Wes and Rui facing Dakim (right)

Dakim is a villain from the videogame Pokémon Colosseum. He is one of the four Cipher Admins. He is a hulking, muscle-bound man with blazing red hair. Dakim wears a necklace full of Poké balls

Dakim is not stupid, but he's not a very intelligent man. He usually tries to keep his cool, yet he can become very dangerous when angered. Dakim is the only Cipher Admin not directly involved in the creation and distribution of Shadow Pokémon. Instead, he and his underlings appear to be used as general enforcers and muscle. He has incredible physical strength, and he'll physically attack any victim who won't give in to his demands. He also has surprisingly good jumping abilities, as he flees with a powerful leap.

Pokémon Colosseum

Ein dispatched Dakim to Mt. Battle, to steal the Time Flute so that Celebi could not be summoned. Dakim and nine of his underlings took over the first area of Mt. Battle, and Dakim tried to intimidate the Area Leader, Vander, into surrendering the mystical instrument. Dakim strikes Vander after he fails to convince him to just surrender the Time Flute.

Wes and Rui showed up and managed to defeat Dakim and all of his minions. Even the might of Dakim's legendary Pokémon Entei could not overcome Wes, which got snagged in the process. Dakim later reappeared at Realgam Tower, guarding one of the four keys that would allow Wes and Rui access to the tower's main floors. Dakim was defeated here as well and yielded the Green ID Card to Wes. After the battle Dakim remarks that throughout his entire life he has only lost to two people - Wes and Master Nascour.

Dakim is encountered one last time in the Deep Colosseum.

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