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Dambala with his snake

Dambala is a supporting antagonist of the 1973 James Bond film Live And Let Die. He is a member of Dr. Kananga's voodoo cult, and the chief worshipper of Baron Samedi.

He was portrayed by the late Bermudian actor Michael Ebbin.


Dambala is the chief of a tribe living on the fictional island of San Monique, which is governed by Kananga, who is secretly behind the appearances of Dambala' s god, Baron Samedi, who he needs to use to get Dambala to eliminate his enemies via sacrifices to Baron Samedi. We see one such sacrifice at the end of the pre-titles sequence: MI6 agent Baines is tied to an altar, being menaced with a venomous snake by Dambala as the rest of the tribe dance as part of their strange ritual. Eventually, Dambala throws blood over Baines, and then holds the snake in his face, causing it to bite him to death.

Later in the film, Bond's love interest Solitaire faces the same fate, as she is tied to the altar facing the insane Dambala and his snake. However, she is temporarily saved when a statue of Baron Samedi appears, and is mistaken for the real Baron Samedi by Dambala, who is distracted. He then turns back to Solitaire to sacrifice her, but is shot dead by Bond.



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Dambala - Profile

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