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This is my last semester of teaching before I... before my daughter takes over Gardania. No, no. Hold back your tears. Miss Privet will take over my classes next year. In her own little way. Of course no one knows the royal life as I do. I've lived at the palace ever since my dear sister-in-law Queen Isabella and her family died.
~ Dame Devin.
You useless child! Do you have any idea what you've done? I eliminated Queen Isabella so you could be princess one day!
~ Dame Devin revealed her true nature to her daughter, Delancy, when she learned to kill the royal family.
No! You can't do this to me! Get your hands off me! You have to crown Delancy! You have to! You'll pay for this!
~ Dame Devin's last words after being arresting.

Dame Devin is the main antagonist in the 2011 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie: Princess Charm School. She is an teacher of the Princess Charm School who is the mother of Delancy Devin, a sister-in-law of Queen Isabella, and the aunt of Blair Willows.

She is voiced by Nicole Oliver, who also voiced Henna in Barbie: Mariposa series.


When was a young adult, Dame Devin having times to attended the Princess Charm School, she was a commoner who wishing to be a lady royal, hoping makes victory in the lottery raffle. During a last year of the academy, Dame Devin should up to be very malice, as well while she managing to killed her sister-in-law, Queen Isabella, for not chosen her to becomes a lady royal. Upon successfully to overthrowing the royalty family, Dame Devin decided to living on the palace together with her daughter, Delancy Devin.

Many years later, when her niece, Blair intended to arrived on the Princess Charm School and takes classing, which Dame Devin and the headmistress, Alexandra Privet, are started to recruited all the princesses of the kingdoms and performed their whole latent, makes them to becomes an typical of the royal students. After the ways, Blair later meets her classmates, Hadley and Isla. The three girls and the students arrived in Starlight Welcome throughout seizes the training crowns, Dame Devin appears hears to Miss Privet's speech.

But it on, Miss Privet need to explaining all the students, she thinks that they are received the royal crowns by had finishing the semester in the await. Dame Devin leaving from teaching as her daughter wants to becomes a princess of Gardania. At the training, Dame Devin teaching all the students, have them learning to puts the books on their heads with walked around. However, Blair trying to putting up the books into her head and accidentally knocking several students down. When she disciplines Blair, looks her face and was too shocked.

Dame Devin is extremely dislikes Blair by the way when she ruined her all of the times. At the lunch, Blair and her friends are eating the foods. Delancy will makes her assistant, Wickellia, tucking a tablecloth into Blair's dress, and Dame Devin, who noticed to it is annoying. Bad out, Blair dragged off the table which causing her to be mocking by the students. She later meets Prince Nicholas and all the students from Prince Charming Academy, having Blair and her students dancing with them likes a cheery party.

She then begins using her daughter's status to sabotaging Blair, with fact she becomes the queen in order to ruling Gardania. Dame Devin later forcing Wickellia to tearing off the girls' uniforms, which lead Blair and her friends are dismay but did not classing, upon their fairies assistants speedy up to making a new costumes for them. So, the girls wearing a new outfits and classing, Dame Devin asked Blair so much Delancy will worried about their protest. To be easy, she realizing that Blair is the lost princess who would surviving in the car accident.

Before the coronation ceremony, Dame Devin puts her jewelry on Blair's dorm room, causing Blair and her friends to be accused for being stealing on. She, Miss Privet, and her guard, Brock are stopping the girls, making them be caught avoid doing things. As Blair and her friends arrived in the coronation ceremony, Dame Devin and her guard trapped all three in the palace basement, which then preventing them from joined the ceremony, but Delancy and all the students will be crowned. Before their flees, Blair and her friends got this problems.

The girls hacking the keypad and unlocking the door escaping, which they eventually coming into the ceremony. Dame Devin decided to wearing her new gown, now prepared lets her daughter and the students to becomes a lady royals. The royal judge crowning Delancy which was stopped by Blair and her friends, Dame Devin managing to dealing with them and Delancy gets the crown. Delancy is actually crowned Blair and confirmed that she is the heir of Gardania. Plus, Blair later revealed her true identity was Princess Sophia.

Everybody shocking to seeing it, Dame Devin knows that is furious, she shout her daughter for ruined their future. Dame Devin eventually to have revealing that she is the one who responsible for killing Blair's birth parents therefore Delancy ably to rules one day. She said that was nothing but her deeds had been annoying by the royal judge. Due to thought that Dame Devin against Isabella and the king, which Delancy and Blair keep on eyes to it. However, Dame Devin is captured by the royals guards with her banished, Delancy later becomes a new lady royal though Blair.


  • She is one of Barbie villains who never have an animals sidekicks, the other being is Seymour Crider from Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar.
  • She is surely similar with Queen Ariana and Caligo, as they were tried to eliminating the rulers of the kingdoms and gains the throne through their children. However, their plans then foiled by the film's main protagonists. Unlike Ariana and Caligo, she does not gets trying to abusing of the animals.
  • She doesn't appear in the film bloopers.


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