as a result for Hiyama's death by Hajime (though didn't deliver the final blow to finish him off, Nagumo chose to throw Hiyama towards the advancing monsters for them to eat Hiyama alive).
  • Exposure of the Truth: Following the events surrounding Hajime's fall in the Orcus Dungeon, Hiyama's greatest fear was that somebody would recognise the truth about the incident. Daisuke was fully aware that if anybody discovered what really happened, and that he knocked Nagumo back onto that collapsing bridge intentionally, he would be branded as a murderer and suffer a huge recompense from the rest of his classmates. Ultimately, his fears came true. Firstly, Eri confided in Hiyama that she saw what had really happened right after the incident, and used that information to blackmail him. Secondly, when Hajime was revealed to still be alive, he likewise indicated that he was aware of Hiyama's failed assassination attempt. This revelation caused Daisuke to suffer a complete breakdown, devolving him into a deranged lunatic. Finally, shortly after Daisuke's own demise following Eri's rebellion, Hajime informed the rest of the class about what had really happened to him back in Orcus, causing everybody to lose whatever lingering sympathy they once had for Hiyama. 
  • Manipulation: Despite being one of Hiyama's more proficient skill sets, this is also one of his greatest weakness. The people Hiyama interacts with are either haplessly gullible or too kind-hearted to recognise that they are being used. Daisuke is incapable of fooling the more strong-willed and emotionally intelligent individuals such as Hajime and Shizuku or people that are even more manipulative than he is such as the intelligent Eri. This, in combination with his lack of common sense, means that Hiyama is just as likely to be manipulated himself. Against creatures that are incapable of understanding human language, this skill is completely useless.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Although a decent combatant when utilising his longsword, without it Hiyama's proficiency as a warrior is reduced significantly. Due to his laziness and refusal to fight without allies, Daisuke does not know how to fight in unarmed combat, making him an incompetent and worthless weakling that couldn't even defend himself properly. This was demonstrated in his final fight with Hajime. Once Hiyama's sword has been shattered, he was unable to defend himself from Hajime's brute strength when Hiyama was pummeled by Nagumo.
  • Lack of Comradeship: Due to him being both a sociopath and a psychopath, Daisuke does not respect or feel any real attachment towards any of his classmates, not even the other members of his own gang, or his crush Kaori. Since Hiyama is very selfish when he only cares about himself, he never considers what the others might think of him or how his actions affect them and their perception of him. As a result, most of the class consider him to be a jerk and an ally of necessity, rather than a true comrade or friend. When Hiyama betrayed them, the class retained a negative opinion of him from that point onwards. His lack of comradeship will also led Hiyama himself to be betrayed by his supposedly allies who are manipulated him as a pawn such as when Eri betrayed him for being weak as she concluded that Hiyama has outlived his usefulness for her rebellion.
  • Lack of Responsibility: Another of Daisuke's greatest weaknesses. Hiyama will never own up to any of his own shortcomings, nor will he acknowledge that he has done something wrong or caused the other members of his class distress. Instead, he always will criticize others for their own weaknesses and try to condemn other people. If necessary, Daisuke will feign repentance and remorse, but in reality he feels neither of these and will never actually learn from the incident. Due to his unrepentance, Hiyama is blindly evil when he insolently claimed to Hajime he will kill him no matter what it takes which is nothing more but an empty threat as Hiyama was killed pointlessly by Hajime for his lacks of both repentance and remorse.
  • Obsession for Kaori: This is arguably Hiyama's greatest weakness of all. Daisuke is known to everybody in his class as a creepy pervert, who is determined to make Shirasaki his girlfriend. He will do anything to try and win her attention/affection. Unfortunately for Daisuke, most of his actions have the opposite effect, driving Kaori away from him, thanks to his failures. It is implied that deep down Hiyama is fully aware that he is not worthy of Shirasaki's affections, but refuses to accept it. Even when Kaori made it clear that she was in love with Hajime after she left the so called Hero Party to join Nagumo in his journey, Hiyama still would not give up or relent on his persistence. Eventually, after realizing that Kaori would never reciprocate his feelings, Daisuke stabbed her fatally, so that Eri could transform Shirasaki into his loyal zombie slave. This proved to be Hiyama's undoing. When Hajime showed up and saw what the two villainous students were doing, he drove them both back, rescued Kaori, then killed Daisuke and eventually putting an end to his stupidly lust and ambitions on Kaori forever (though Hajime didn't actually delivered a finish blow to finish Hiyama off when Nagumo chose to toss him to the monsters to eat him alive).
  • Recklessness: One of Hiyama's greatest weaknesses is recklessness. Due to his laziness and refused to fight, he is reckless with his abilities. When he fights against Hajime in their final confrontation, Hiyama is highly reckless of when he foolishly think he is capable of killing Hajime in a one on one fight and claim Kaori for himself which is a fatal mistake. Despite Hajime's abilities are far superior than his own abilities, Hiyama still doesn't care about it or he is bleeding profusely from his severe injuries when he refused to admit his defeat even after he was easily defeated by Hajime. His words made himself even more reckless when he badmouthed Hajime believing he will kill him no matter what it takes which is an empty threat, and Hiyama paid the ultimate price to be killed by Hajime when the latter feds his former bully to the monsters.


Love Interest

Kaori Shirasaki

Hiyama is completely devoted to and obsessed with (or from his warped perspective in love with) Kaori Shirasaki, who is both his fellow classmate and school idol. He is a ambitious pervert who expresses no romantic interest in any of the other girls throughout the series, having eyes only for her. Hiyama's ultimate goal is to make Kaori Shirasaki his girlfriend, a feat which he will go to any lengths to achieve no matter what the cost.  Everything that Daisuke does, both in Japan and Tortus, is done with the express intention of earning Shirasaki's attention and affection.

Unfortunately, what Hiyama does not comprehend (or more likely ignores) is that his actions always have the opposite effect. Kaori had already developed romantic feelings for their fellow classmate, Hajime Nagumo, which Hiyama knew about and prompted him to mercilessly bully Nagumo. Fully aware of Daisuke's reputation as a tormentor, Daisuke's actions only served to reinforce this negative perception, whilst also revealing his true selfish and jealous nature. Thus far from garnering Shirasaki's attention, Daisuke turned the selfless, all caring Kaori away from him even more.

When Kaori expressed her intentions to leave the Hero Party and join Hajime, Hiyama (and his three "friends") pleaded with her to not leave until she refused and made up her mind. In attempt to remain close to Kaori, Hiyama attempted to manipulate Hajime with a false apology for Nagumo would forgive him and forget about his mistreatment to ensure he would join Hajime's party purely to remain close to Shirasaki. However, Hajime wasn't so easily to be deceived as he saw through his schemes and refused to forgive him indicated that he already know what Hiyama has done to him including the part he left him to die (only for Nagumo to survive as an unstoppable monster) as well Hajime dismissed Hiyama from joining his party by calling him and his gang to be weak and worthless as he will never let him or anyone else to get near to Kaori or his other lovers. After his subsequent attempt to manipulate Hajime, in order to remain close to Kaori failed, it contributed to Hiyama's mental breakdown, which caused him to become a crazed lunatic. Unlike his gang when they've easily gave up on her attentions due to their fears for Hajime, Hiyama persisted in his desire, refusing to give up on Kaori due to his hatred towards Hajime.

Recognising that Kaori was never going to reciprocate his feelings, Hiyama voluntarily accepted an offer from Eri, which he believed would make Shirasaki his. He willingly committed a number of atrocities in order to draw Kaori back to Heiligh, then murdered her in order for Eri to turn Kaori into his personal zombie slave. This failed as Hajime showed up not long afterwards, proceeding to brutalize then feed Hiyama to monsters for what he had done. His actions were carried out in vain, as Kaori was revived by Hajime not long afterwards.

By the time of Shirasaki's return, Hiyama was already dead. Hajime confirmed Daisuke's betrayal for his previous misdeeds against him and that he already had the psychotic idiot killed. When hearing this, it doesn't bothered Kaori as she abandoned all of her sympathy for Hiyama and like all of her classmates, she will always remember Hiyama as a traitor. While returning to Japan, Kaori eventually gotten married to Hajime.


Note: This term is used very loosely.


The God wannabe who summoned Hiyama and his classmates to Tortus for his own sadistic amusement. Although they never met, Noint told Daisuke that his insanity and villainous actions were amusing to him and that he had decided to let Hiyama work for him. However, Hiyama met his death not long afterwards at the hands of Hajime. Ehit made no effort to save Daisuke and showed no pity for the man. On the contrary, his only reaction was to express his disappointment at how pathetically weak Hiyama was.


Ehit's apostle, Noint was the one that informed Hiyama that his actions had pleased her master. She also revealed that she had been sent to aid him and Eri in their scheme's against both Heiligh and Hajime. This encounter proved to be their only meeting, as they were both killed by Nagumo not long afterwards. Noints lifeless body would subsequently be used to house Kaori Shirasaki's spirit following Daisuke's failed assassination attempt. This not only served to make Shirasaki even more powerful, it also rendered Hiyama's actions and death completely moot.

Reichi Kondou, Shinji Nakano and Yoshiki Saitou (formerly)

Hiyama's fellow gang members, who collectively made up the group that Hajime referred to as the Bastard Four. With Daisuke as their leader, Kondou, Nakano and Saitou, who also had crushes on Shirasaki, aided Hiyama in making Hajime's life as miserable as possible. The quartet apparently hung around and did everything together, both in Japan and in Tortus. The trio even joined the Hero Party at the same time as Hiyama, following their first journey into Orcus. Despite this perceived closeness, Daisuke never felt any real affection or friendship towards any of them. To him, the other three were just like-minded pawns, who obeyed his every command without hesitation. 

The group became collectively terrified of Hajime after witnessing his murder of Cattleya, and how he defeated Kouki in an unarmed duel so easily. This did not stop them from collectively trying to manipulate Nagumo with a false apology and offer to become his accomplices, in a selfish bid to remain close to Kaori purely. Hajime however, saw through their schemes and dismissed them all as weak and worthless. Too fearful of Hajime to test their luck any further, Saitou, Nakano and Kondou subsequently gave up on their pursuit of Shirasaki's affections and decided not to cross Hajime anymore.

Unlike his fellow gang members, Hiyama refused to give up on his unrequited crush. Motivated by his hatred of Hajime, and selfish desires, Daisuke secretly vowed to do whatever was necessary to get what he wanted. This included the expense of his so-called friends. As part of Eri's plan to amass an army of zombie slaves, Hiyama willingly betrayed his former gang members simply by allowing Eri to kill Kondou and resurrect him as a zombie. Saitou and Nakano managed to escape. Though fully aware of Hiyama's treachery, they were powerless to do anything about it and ran away helplessly.

By the time they returned, the battle for Heiligh was over. Thanks to Hajime, the Hero Party was on the winning side, but Kondou and Hiyama were now killed by Nagumo. Having witnessed Hiyama's villainy first hand, Saitou and Nakano no longer care about the fate of their selfish, false friend or mourning him from his unceremoniously funeral as they only mourned Kondou when they were powerless to save their friend. Instead, they used Daisuke's death as an example of what Hajime would do to anybody stepped out of line. As such, the pair went straight to Hajime, they kneeled to apologize Hajime sincerely for their previous misdeeds and from that day onwards have done their absolute best to respect Hajime in all matters even letting Nagumo to keep Kaori for himself. Despite of their complete loyalty to him, Hajime nonetheless regarded Saitou and Nakano as annoying. 

Eri Nakamura (false/traitor)

One of Hiyama's former classmate and a fellow former member of the Hero Party as his former collabotar who betrayed him. Like Daisuke with Kaori, Nakamura had her own dark schemes and ambitions for another member of their group, Kouki. This eventually led her to conspire and betray all of their supposed comrades in a selfish bid to get what she wanted. Despite their alliance, Hiyama and Nakamura feel no real attachment or comradeship towards each other. They simply regard the other as an expendable pawn within their own villainous schemes.

In her rebellion, Eri is shown to be the clear mastermind of the two, having held an important bargaining chip over Daisuke's head, ever since their first venture into Orcus. She witnessed Hiyama fire the apparently fatal shot at Hajime (only for Nagumo to become an indestructable monster), and threatened to expose him to the others, unless Daisuke agreed to co-operate with her in the future. Having always intended to kill the other students in order to get to Kouki, Nakamura later blackmailed Hiyama into aiding her and her demon allies, in exchange for making Shirasaki his personal zombie slave. Due to a broken mental state, his lust for Kaori and desire for revenge upon Hajime, Daisuke willingly aided Eri in her schemes and did everything that she said for her rebellion.

Despite not caring for Hiyama, after he successfully managed to "kill" Kaori, Eri was prepared to uphold her part of the bargain. When Hajime intervened and ruined all of Eri's schemes less than a minute later however, Nakamura revealed to Nagumo, his party and the so-called "chosen heroes" that Hiyama was just a pawn to her as she betrayed him without a moment's hesitation, offering Hajime to turn Kaori Shirasaki into his zombie instead in attempted to save herself. When Hiyama tried and failed to attack Nagumo in turn, Eri simply used his distraction as an opportunity to retreat, without bothering to help her weak and psychotic pawn. Having already concluded that Daisuke had outlived his usefulness, Eri watched on pitilessly as Hajime defeated then threw the pathetically weak Hiyama to his death. She made absolutely no attempt to rescue him, allowing Daisuke to experience what treachery felt like for himself.


His Classmates (general)

Daisuke rarely interacted with anybody outside his fellow members of the Bastard Four, unless it was necessary. Whenever he did, it was usually to criticize or put down anybody that was not Kaori. Both in Japan and in Tortus, Daisuke did nothing to improve his relationship when any of the other people within Aiko Sensei's class. Hiyama falsely believed that he was one of the most popular students within his class, and that his mistreatment of Hajime had earned him favour amongst his fellow teens.

In reality though, nobody apart from his gang mates thought very much of Daisuke Hiyama. They generally regarded him as a creepy pervert and disliked him for his selfish behavior. The only reason that they tolerated him in Tortus was out of necessity to save the world and the misconception that Hiyama was one of the strongest members of the Hero Party. Back in Japan, nobody informed Aiko sensei about Daisuke's bullying of Hajime or did anything to stop it because they too disliked Kaori's association with Nagumo. Despite this, when Hajime fell to his apparent death, everybody unanimously blamed Hiyama both for contributing to Hajime's demise (unaware about what really happened) and for putting their lives in jeopardy unnecessarily. Daisuke, who did not care one bit about any of this or his classmates, simply tricked Kouki into thinking he was sorry. After this, the rest of the students were forced to back off and to disregard what had happened.

However, when his plans has failed after Hajime revealed to be alive but has became more powerful, Hiyama and the rest of the classmates become collectively terrified of Nagumo for not only his prowess far superiority than the entire classmates (including Kouki Amanogawa), but also his ruthlessness and mass murdering intents as it demonstrated he easily murdered Cattleya and her monster army, brutalized a gang of thugs and eventually defeated Kouki effortlessly in an unarmed duel for Amanogawa's weakly attempt to take Nagumo's companions. Hajime given them a warning if they crossed him by any means including harming his companions, he will kill them as his classmates were never his friends or comrades much of Hiyama and the rest of the students' fears. When Hiyama and his gang attempted to not let Kaori go with Hajime after Nagumo easily defeated Kouki in their unarmed duel, the rest of the students aren't supportive of the Bastard Four's "reconsiderations" when they allowed Kaori go with Nagumo in his journey due to their newfound fears for him. Due to Hajime's survival, Hiyama fears that Hajime might be aware of his failed assassination attempted believing he would to be compromised as a traitor and a would-be murderer if Hajime would expose this knowledge to their classmates at anytime. Unlike Hiyama and his gang who failed of their attempt to manipulate Hajime, the rest of the students were never going to test any luck on Hajime after he took all of their confidences away due to their fears for Nagumo and his mass murdering intents as they doesn't wanted to involved into their deaths nor will they have any intents to fight him after he murdered Cattleya and one of their classmates who is a traitor, Shimizu as their abilities are far too weak to Hajime and his companions.

When Daisuke finally revealed his true nature during the invasion of Heiligh, the classmates' initial shock was quickly replaced by anger and hatred. Not only had Hiyama managed to fatally injure Kaori, he willingly sold them all out to Eri and her allies, leaving them all for dead in Nakamura's rebellion. Many of them collectively wanted to kill Hiyama, but this was prevented by the sheer number of zombie soldiers and the students existing injuries until Hajime has arrived. In Hajime's arrival to foil all of Nakamura's evil schemes, the entire students in the class are terrified of Hajime even further how easily he brutalized Hiyama and later feed him in the advancing monsters and understand of not only of Hajime's superiority prowess far greater than their abilities, but also his ruthlessness and sadism after they've witnessed Hajime's unconsumable rage from Kaori's temporarily death.

After Hajime single handedly killed Hiyama and halted the invasion, the students had a chance to calm down and reflect upon everything that had happened. Hajime made Hiyama's death as a lesson to his classmates of proving his examples if they dare to step out of the line or crossing him by harming his companions/lovers, it would eventually be his classmates' inevitably deaths similar to Hiyama. Despite being shocked at the brutal way in which Hajime had dispatched Hiyama, none of the class felt sorry for the deceased traitor. Apart from the justice driven Kouki, none of the group would ever condemn Hajime for his actions nor will they continue to follow Kouki's delusional leadership either as they only condemned Hiyama for his betrayal. Following Eri and Garland's retreat after they were easily defeated by Hajime, none of the classmates (except for Kouki) were even trying to blame Hajime for not telling them of Hiyama and Eri's betrayal and Ehit's malice towards humanity as they understand of Hajime's harsh but correctly criticisms of how their naivety and optimists which only almost lead themselves to die at Hiyama's and Eri's death trap. Hajime even scolded Kouki of his naivety expectations of classmates are always oblige of helping and protecting each other which are childish and ridiculous due to the very weaknesses of allowing other classmates to betray him for reasons mostly due to his annoyingly idealisms which allowed the intelligent Eri and the traitorous psychotic, Hiyama to betray Kouki without even noticing (although Eri betrayed Hiyama for being pathetically weak).

Though he once told them that he'll never rejoice his classmates ever again to suit Kouki's delusions causing them to be worried for their future in the war engulfed Tortus, Hajime has given his former classmates a second chance to join him to clear the last remaining labyrinths and kill Ehit in Hajime's goal to return back to Japan but given them one condition that is if they try to cross him or harm his companions (including Kaori) again for the last time, Hajime won't be too forgiving and will kill his classmates after he murdered Hiyama which they've obliged due to their fears for Hajime.

After Hajime revived Kaori, the classmates owe him a debt but also willingly let Nagumo of keeping Shirasaki for himself just so they won't cross him as Hiyama once did only for the latter gotten killed by Hajime. While decided to put his trust on his classmates by giving them another chance to join him and clear the last remaining labyrinths in order to kill Ehit and return back to Japan, he told everybody about what had really happened to him concerning his "fall". After Nagumo enlightened them all to the fact that the apparent misfired was actually a failed assassination attempt on his life by Daisuke, the whole group lost any lingering sympathy they felt for Hiyama and will never forgive Hiyama for what he has done. Vowing never to forgive him, nobody mourned Daisuke, not even at his own funeral, which was unceremonious. Henceforth after returning back to Japan following Ehit's death, they will retain such bitter memories of Daisuke Hiyama, forever remembering him as a selfish creep in school and a self-deluded traitor in Tortus.

Following their return to their home world after Ehit's death, the classmates (along with Hajime, Aiko and Hiyama's false friends, Saitou and Nakano) revealed to Hiyama's family the reason why Nagumo killed Hiyama is because their own son was a traitor when he willingly attempted to kill their entire classmates and discriminated Tortus by killing innocent people for his selfish desires which has caused his family suffered breakdown and got disgusted of their now deceased son's dishonestly and vile actions towards his classmates and the innocents. Following these revelations of their son's treachery, Hiyama's parents decided to give up their misguidedly revenge on Hajime

Specific Classmates

Hajime Nagumo

Hiyama's former bully victim and future killer. From the start of the series, Hajime and Hiyama's relationship is one of mutual hatred. More than any other student within their classroom, and school, Hiyama is jealous of Kaori Shirasaki's noticeable affection towards Nagumo. For this reason, Daisuke holds an extreme hatred towards Hajime, regarding him as his mortal enemy and is determined to make his life as miserable. Aided by his comrades in the Bastard Four, this deliberate tormenting included physical and verbal beatings.

This hatred is not one-sided. Hajime despises Hiyama for mercilessly harassing him when he has done nothing wrong and making him dread going to school. Despite not reciprocating Kaori's feelings at that point, nothing Hajime said or did would get Shirasaki off his back and so the abuse continued. Wishing for this to stop, Hajime wished to be transported to another world so that he could be free, only to have his wish granted by Ehit. Here the harassment continued, until finally two weeks after the students arrival in Tortus, Daisuke attempted to kill his Hajime in cold blood. As they battled a gigantic monster in the Orcus Labyrinth, Daisuke deliberately knocked Hajime onto a collapsing bridge, just so that he could have Kaori to himself. Just before he fell, Hajime glimpsed Hiyama smirking at him, and recognized what had happened.

Despite Hiyama's intentions, his plan completely backfired. Hajime not only survived but thanks to utilizing several of available resources, he became monstrously overpowered. Having suffered a mental breakdown, and determined to return home, Hajime became completely ruthless. Throughout his subsequent adventures, he never forgot about the one that put him in that dreadful situation in the first place. When the pair reunited four months later, Hiyama witnessed first hand just how powerful Nagumo was, when he saw him murder Cattleya, defeat a group of thugs and defeat Kouki in an unarmed duel causing Hiyama to be afraid of Hajime. After Kaori joined Hajime in her request, Daisuke feigned repentance offering to make amends in the hope to manipulate Hajime so that he would forgive his previous actions and allow Hiyama to join Hajime's party, just so he could remain close to Kaori purely. This failed, when Hajime himself dismissed his former tormentor as weak and worthless, saying that his previous mistreatment means nothing to him since Hiyama was so pathetically weak. Noticing madness in Daisuke's eyes, Hajime taunted him further by indicating that he knew what really happened all those months ago.

These revelations caused Hiyama to suffer his own mental breakdown to become an insane lunatic. The furious Daisuke blamed Hajime for everything and wanted revenge on him, a fact that Eri was quick to take advantage of. Unlike his gang members whom they've gave up on their pursue for Kaori's attentions due to their newfound fears for Hajime, Hiyama is exceptionally persistent when he refused to give up as his hatred towards Hajime has gotten even worse.

After Hiyama revealed himself to his classmates as a traitor, Hajime arrived and foiled Eri's plans caused Hiyama to badmouthed the raged consumed Hajime only for the latter send his previous tormentor flying towards the wall so hard as Hiyama took severe damage as his upper bones was broken and his vital organs took damage. For their final encounter resulted in a climactic one on one battle between Daisuke Hiyama and Hajime Nagumo, in which the latter completely dominated the other. Having prevented Eri from resurrecting the temporarily deceased Shirasaki as his zombie servant, Hiyama made a foolishly mistake of trying to take on Hajime, which resulted as the former victim beating his previous tormentor and would-be-murderer up to within an inch of his life when Hajime broken almost all of Hiyama's bones and damaged his inner organs. Once the fight is over in his ease defeat by Hajime, Hiyama still blamed Hajime for foiling his chance to have Kaori. But for Hajime, he told his weak adversary to stop making excuses as he revealed to his former tormenter that he is nothing but a weak and psychotic bully who doesn't take responsibilities and always enjoying inflicting pain on those who are weaker than himself which is the true reason Kaori will never love a psychopathic sore loser like Hiyama. Following the reasons about Kaori, Hajime willingly offered to Hiyama a chance to survive if he would realize his wrongdoings and mistakes but only for Hiyama insolently declared to Hajime that he will kill him no matter what it takes even if it's the last thing he'll do.

Whatever patience Hajime had for Hiyama was completely exhausted when he realized that Hiyama was never going to repent or learn from his mistakes and wrongdoings. For his insolence, Hiyama lost his last chance to survive and his promises for revenge on Hajime was nothing more but an empty threat. Hajime then threw the helpless Hiyama to the demons, and watched on pitilessly as the horde of monsters swarmed and started devouring his former tormentor alive while the latter was screaming in despair and agony. Hajime then walked away and abandoned Hiyama to his meaninglessly death in his confrontation to Eri and Freid.

Following Hiyama's death, Hajime achieved his own revenge on Hiyama for what he did not only to Shirasaki and Nagumo himself, but also the innocent people that he and Eri has killed in Nakamura's rebellion (only for Hiyama to be betrayed by his traitorous classmate). By the time reviving Shirasaki, Hajime revealed to Kaori of Daisuke's betrayal and death confirming her that he killed Hiyama but it doesn't bothered her as she has abandoned her sympathies for the now-deceased psychopath and like everyone else, will forevermore remembering Hiyama as a self-deluded tratior.

Hiyama's death exemplified Hajime's previous warnings to his classmates that if they crossed him or harmed his lovers, they would die as Hiyama did. None of Hajime's classmates (except for Kouki due to his delusions) condemned Hajime for this murder, subsequently condemning Daisuke Hiyama as a traitor. After the demon invasion as well as both Eri's rebellion and Hiyama's death, Hajime decided to have trust on his classmates and giving them another chance to join him to both clear the Labyrinth and kill Ehit as well not to waste time of Hiyama's ultimate well-deserved death but he warned them once more if they cross him or harms his companions again for the last time, Hajime will not be too forgiving and will kill his classmates as he murdered Hiyama.

When his classmates asking of Nagumo of the incident back in the Orcus Labyrinth, Hajime enlightened them all of what really happened to him in his "fall" incident was a failed assassination attempted by Hiyama intentionally where there weren't an accident caused Hiyama's entire classmates to accept these revelations when they lost what's little of their sympathies left for Hiyama and always remembering him as a selfish creep in school and a self-deluded traitor.

After returning to Japan following with Ehit's death, Hiyama's family attempted to avenge their son by killing Hajime but failed. Like their son, they were easily defeated by Hajime, who showed clemency realizing that they did not understand the circumstances behind Hiyama's passing. When the pair were subsequently informed about their son's actions, they suffered in a breakdown at the knowledge that their son willingly committed such heinous actions against his classmates and the innocent people of Tortus.

Kouki Amanogawa

Amanogawa and Hiyama were once comrades, who work alongside each other within the hero party. Like everybody else, Daisuke considers Kouki to be an asset, rather than a friend, albeit a very useful and powerful one. Due to Ehit's blessing, Kouki was, up until Hajime's transformation, the most powerful student in their class and remained the strongest member of the Hero party after Nagumo's death.

Recognising that Kouki was both moral and gullible Hiyama went to Kouki when the other students began to bully him for causing Hajime's demise. He put on a big act, which convinced Amanogawa of Daisuke's sincerity. He allowed him to join the Hero Party to make amends for his mistake and told the others to leave Hiyama alone. In order to remain safe, Daisuke would always take Kouki's side during an argument.

Despite this comradeship, Amanogawa does not like Daisuke Hiyama. He is one of the few people that were not aware of Hiyama's previous bullying of Hajime back in Japan but is still angry at him for scaring and upsetting Kaori. Kouki did not realise that Hiyama had manipulated him until it was far too late. When Daisuke temporarily killed Kaori, Kouki developed a deep hatred for the traitor and tried to avenge to her. In his weakened state, however, he proved no match for his treasonous former comrade. Hiyama managed to defeat Kouki, knocking him back and mocking him, showing just how little Kouki's trust and comradeship had actually meant to him. Kouki's hatred for Hiyama persisted, following the latter's death. Never the less, Amanogawa still condemned Hajime for murdering Hiyama, being the only student to do so. This was not done out of sympathy, like everybody else Kouki believes that Daisuke got what he deserved. Rather it was due to his delusional sense of justice and naivety morality. Hajime in-turn condemned Kouki for his childish ideals, pointing out that it was for those reasons that Hiyama and Eri's plans almost succeeded. Despite Hajime revived Kaori, Kouki doesn't expressed his gratitude for Hajime unlike Shizuku and Ryutarou it is due to his self-righteously ignorance.

Shizuku Yaegashi

Like most of her classmates, Shizuku Yaegashi was fully aware of Daisuke Hiyama's actions towards Hajime Nagumo. As Kaori's best friend and one of the few people not to hold a grudge against Hajime Nagumo, she despised Hiyama for the impact that his actions were having upon these two innocent people. Unfortunately, she was unable to do anything about it as she had no way to prove what Hiyama was doing.

When Hajime fell to his apparent death during the classes first expedition into the Orcus Labyrinth, Shizuku like everybody else, blamed Daisuke for what had happened. This was mainly due to the trauma that it had caused Kaori, rather than her own personal feelings. When Daisuke subsequently 'apologised' he became her comrade within the Hero Party. Yaegashi was the only person to recognise that Hiyama felt no remorse for what he had caused and was simply manipulating Kouki in order to avoid harassment. In the anime, she even saw Daisuke humming happily to himself, not looking the least bit concerned about the traumatic event which had happened earlier that day. Once again though, Shizuku had no way to prove it. As such she did her best to stay away from and ignore Hiyama, which turned out to be a big mistake.

After Hiyama stabbed Kaori during the demons assault on Heleigh, Shizuku was seen screaming in horror and anger. Enraged at what the treacherous light warrior had done to her best friend, Shizuku's dislike for Daisuke immediately turned into outright hatred. Restrained by her bindings, Yaegashi was forced to watch on helplessly as Eri almost succeeded in turning Kaori into Hiyama's zombie slave, leaving her unable to rescue or avenge her fallen friend personally. Fortunately for Yaegashi, Hajime arrived in the nick of time and took care of the deed for her as she witnessed Hajime's brutality towards Hiyama and eventually watched on pitilessly as Hajime thrown Hiyama towards the advancing monsters to devour the traitor alive and ending Hiyama's ambitions and lusts forever when Nagumo avenged Kaori and the innocent people he and Eri has killed.

In the long run, Shizuku did not condemn Hajime for his actions. Unlike Kouki, her misguided childhood friend, Yaegashi is completely grateful to Nagumo. Not only did he managed to avenge Shirasaki, more importantly he was able to bring her back from the brink of death where Shizuku owes an eternal debt to Hajime hoping she would repay him such when she (along with Ryutarou, Suzu and Kouki) joined him in his journey to clear the remaining Labyrinths and kill Ehit for his selfishness of summon her and her classmates as playthings. This caused Shizuku to develop her own romantic feelings towards Hajime. She would later become a member of Hajime's harem and eventually went on to marry him once the students returned to Japan.

Throughout the remainder of their adventure and long afterwards, Shizuku does not like to talk about Hiyama. Whenever the light warrior's name is brought up however, Shizuku will always make it clear that she feels absolutely no sympathy and will never forgive Hiyama for what has done to Hajime and Kaori as well the innocent people he and Eri has killed. Now aware as to all of his transgressions, as she is concerned, Daisuke Hiyama was a selfish, perverted traitor who, after doing all the things he did to her best friend and future husband, deserved everything that he got. Even when returning back to Japan, Shizuku, like every single of her classmates, will forevermore remembering Daisuke Hiyama as a selfish creep in school and a self-deluded traitor in Tortus due to his sexual harassment on Kaori.

Ryutarou Sakagami

Ryutarou and Daisuke are rarely shown to interact. From the few conversations that they had, it is clear that Sakagami does not like Hiyama, considering him a jerk for his lust for Kaori and bullying Hajime back in school. Despite being one of the strongest members of his class, Ryutarou did absolutely nothing to stop Hiyama back in Japan and was later easily manipulated by Hiyama's lies.

When Hiyama's true colours were revealed, Ryutarou like everybody else, developed a deep hatred for Daisuke and has retained resentful memories of him ever since. After Hiyama temporarily murdered Kaori, he attempted to avenge her by killing Hiyama, but unable to do it. Ultimately he no longer need to do it he was relief when Hajime arrived to foiled Eri's plans and took care of Hiyama by killing him. Unlike his best friend Kouki, Ryutarou does not condemn Hajime for killing Hiyama.

Like Shizuku and unlike Kouki, Ryutarou shown his gratitude to Hajime for reviving Kaori but also willingly to allow Nagumo to keep his childhood friend (Shirasaki) for himself just so he wouldn't be involved into Hajime's "bad side" personality (which is his ruthlessness and sadisms) after Hajime killed the weak, psychotic traitor Hiyama. Hoping to repay him with more gratitude, Ryutarou (along with Shizuku, Kouki and Suzu) joined Hajime in his adventures to clear the remaining Labyrinths and kill Ehit. Unlike Kouki for his hatred towards Hajime, Ryutarou's respects for Hajime continually increased as he test his newly enhancements from his gauntlets when Hajime strengthen them. Like everyone in classroom, Ryutarou will eternally remembered Daisuke Hiyama as a selfish deluded traitor. Even when returning to Japan, Ryutarou still retained such bitter memories of his hatred towards Hiyama as he will not waste his time or effort of the weak selfish traitor's well-deserving death.

Suzu Taniguchi

Suzu was Eri's former best friend, a fellow member of the Hero Party and later became Sakagami's girlfriend. Like many of her classmates, she hated Hiyama and his gang for their selfishness lust for Kaori and bullying Hajime from the past but did nothing about it. When Eri and Hiyama betrayed them, Suzu was shocked and betrayed. Although she would later plead with Eri to repent and rejoin the good guys, she made no such effort to persuade Daisuke, showing just how much she valued Nakamura over Hiyama only to realize their friendship was a ruse when Nakamura revealed to her that she was pretending to be her best friend for the entire time.

Like her boyfriend, Ryutarou and several of the other students, Suzu has made it clear that she will never forgive Hiyama for his willingness to kill Kaori or his willingness to sacrifice them just so that he could get what he wanted. Even after returning to Japan, Suzu does not waste her time on concerning herself with the ultimate, well-deserved fate of the selfish Light Warrior. Along with everyone except for the delusional Kouki, Suzu does not hold any ill will towards Hajime for what he did to Hiyama despite of her shocked and fears of Hajime's brutality towards Hiyama. Like everybody in her class, Suzu will forever remembering Hiyama to be a self-deluded traitor due to his arrogantly perversions towards Kaori.

Other Enemies

Yue, Tio Klarus and Shea Haulia

Hiyama met Hajime's party when they came to save him and the Hero's party from Cattleya. The first girl at Hajime's party who he had an interaction with was Yue, when Hiyama was denying that Hajime was alive, Yue threw water on him to silence him, telling him that he was being annoying, this made Hiyama turn fearful towards her, however it can be implied that Hiyama during those moments had an attraction towards Yue like his other companions. While Hiyama had some fear of Shea seeing how she could get rid of the monsters, Hiyama's attraction to Yue would quickly disappear when he saw Hajime having a romantic moment with Yue after he killed Cattleya. When they were leaving the labyrinth, Hiyama (along with his "friends") tried to talk to Yue and Shea, but were ignored by them as well Yue insulted him in a sheer disgust, Hiyama got angered by that and rudely tried to grab Shea's ears, only for him, along with Kondou, Saitou and Nakano to get kicked by the two of them, and shot with rubber bullets by Hajime. When they were at the exit, they met Tio and Myu, Hiyama like the others was surprised to discover that they were Hajime's companions.

Unlike Kouki, who has an immense lust on those three (due to their extremely rare and captivating beauties which in parred to both Kaori and Shizuku), Hiyama is extremely terrified of Hajime's harem rather than holding a lust towards them, seeing not only of their superiority combat prowess greater than his and his classmates' abilities but also their cold and ruthless attitudes as they will not show any mercy towards anyone who are Hajime's enemies that includes Hiyama himself if he gets in Hajime's way.

For Hajime's companions in their point of view; Yue, Shea and Tio hold an immense hatred towards Daisuke and belittled him when they've regarded him to be one of the two only men who are the worst perverts to be hated, mistreated, abused, tormented, belittled, mocked and insulted by those three girls while other being is Kouki Amanogawa (Hiyama and Hajime's classmate and Kaori and Shizuku's stubbornly childhood friend who is a "justice" deluded idiot). For the reasons, they've always hated Hiyama and look down on him is because they've heard all of these bitter stories from Hajime and Kaori of their psychotic classmate has done such terrible things towards both Hajime and Kaori while in Japan and Tortus. They will ensure that they'll keep Hiyama away from Kaori if he ever shown his face towards them, even if it means to make sure the psychopath suffers in despair and agony as Hajime and Kaori once did as well they would kill him at any possible means to end his selfish ambitions and worthless greediness if he continues to bother Kaori and cross Hajime. Much like Hajime, Nagumo's companions also dismissed Hiyama and his so-called "friends" (Reichi Kondou, Yoshiki Saitou and Shinji Nakano) to be weak and worthless when they really think it would be this easy for Hajime to forgive them with a false apology just so they would remain close to Kaori after they've failed in their attempt to manipulate Nagumo when the demonic mass murderer saw through their foolishly schemes causing the Bastard Four (except for Hiyama due to his persistence) to give up on Kaori due to their fears for Nagumo as they've chose to not cross him or his companions. Their hatred towards Hiyama has gotten even worse when Hiyama temporarily killed Kaori and tried to make her his zombie slave only for Hajime to prevented this attempt after he arrived just in a nick of time. After Tio saving the dying Kaori with spirit magic, she (along with Yue and Shea) were present to watch pitilessly as Hajime brutally attacked and later killed the weak and psychotic Hiyama, they unlike the student in the class, who were terrified of Hiyama's death by Hajime's hands, Nagumo's companions did not show any outward emotions upon witnessing Daisuke's meaninglessly death for his worthless lust towards Kaori. Even though Hiyama is dead, Yue, Shea and Tio as well as the students in the class also showed no sympathy for his death and will never forgive him for what he did including his abusively perversion towards Kaori.

In Hiyama's death, Yue, Tio and Shea (much like Hajime) regarded Daisuke's false friends, Saitou and Nakano as annoying despite of them forgave themselves towards Hajime sincerity this time as they've swore to never cross him or harm his companions (including Kaori) as they willing to let Nagumo of keeping Shirasaki for himself.


  • Hajime Nagumo (failed) - Bullied him relentlessly back in Japan. Whilst he failed to kill Hajime in Tortus, Daisuke's actions caused Nagumo's transformation from a harmless synergist, into the ruthless and sadistic monster-hybrid he became.
  • Hajime's victims - Although Hiyama did not meet or kill many of these people directly, he can nevertheless be held accountable for their demise. Were it not for him, Hajime would have never gained the necessary power to kill all of these people in the first place.
  • Countless Templar Knights - Between them, Hiyama and Eri killed many of the Heiligh Kingdom's finest knights allowing Eri to reanimate them as her zombie slaves. Hiyama is confirmed to have personally dueled and slain the vice captain of the Kingdom, who was the second strongest behind their own mentor, Meld. However, these zombies were all destroyed during the confrontation with the enraged Hajime Nagumo.
  • Reichi Kondou (contributed) - Eri was the one that actually killed and reanimated Reichi. The murder was carried out in Hiyama's persence however, with his full permission. Kondou's body has been destroyed alongside all the others by Hajime when he blasted Kondou at his head easily due to Kondou was technically a weakling to him causing Saitou and Nakano to become more afraid of Hajime even further.
  • Kaori Shirasaki (failed) - Hiyama managed to mortally wound her original body, but did not kill her. In order for Eri to make Shirasaki his zombie slave, the latter's soul needed to be bound to her body. As such Kaori's spirit survived and, thanks to Hajime's last second intervention, maintained its free will. Following Hiyama's death, Hajime, with a little bit of help from Tio, managed to transfer Kaori's spirit into Noint's body. This allowed her to survive until not only her true body had been fully restored but also being modified by Hajime with Noint's essences and genes to make her impossible to die easily.

Killed By

  • Eri Nakamura (caused) - Hajime is the one who killed Hiyama. Eri is the one who caused Hiyama's death by betraying/abandoning him and used his distractions for her escape from Hajime's wrath while pummeled Hiyama for his "murder" on Kaori. When watched pitilessly as the monsters are eating him, Eri made no efforts to go and help Hiyama when she doesn't have any further uses of him anymore due to him being pathetically weak for her future plans to kill her classmates as this is felt what treachery is like.
  • Hajime Nagumo (contributed) - Although he did not kill Hiyama directly, Hajime essentially served as Daisuke's judge and executioner on deciding to give Hiyama a punishment for harming Kaori. After being deserted by Eri, Hiyama, who had seen Hajime rescue the dying Kaori (which in turn prevented Nakamura from turning her into Hiyama's zombie slave) foolishly tried to engage Nagumo in a one on one fight. He lost easily and was reduced a bloodied pulp, with almost all of his bones broken and his vital organs damaged. Hajime was going to give his mortally wounded opponent a discrete opportunity to save himself, but Hiyama insolently declared that he would kill Hajime no matter what it takes. Seeing that Daisuke was both unrepentant and irredeemable when he is blinded by lust, jealousy, greed and hatred, Hiyama leaves Hajime with no choice but to throw his former tormentor into a horde of monsters, fully aware that the beasts were going to kill him, since Hiyama could not defend himself due to the injuries he received from Nagumo.
  • Monsters (directly) - As Hajime predicted, shortly after landing in their midst, Freid and Eri's monsters proceeded to eat Daisuke, bringing his life to a painful conclusion.



~ Hiyama's breakdown before Hajime brutalized him.
I’ll kill you! No matter what ish takesh, I swear I'll kill you!
~ Hiyama's final words to Hajime before his death.

Character Comparison

Within the anime medium, Hiyama is comparable to  Diodora Astaroth, Kurt von Ritzburg, Keera L. GreenwoodNobuyuki Sugou and Blade. He is also similar to Malty Melromarc, Ren Amaki and Motoyasu Kitamura from The Rising of the Shield Hero franchise, Raynare from High School DxD and Renard from Redo of Healer.

  • Out of all of his counterparts (who were mostly weak, perverted and selfish villains holding lust for an idol like girl) that were defeated or killed by the protagonists' hands, Hiyama was the only known weak villain who was easily defeated and feed him to monsters by Nagumo.
  • Like Diodora, Kurt, Motoyasu, Raynare and Ren who were considered to be the pawns of an even greater-villains, Hiyama was also a pawn after he has been betrayed by Eri Nakamura for her cowardly attempt to convince Nagumo.

Rising of the Shield Hero character comparisons

Ren Amaki 

  • Both wield a sword as their primary weapon and are specialised in close combat fighting.
  • Amaki and Hiyama are both extremely arrogant, although Ren later reformed.
  • Like Daisuke, Ren was summoned to a parallel world to be a hero.
  • Both have caused great harm to the worlds they were summoned to, leading to them being branded traitors and false heroes.
    • However, Ren's actions against Melromarc (and later the whole world) were the product of his own arrogance and his false perception that the world was merely a game.
    • Daisuke's betrayal and his subsequent murdering of the people of the innocent people of Heiligh were completely intentional.
  • At some point, they joined forces with one of their respective series main antagonists (Malty and Eri respectively) in their rebellions, only to get betrayed by them and left to die. Ren survived however, whereas Daisuke did not.

Motoyasu Kitamura

  • Kitamura and Hiyama both have offensive skillsets, and are considered more powerful than the average adventures.
  • The pair are arrogant, prideful and do not like it when things do not go their way.
  • Both men proclaimed themselves as love rivals to their series main protagonists (Naofumi Iwatani and Hajime Nagumo respectively) and have bullied them repeatedly for a supposed misdeed.
    • Motoyasu believed that Naofumi attempted to rape Myne, but it was later revealed that he had been framed caused Motoyasu to redeem himself.
    • Daisuke hates Hajime for allegedly stealing Kaori Shirasaki away from him. This hatred never faded and Nagumo ended up killing Hiyama after his villainy went too far.
  • Additionally, the pair are attracted to a companion from their opponents adventuring groups, who they will go to extreme lengths to try and impress. Those girls are Filo and Kaori. 
  • The duo originally considered themselves to be superior to their rivals because they had offensive abilities, whereas their adversaries did not. As the series progressed, however, Naofumi and Hajime have completely surpass Motoyasu and Hiyama, eventually defeating them in armed combat easily.
  • Again, both have caused great harm to the world, for which they are now considered traitors.
  • Just like with Ren, they were used and betrayed by Malty and Eri in their rebellions respectively.

Malty Melromarc

  • Malty and Daisuke are both main antagonists within their respective franchises and the heroes arch-nemesis.
  • Both deliberately betrayed their respective protagonists and threw them into situations that they were not expected to survive. In both cases, however, the hero emerged from the situation more powerful than either of the villains.
    • Malty falsely accused Naofumi of rape, turning the other heroes and everybody else in Melromarc against him. 
    • Daisuke deliberately knocked Hajime off of a bridge during their first adventure, causing him to fall into a den of powerful monsters.
  • Their personalities are almost identical. They are both selfish, cowardly villains who deliberately use other people to get what they want. When things do not work out, they will ask for mercy despite not showing it themselves. Neither one of them possesses any redeeming qualities, and they are completely incorrigible, always blaming others for their own mistakes. 
  • The first Princess and light warrior are both proficient in fire and wind magic.
  • Neither waste an opportunity to mock, bully or hinder their opponents.
    • However, Hiyama was initially smart enough not to pick a fight with Hajime after his transformation, recognising how outmatched he was. This reason was eventually overridden by his lust and hatred.
    • Malty meanwhile never stopped attacking Naofumi, even after her plans were exposed.
  • Both were originally part of what was considered to be their worlds main Hero Party's, Motoyasu and Kouki's. Each of the villains ended up betraying their supposed allies.
  • They betrayed their respective Kingdoms, Melromarc and Heiligh.
  • The pair wanted to be remembered as great heroes, but would later be exposed as treacherous villains. Their reputations were completely destroyed after their crimes against the heroes were revealed.
  • In the original web-novel stories, both were brought into their respective worlds by evil beings with god-like powers, Medea and Ehit respectively.
    • A minor difference however, is that Malty was a direct creation of the goddess wannabe, whereas Hiyama was transported from another world by his sadistic benefactor.
  • Likewise, within the same storyline, both were eventually killed by the series protagonists, although the heroes themselves did not deliver the finishing blow. Naofumi had Malty, now renamed Witch, burnt alive at the stake after she had betrayed all of the heroes, her nation and contributed to the death of her mother Mirellia. Hajime meanwhile, beat Daisuke to within an inch of his life, after he murdered Kaori Shirasaki and prepared to sell out the rest of the heroes to Eri and the demons. When Hiyama showed no remorse, Hajime threw him into a horde of monsters that devoured him alive.
    • When the stories were subsequently rewritten as Light Novels, Hiyama's death in Arifureta remained unchanged. The Rising of the Shield Hero is still ongoing, with Malty Melromarc still alive. At this point, her ultimate fate remains uncertain.

High School DxD character comparison


  • They were main antagonists of the series.
  • They almost killed the protagonists only for them to be mutated.
    • Raynare killed Issei until he was revived as a devil by Rias Gremory.
    • Hiyama attempted to kill Hajime but caused him to fall where Hajime suffered and mutated by killing and devouring the monsters.
  • They temporarily killed one of the protagonists' lovers in their own harems who are healers in their own selfish reasons before their revivals.
    • Raynare temporarily killed Asia Argento in her attempt for Twilight Healing before she was revived by Rias Gremory as a devil.
    • Hiyama temporarily killed Kaori Shirasaki in his attempted to make Kaori as a zombie slave before she was revived by Hajime (along with Yue and Tio) and transferred her soul into Noint's lifeless body (one of Ehit's minions who was the strongest until her death by Hajime).
  • After their attempt in their desires failed, they were betrayed and abandoned by an even greater antagonists respectively just for their escapes from the protagonists.
    • Raynare was betrayed and abandoned by Freed Sellzen by leaving her to her demise in order to escape from Issei and the Occult Club.
    • Hiyama was betrayed and deserted by Eri Nakamura while Hajime was busy of brutalizing Hiyama which allow for Nakamura to escape from Hajime and his companions without even bother of trying to help Hiyama.
  • They were defeated and killed by the protagonists in avenge one of the lovers of the protagonists though they didn't deliver the final blow themselves.
    • Issei defeated Raynare. But in his limits, he permitted Rias to kill the fallen angel to avenge Asia Argento.
    • Hajime defeated Hiyama and threw him to the monsters to eat Daisuke alive to avenge Kaori Shirasaki.
  • Though their deaths, their influences continues to hunt their former victims posthumously.
    • After Asia was sent into the dimension gap by Shalba, a hallucination Raynare continually mocked Issei while using one of Vali's juggernaut drives.
    • Hiyama's family attempted to kill Hajime to avenge their son, only for him to defeat them before realizing the truth from Daisuke's death.

Diodora Astaroth

  • They were antagonists of their own series.
  • They've bullied the protagonists.
  • They are weak and selfish individual.
  • They are both perverts obsessed for the protagonists' lovers who are healers and wanted to make them theirs.
    • Diodora wants to add Asia Argento to his collections of holy maidens and nuns.
    • Hiyama wants to make Kaori Shirasaki as his girlfriend even as far he temporarily murder her in attempt to make her as a zombie sex slave only to meet his own demise shortly by Hajime.
  • They betrayed their previous group.
    • Diodora betrayed his family and his own kind.
    • While Daisuke betrayed his classmates and his gang.
  • They were betrayed by an even greater antagonists after they've outlived their usefulness.
    • Diodora was betrayed by Shalba Beelzebub after he was defeated by Issei.
    • Daisuke was betrayed by Eri Nakamura after her plan failed due to Hajime's interference and used him as a distraction for her escape from Hajime and his companions without even bother of helping Hiyama.
  • In the end they were easily defeated by the protagonists and were killed shortly afterwards.
    • Diodora was defeated by Issei and was killed by Shalba.
    • Daisuke was killed and devoured by the monsters after he was defeated by Hajime.
  • Following their deaths, they were left with tarnished legacies from their selfishly betrayals.
    • Diodora's family has lost many of their privileges.
    • Daisuke was forever remembered by his classmates as a selfish creep from school and a self-deluded traitor in Tortus.

Wise man's Grandchild

Kurt von Ritzburg

  • They were weak and psychotic villains.
  • They hates the main protagonists for their supposedly misdeeds.
  • They are both perverts who harassed the protagonists' lovers in their selfish attempt getting them to become theirs.
    • Kurt harassed Sicily in his attempted to get her to become his fiancee.
    • Hiyama harassed Kaori in his attempted to get her to become his girlfriend even if it means to kill her before he met his death.
  • After their desires were backfired, they've turned into crazed lunatics.
  • In their insolences, they were disavowed from their previous group.
    • Kurt was expelled from the Advance Magic Academy by King Diseum and stripped from his nobility by his father, Russell unknown if he was replaced by one of his brothers. He also attempted to destroy the academy for the mistreatment from his schoolmates.
    • Hiyama betrayed his classmates and his gang in an attempt for his desires for Kaori causing his classmates to brand him as a traitor.
  • They were being used as pawns by an even greater villains
    • Kurt was a guinea pig to Oliviera von Schtradius' experiments.
    • Hiyama was a pawn when he has been betrayed by Eri Nakamura in her rebellion against her classmates when she left Hiyama as a distraction for Hajime's brutality just so she could escape from Nagumo without even bother of trying to help Hiyama.
  • They were killed and defeated easily by the main protagonists in the end.
    • Kurt was killed by Shin single-handedly with his sword.
    • Hiyama was killed and devoured by the monsters after gotten defeated by Hajime so easily (though Hajime didn't deliver a final blow to kill Hiyama himself).
  • In their death, they have a tarnished legacy
    • Kurt's father renounced as a Vice Minister of the Finance Bureau as just ensure that the Ritzburg family has nothing to do with Kurt's ignorance.
    • Hiyama was eternally remembered by his classmates as a selfish creep and a self-deluded traitor.

Sword Art Online

Nobuyuki Sugou

  • They were the main antagonists of their series.
  • They hate the main protagonists for their supposedly misdeeds after they've gotten attentions from the girls whom they've obsessed.
  • They were psychotic cowards when they only cared is themselves.
  • They are perverts who harassed the protagonists' lovers sexually in their failed attempt of getting them to become theirs.
    • Nobuyuki harassed and nearly raped Asuna Yuuki in his attempt to make her as his fiancee again.
    • Hiyama harassed Kaori Shirasaki in his attempt to get her to become his girlfriend as far as he temporarily murder her in his failed attempted to become his zombie sex slave
  • They arrogantly believe themselves to be the strongest until later revealed they were actually the weakest.
  • They were easily defeated by the protagonists but had a different fate.
    • Nobuyuki was easily defeated by Kazuto Kirigaya and gotten arrested by the police after Kazuto cannot kill Nobuyuki due to the rules of the law.
    • Hiyama was defeated easily and feed to the monsters by Hajime Nagumo.
  • Following their defeats, they left with a tarnished legacy.
    • The RECT Inc. research institute has officially shut down after all of Nobuyuki's plans were revealed.
    • Hiyama has always being remembered by his classmates as a selfish creep in school and a deluded traitor in Tortus.

How not to summon a Demon lord

Keera L. Greenwood

  • They were psychotic antagonists.
  • They hate the main protagonists for their supposedly misdeeds.
  • They are perverts who harassed the protagonists' lovers in attempt of get them to become theirs.
    • Keera harassed his sister, Shera physically and sexually in his attempt to force her accept into an arranged marriage so that he wanted to give birth for a heir.
    • Hiyama harassed Kaori in his attempt of getting her to become his girlfriend as far as he temporarily killed her so that he would turn her into his personal zombie sex slave before Hajime's interference.
  • They betrayed their supposedly groups
    • Keera betrayed his own kind.
    • Hiyama betrayed his classmates and his own gang.
  • They were weak cowards who only cared is themselves.
  • They were easily defeated by the protagonists but died afterwards.
    • Keera was defeated by Diablo and later killed by Chester Ray Galford.
    • Hiyama was defeated and devoured by the monsters contributed by Hajime.
  • Following their deaths, they've left with a tarnished legacy.
    • The Greenwood's royal family were dissolved and the land of Elves now hold freedom from Keera's tyrannical reign.
    • Daisuke Hiyama was known by his entire classmates as a self-deluded traitor.

Redo of Healer


  • They are the very arrogant and psychotic villains.
  • They've abused and tormented the main protagonists for their apparent misdeeds and later betrayed them.
    • Blade abused Keyarga for being Flare's "pet" and later (along with the fake heroes) betrayed him by leaving him to die by starvation.
    • Hiyama bullied Hajime for having Kaori's attentions and later betrayed him when he attempted to kill him.
  • They are the decent swordsmen class "heroes". However, without their swords, they are revealed to be weaklings.
  • They are obsessive perverts whom holds lusts towards one of the protagonists' lovers whom they've tried to impress but only failed and gotten ignored.
    • Blade is obsessed of Flare Arlgrande Jioral and wanted to become Flare's "pet" but only failed.
    • Hiyama is obsessed of Kaori Shirasaki and wanted to get her of become his girlfriend but only failed including she left the "heroes" to join Hajime.
  • They are delusional individuals as they've only believing themselves stronger than the protagonists due to their supposedly combat abilities while the protagonists doesn't which was initially true but later turned out to be false as they are weaker than the protagonists after they've obtained abilities far superior than their own.
  • They are cowards when they are afraid of the protagonists and attempted to pleaded them:
    • Blade is terrified of Keyarga when he going to feed her to death and begged him to spare her life.
    • Hiyama is terrified of Hajime due to not only his abilities are far superior than his own but also his mass murder including Hiyama's failed in his attempt to manipulate Hajime with a false apology.
  • In the end, they were defeated and killed by the protagonists when they've fed their weak adversaries to different creatures for the protagonists' vengeances.
    • Blade was defeated and later feed to the three rabid men by Keyarga.
    • Hiyama was easily defeated and feed to the monsters by Hajime Nagumo.
  • Even after their deaths, their influences continually hunts their former victims
    • Blade's presence hunts and attempted to kill Keyarga while in the trial for Eve to become a demon lord.
    • Hiyama's family attempted to seek revenge on Hajime only to learn their son was a traitor.


  • They are the major antagonists
  • They abused and betrayed the protagonists
    • Renard betrayed and torture Keyarga.
    • Hiyama bullied and later betrayed Hajime.
  • They later revealed to be weak and selfish individuals.
  • They went into complete mental breakdowns after the protagonists humiliated them.
    • Renard suffered when he was being belittled and dismissed by king Jioral after his failures upon Flare's supposedly death due to Keyarga.
    • Hiyama suffered when not only did Hajime survived to be more powerful and having Kaori to join his party, but also aware that Hiyama was the one who failed to kill him.
  • They killed the protagonists' love ones in their selfishly lusts.
    • Renard raped and killed Keyarga's first love, Anna (though she committed suicide by biting her tongue).
    • Hiyama temporarily killed one of Hajime's lovers, Kaori Shirasaki before she was revived by Nagumo.
  • In the end, they were easily defeated and later gotten abandoned to theirs own deaths by the protagonists in their revenge and avenged their love ones.
    • Keyarga easily defeated Renard and later abandoned him to his death by turning Renard into a woman where Keyarga brainwashed Renard's very own troops, for them to rape the psychotic knight captain to death in order to avenge his foster parents, Anna and everyone from his village.
    • Hajime easily defeated Hiyama and later abandoned him to his death by feeding him to the monsters for them to devour his psychotic former classmate to avenge Kaori and the innocent people that he killed when helping Eri only for her to betrayed Hiyama.
  • Despite of their deaths, their influences continually hunts their now-formerly victims
    • Renard's spirit hunted and attempted to kill Keyarga while in the trial for Eve to become a demon lord.
    • Hiyama's family attempted to kill Hajime to avenge their son only to give up their revenge after learned that Hiyama was a traitor.


  • Hiyama was the third (formerly fourth) of his classmates to die. Shimizu was the first person to die, with Shirasaki as the second, though she would later be resurrected. This technically makes Reichi the second (formerly third) student officially die, and Nakamura fourth (formerly fifth).
  • Daisuke was the only one of his classmates to be killed by monsters, though Hajime also contributed to it as he threw Hiyama to them after beating him up.
    • Shimizu and the zombified Reichi were both killed by Hajime (though Eri killed Reichi as a human). Shirasaki was temporarily murdered by Hiyama himself (only to be revived by Hajime) and Nakamura went on to commit suicide in her attempted to kill Suzu Taniguchi by an explosion. 
  • Daisuke is one of the three classmates to be traitors (along with Yukitoshi Shimizu and Eri Nakamura). 
  • Despite not being the only villainous student within the storyline, fans of the series consider Daisuke Hiyama to be the only one of his classmates that was truly evil due to him being a psychopath. Shimizu was a victim of bullying as a youngster, and his subsequent isolation, whereas Eri's evil personality came about due to her tragic backstory. In contrast, Daisuke has no such excuse. His vile actions were motivated by jealousy, lust and hatred and he carried them out willingly, of his own accord.
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