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Dave/Daisy is the main protagonist of the 2002 comedy film Sorority Boys. He is the ex-leader of the KOK fraternity house's Social Committee who elects to disguise himself as woman in order to clear his name for supposed embezzlement alongside his two best friends and co-leaders Adina/Adam, and Roberta/Doofer.

He was portrayed by Barry Watson.


Dave came from a wealthy family and was a popular student at his college, eventually finding his way into the KOK fraternity alongside his best friends Adam, and Doofer. Together the three formed the social committee and were in charge of looking after the money which helped pay for the whole house's tuition fees, although they didn't get along well with Spence the group's leader, they were very popular among their fellow fraternity brothers. Each night they would throw wild parties and interrupt Spence's bizarre rituals much to his chagrin, each night they'd throw wild parties and torment their rival fraternity house the DOGs by launching sex toys through their windows, and each morning would give each girl leaving the bedroom of one of them "the walk of shame" which involved everyone in the house cheering and chanting to her before taking a photo of her and putting on a wall of shame before she left.

One night when all of the tuition money disappeared and the trio were blamed for ruining the lives of all of the members and consequently cast out. Dave goes to his father to explain the situation but gets distracted when his father tells him about a new job opportunity and an interview he can have with John Kloss. Adam is overjoyed at the news until Dave explains that he won't get it if his dad thinks he's a thief and that they need to somehow get the money back. Which led to Doofer suggesting they disguise themselves as women and try to find evidence to clear their names in the form of VHS security footage.

The plan goes well at first until Adam is unable to retrieve the tape due to his own brother trying to hit on him, not recognizing him in disguise. The trio are then mistook for members of the DOG fraternity and dropped onto their doorstep via net, the group's leader Leah greets them and offers them a place with her group, which they accept, Dave explaining that this can be a good way of infiltrating the KOK house again.

The group end up getting along quite well with most of the girls in the house, Dave in particular quickly getting comfortable in his new persona, however he was restless that night and decided to head for a shower while no one was awake. Unfortunately he was met by Leah quickly, although since she wasn't wearing her glasses, he was able to make makeshift breasts out of soap suds and still give the illusion that he was a woman. and the two began showering together, before Dave eventually finished and ran off, growing nervous.

The, following morning after going to college, he slipped back into his Dave form, and decided to attend the Female Studies class, in order to get closer to Leah, she interpreted this as him, simply trying to woo her however and brushed him off, although he did try to convince her to give him a chance while talking to her as Daisy, who she rapidly began becoming best friends with.

All the while animosity was building between Dave and Adam, who was completely miserable while being in the role of Adina, and was desperate to go back to his old life, eventually climaxing when Dave ditched him in his attempt to get back the tape, in order to hang out with Leah, leading to the two having a brutal fight, which eventually was broken up.

Adam suggests a new idea for getting the tape back, by convincing all of the DOGs into making their own football team to fight against the Tri Pis in order to earn a place onto the KOK tail cruise. During the game Dave gets put out commision quickly after being beaten up by several of the opposing team. Ultimately though the DOGs end up winning, much to Dave's satisfaction.

Surely enough they manage to make it onto the cruise, after ambushing several of the Tri Pis who the KOKs brought on instead out of spite, and throwing them onto a life raft. Dave danced with Leah, with the latter confessing her love for Daisy and explaining she'd be happy with going into a lesbian relationship so long as Daisy was comfortable with it. Dave panicked however and quickly came up with an excuse, saying that she was moving back to Minesotta and couldn't commit. Although upset she did accept this, meanwhile Dave slipped back into his regular clothes to meet with John and his father, ultimately getting the job he was searching for. Meanwhile Adam while trying to escape from his brother constantly hitting on him (not recognising him as Adina), stumbles into the quarters were Dave was putting his dress back on and the two celebrate by embracing after Dave explains what had happened, unfortunately Leah too walked in on them and mistook them for being in a relationship and thinking that Daisy was lying to her, storms off hurt. Meanwhile the two try to catch up with her to explain the truth however she ends up getting into an altercation after slapping John in a fit of rage after he touched her innapropriately.

Consequently all of the KOK group encouraged by Dave's father, and John prepare to throw her off of the cruise, killing her, however Dave intervenes, demanding his father stop and reveals himself by taking off his wig, completely stunning all of the patrons, including his father. Adam does the same, having grown tired of constantly running away from his brother making advances on him, all the while the latter looked on horrified. Spence then entered the picture again, pulling Doofer alongside him and deciding to put the three on trial.

In preparation for trying to throw them overboard to their deaths however, the trio reveal what their motives were, and accuse Spence of trying to frame them, using the videotape as proof, although it was only a bluff as they didn't realise they had the tape, they put it in anyway only to be met with a video of two patrons having sex in the bedroom, however the tape eventually showed Spence stealing the money, while louding announcing his intentions to the camera. In response the KOK group throw him overboard to his presumed death and Dave, Adam, and Doofer's names are cleared.

Dave accepts the job in the end up, meanwhile Adam is appointed the new president of the KOK house and Doofer regains his old position and new love interest in the form of one of the DOGs he got along with as Roberta named Frederique. Dave approaches Leah again who is still upset with him, however he announces to her that he's happy with what happened throughout the week, and that he learned a lot from being Daisy, and hopes they can be friends someday.

Ultimately his words eventually lead to the two reconciling, starting with Leah telling him that she misses Daisy, with him responding that he knows she feels the exact same way, the two then begin a proper relationship, with a hint that Dave's alternate persona might be used again in the future by him.


Dave was a bright and well adjusted young man. However, he was also quite arrogant, misogynistic, sleazy, manipulative and even sadistic, overtime though he did grow into a much nicer person. He always seemed to be perfectly mild mannered and reasonable, although when pushed would get more emotional and vocal.

As Daisy he grew slightly more paranoid, mainly out of fear that he'd be discovered as a man. Generally though he acted more polite, sweet, and meek in this form. Overtime he also grew conflicted about his newly found feelings for Leah, wondering if he should tell her who he actually was. Like Doofer he was also quite confident and comfortable when dressed as Daisy, contrasting with Adam who hated being Adina. He also found it quite easy to slip into his feminine and masculine persona quickly.

Overall he enjoyed his time as Daisy, acknowledging that it made him become a better person and brought him to actually get to know Leah and the rest of DOGs.


That's easy for you to say, you're actually pretty!
~ Adam/Adina describing Dave's appearance as Daisy.

Dave was a fairly pretty, scruffy and skinny young man with fair skin, brown eyes and shaggy brown hair who was always very well dressed in clothes such as dress shirts, suits, blazers, etc. He was also quite tall.

As Daisy he looked the closest to his true self out of all of his friends, with him wearing mostly light and subtle makeup, and slightly grooming his eyebrows. He wore a long brown wig with bangs and wispy sideburns while in this form, and usually wore retro style, long, casual dresses. He also had to slick his natural hair back to fit the wig on inconspicuously.


  • While one of the most common complaints about the film is how "obvious" it is that the titular are men in cheap wigs and dresses, Dave's character is considered by most to be the most realistic in terms of passing as a woman, which was likely intentional as in universe many of the male characters find him attractive, with even Adam admitting he was pretty.
  • Daisy's aesthetic appears to be inspired by outfits from the 70s-early 80s.


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