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Just so you know, we don't need to be accepted by a pack of future plastic surgery disasters who will get real estate licenses at 46 in a desperate attempt to find a third husband, who will take care of them after their lips explode! ... Run.
~ Junior, telling off the bullies.

Daisy's Bullies are minor antagonists The Cleveland Show, only appearing in the episode 'All You Can Eat". They are three homophobic teenage girls who hate Daisy for being a lesbian.


In "All You Can Eat", Daisy became Junior's girlfriend, under the false impression that he was a girl, misled by his new attire. Daisy's bullies came up to them and started teasing them. The girls told Daisy and Junior that it was disgusting that they were together. Although Daisy insisted that they ignore them, Junior told the girls off and assessed that in the future, their looks would all fade and they'd lose the only thing that makes them powerful and have to face the fact that they're poor and helpless and unable to get husbands who will support them in life. This struck a nerve with the girls and caused two of them to back away in fear, while the leader stayed still. Junior got up in the leader's face and told her to run, causing all three of them to run away, screaming in terror. Daisy appreciated how Junior stood up for her and was proud to say that she and Junior would be the first lesbian couple at her school dance. Junior was of course, very thrown off by the fact that Daisy mistook him for a lesbian but seeing how much comfort she took in being with him and how much confidence he gave her, didn't have the heart to correct her.

On the night of the prom, Daisy came to Junior's house and sadly told him that the principal of her school banned LGBT couples from attending so they won't be able to go together. Junior was pissed about this and vowed to go to the prom with Daisy, no matter what the rules were.

Junior took Roberta to the prom with him and got the attention of everyone there, including Daisy's bullies. Daisy's bullies came up to the two and told them that they were not welcome at the prom and that their non-traditional sexual preferences were ruining everyone else's good times. They were backed up by the school principal who entered and warned Junior and Roberta that if they didn't leave, he would shut down the prom for everyone, as a way of turning the entire school against the two. Junior said he'd leave but not before making a speech first. Junior announced to everyone that he was actually a boy and his date was his stepsister and they did this to prove a point about how they shouldn't bully Daisy for being different. This convinced the crowd and presumably Daisy's bullies to change their homophobic ways, allowing for Daisy to go to the prom and dance with Junior, but only as friends, now that she knew he had a penis.


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