Damemon and Tuwarmon are two characters of the Twilight group, and they share the same body, and only one of them can exist at a time. He is a Digimon who has a bad habit of criticizing others regardless of the person or situation. While a member of Twilight, Damemon is partnered to Tyutyumon.



As Damemon

Damemon is an Unknown Level Digimon that resembles a mechanical version of Sukamon armed with tonfa. He acts a bit childish and clownish.

As Tuwarmon

Unlike his alter-ego, Damemon, Tuwarmon is a taller version of Damemon. He has the same arms and hands as Damemon. The metal parts are separated to four robot-like wings on his back, and his feet are different, and he has an symbol shaped like the letter "X" on his chest.

Digimon Fusion

Prior to the series, Damemon appeared before Ewan Amano and guided him to AxeKnightmon who gave the child his Fusion Loader and tricked him into aiding their scheme. Soon after, Damemon serves as AxeKnightmon's spy within the Bagra Army by playing the role of Laylamon's pet to occasionally sit in on meetings with Lord Bagra and the Head Officers, criticizing them constantly.

After the Bagra Army succeeded in conquering the Digital World, Tuwarmon (Damemon's alter-ego) is reassigned as Ewan's personal bodyguard while begining to show concern for the boy to the point of telling the boy the truth behind AxeKnightmon's lie. Damemon then became Tuwarmon by fighting Shoutmon X7 in his Beast Mode form, After being mortally injured and defeated by Shoutmon X7, Tuwarmon changes back to his alter-ego, Damemon, with Tyutyumon abandoning him for having second thoughts about AxeKnightmon and telling Ewan the truth of being manipulated, Damemon dies in Yuu's arms. Though able to revived after the defeat of Megadarkness Bagramon, Damemon make the choice to return to life a year later once Yuu has become strong on his own. Since then, Damemon/Tuwarmon became Ewan's partner in the Digimon Hunts occurring in the city.


As Damemon

  • Bunbun Ken
  • Gun Vulcan
  • Boo~st Attack

As Tuwarmon

  • Mantis Dance
  • Smokin' Boogie

As Tuwarmon Beast Mode

  • Tuwarmon Missle Storm
  • Ultimate Flamethrower
  • Mad Mantis Dance



  • Damemon's Japanese voice actor Masami Kikuchi also voiced Akihiro Kurata.
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