Alright, Mitch, time to show you who the real Muscle Man is!
~ Dale Deseeko

Dale "The Deltoid" Deseeko is a body builder and the main antagonist of the Regular Show episode "Power Tower".

He was voiced by David Sobolov.


He is super ripped and always tenses his muscles to show off. Very much more than Muscle man and probably a lot stronger. When he's working out, he wears a red cap, a vest and trousers.


Dale is short-tempered and aggressive, but he is very proud and thinks he is the best at everything. In the end, he got taught a lesson when Muscle Man did the Shredder and beat him in The Power Tower contest.


Muscle Man and his pals were at the Power Tower gym playing ping-pong. Dale saw them and told them to get out. He said that the Power Tower gym was only for strong and ripped people like him. He then challenges Muscle Man to the Power Tower Biceptennial and they both make a deal. If Muscle Man wins, he and his friends can play ping-pong any time they want, but if he loses then he and his friends will be banned from the Power Tower forever. During the Biceptennial Muscle Man and Dale start flexing out and doing their best until they are the two finalist during the tournament. Dale was close to beating Muscle Man until Muscle Man decided to use the Shredder technique which if done correctly literally shreds the competition. but if done incorrectly shreds every muscle in the users body, killing them. Muscle Man manages to perform it correctly allowing him to beat Dale and win the Power Tower Biceptennial. Dale then apologies for his actions and rewards Muscle Man and his friends with a box of ping-pong balls.



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Dale Deseeko


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