That nitroglycerin was medicine for Robert's congenital heart defect.
~ Dame Judith Underdunk lying about her son on trial.

Dame Judith Underdunk is a minor antagonist for the The Simpsons episode Funeral for a Fiend. She is a wife of Robert Terwilliger Sr. and a mother of Sideshow Bob and Cecil Terwilliger. She has a daughter-in-law named Francesca Terwilliger and a grandson named Gino Terwilliger.

She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


When Sideshow Bob was put on trial for trying to kill the Simpson family, his parents helped him to avoid the prison. At first, Mr. Terwilliger claimed it had actually been Bart who had taunted Bob, causing everyone in the courtroom to believe it is all Bart's fault. When broken Bob pulled out a bottle of nitroglycerin, Bart grabbed it and threw it out of the window (believing it to be a biological weapon). However, Judith Underdunk later revealed it is actually Bob's medicine he needed to cure his mental problems. And as Bart took it away from him, Bob fainted off and "died".

This helped Bob to conduct a complex plan to kill Bart by locking him in Bob's coffin and cremating him. However, this process was stopped by Lisa on time and Bob with his entire family ended up in prison.


  • Gino and she are the only members of the Terwilliger family who aren't voiced by guest stars.
  • As mentioned by Lisa, she is the best classical actress of her generation and her successful career obviously led Bob to love theater and Shakespeare.
  • Sideshow Bob gets his hair from his mother and Cecil's nose is similar to hers.
  • The Dame prefix on her name means that she has been knighted.


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