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Hey emo! How about slitting your wrists so you save me the bullet? C'mon, I know you want to! Alright, good talk.
~ Damian

'Damian is the villainous main protagonist in 53xy83457's Cyber Hell series and a major antagonist in Quickdraw. He has made various appearances in almost all 53xy83457's flash games and also has fight with his mascots.

He was voiced by an unknown voice actor.


Damian would have appeared as a human, with red eyes and an evil grin, with a large square head with black spiky hair.

In Quickdraw 2, he has minor changes and becomes more expressive and gets the power to fly in an demonic form.

In Cyberhell 3, Damian is redesigning, gaining a goatee, a red coat with a matching undershirt under it showcasing a upside-down cross, and large shoes.

In Cyber Hell 4, he would replace the upside-down cross with a red tie.

In Cyber Hell 6, his skin has been more pale, with his coat being nearly ripped at the bottom. His eyes also got darker and would match his coat.



Damian would be minor character here, as only shows as the sixth opponent in the first game. The player can kill him with a gun or a flamethrower.

Quickdraw 2

Damain talking with an unnamed cowboy.

Damain would be seen talking to the cowboy, after being defeated and killed by The Hero and The Cowboy, he has been returned to Hell and is grounded by his father, Satan, due to him killing his minions. The game has been unfinished and abandoned for unknown reasons. So its unknown if his Father is dead or not.

Quickdraw: Cyber Hell

In Quickdraw: Cyber Hell, he would appear as the villainous protagonist, killing various famous robots from various media.

Cyber Hell 2: i4AI

Damin is a minor Character here, only being seen spawning a Pokémon to stop Robojeues and at the ending trying to run over Robojeues, but then the truck exploded.

Cyber Hell 3

In Cyber Hell 3, Damian would be sent to Cyber Hell due to his crimes, he would continue his crimes by killing robots in said Hell not knowing his lesson. In the end, he would fight his classic version of him, Robojeues, and Optimus Prime. The fight would end with Optimus Prime getting decapitated and Robojeues being stabbed.

Other Media/Crossovers

53xy83457: Killmas Kard

Damian as seen in 53xy83457: Killmas Kard

Damian is a playable Character in 53xy83457: Killmas Kard. His type of kill would be shooting the elf with a small bomb in it, exploding the elf into pieces.

Family Duels

Damian would appear in the Family Duels demo as a playable character who would fight Robojeues and The Beast. If you Fight the Beast, you should provoke him until he comes to you. You should block his attacks until he goes inside his hole, you have the chance to shoot him killing The Beast in Duel 1.

In Duel 2/Final Duel, you should be able to the same thing, but it would be faster/harder, when you would kill The Beast, a fatality would happen, killing The Beast by shooting him in the eye.


  1. Various famous robots
  2. Robojesus
  3. The Beast (non-canon)


EVERYBODY F***ING FAILED YOU! Me, the count, the seven, even that ridiculous false savior you had the brainiac create. Every single one of your pathetic minions fell to that f*gy cowboy.
~ Damian talking to his father.
But before I'll stick a boot up your pixelated arse... I think you'd care to explain why my dimension was blown up... ny something from YOUR dimension?!
~ Damian
Goodbye, world.
~ Damian
Oh, bollocks! All the ruckus has woken up this fat, disgusting bastard.
~ Damian





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