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Dallas is a supporting antagonist in the 1998 comedy-crime movie Thursday.

She was portrayed by the supermodel Paulina Porizkova.


The movie starts with Dallas, along with Nick and Billy Hill, in a store for Nick to buy a cup of coffee a Monday night. Nick fights with the cashier which results to Dallas lose patience and shoots the cashier dead. 

Thursday, Dallas arrives to Casey (the main protagonist), to take the drugs and the 2 million dollars that Nick had left at Casey's house. She enters right in the middle of a meeting between Casey and Doctor Jarvis: a man who has come to determine if Casey is stable enough to adopt a child. Dallas act and talks vulgarly around Jarvis, and then tells him a story about Casey's criminal past, prompting the doctor to leave in disgust.

With that done, Dallas ties Casey to a chair and starts to interrogate him. When Casey tells that he got rid of the drugs, Dallas tells him that it is the money she is after, at the moment, Casey didn't even know about them. To eat up some time, she decides to rape Casey before killing him. However, the impatient Billy Hill enters and shoots Dallas in the head before that happens.


Dallas was a perverted psychopath who disregarded Casey in his own house, used her sexuality to gain Dr. Jarvis attention and trust and overall acted psychotic shows that she didn't care about social norms.

When she shoots the cashier dead and shows no remorse for it, and ties up, threatens and even rapes Casey, it also implies that she had no conscience: for neither how to act in situations or caring for other peoples lives.


  • Dallas is the only female villain in the film.
  • She is also probably the most well-known character from the film.
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