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Damian is a wizard and swordsman in the Ptolemaic Army Sect loyal to Mira and a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Sword of Allegiance

Once a proud swordsman, after suffering a crippling injury during battle Damian was left unable to continue sword-fighting. He was found on the battlefield by Mira, who identified him as the famous swordsman nicknamed the "King of Blades" and offers to restore his swordsmanship. Damian accepts the offer and joins the Ptolemaic. After having his sword skills repaired through experimentation, Damian became one of Mira's top henchmen and developed a strong loyalty to her.

Eager to show off the new powers he gained through the experimentation done on him, Damian heads towards a Rebel facility to destroy the Crablops Type-Lower. He creates two clones of himself and fights his way through the Rebel defenses. Damian and his two clones enter the facility to face the Crablops Type-Lower. Emma sends the Crablops Type-Lower to deal Damian, but Damian easily destroys it . Allen prepares to fight him, but Emma convinces him to retreat and make a new strategy.

As he leaves the base, Damian pledges his allegiance to Mira for the newfound power and life she has given him.

Try Line 5th

While watching the night sky with Achetto, Damian remarks how beautiful it is. Achetto then reminds Damian to focus on their mission, to obtain the Cyclobster for Mira. With the assistance of several masked soldiers and Anastasia's sect, Damian and Achetto go into battle.

The Divine Move

Damian and Achetto observed a Ptolemaic cultist being imbued with powers. However, Achetto then detects a faint disturbance and the two are ambushed by the Professor, who battles them to practice fighting in his new body. After they are overpowered by the Professor's new body, Damian tells Achetto to go and inform Mira. Thinking that Damian will try to fight him alone, Achetto tells him not to die before they return or she'll laugh at him. However, after Achetto leaves, Damian drops his sword and shrugs, before telling the Professor to leave as he would rather not die in an "accident" and that he should make himself scarce before Achetto returns. The Professor admits that he was getting used to his new body just as he is pulled away by Rootmars.

United Front the 21st

Damian took part in a Ptolemaic assault on a Rebel Army base. However, as the Ptolemaics advance on the base, Damian notices that soldiers of various affiliations are flocking towards their position. The master believer informs Damian that Beatriz, causing Damian to decide to enter the battle himself. He soon encounters Beatriz herself after slaying her bodyguards and battles her. Damian asks Beatriz to surrender, but she refuses and calls him a narcissist, refusing to give up for her sister. Beatriz fires a stronger laser and obliterates the Ptolemaic forces, amused by Damian's surprise as she does so.

Damian later discusses the battle with Mira and apologizes for his loss. However, Mira excuses him, as the battles was insignificant and assigns him his next task.

United Front the 23rd

Damian and Achetto assisted Mira as she began to wipe out those she deems unfit with her magic.

While Mira finished off her victims, Damian did battle against the twins Elena and Licht.

Another Story

Diapthora Genesis

Damian, Achetto and Sally assisted Mira in preparing a ritual to revive Ptolemaios. Mira and her subordinates traveled to the Ptolemaic base where the ritual site is located, but the guards refuse to let them pass. Damian attempts to negotiate, but Sally swiftly kills both of them, much to his disappointment. More guards then appear, but the four defeat them all and reach the ritual site. They attempt the ritual, but it fails because they lack Anima. Mira decides to take Damian with her to get Anima and orders Achetto and Sally to guard the site. Annoyed that Mira did not pick her, Sally asks Damian to swap places but Damian tells her that he would if she can best him in combat. However, Mira stops both of them and tells them there is no time, but promises Sally she'll take her to better hunting grounds in the future.

On the way to get Anima, Mira and Damian encounter Yoshino and Sho. Aware of the extent of the rebellion the Army is plotting, they attempt to fight the pair but are defeated, allowing Mira and Damian to make their way to the workshop. Mira and Damian show up just as Caroline is testing out a new Augensterm with her friends and battle them. They defeat Caroline, but she has her Augensterm self-destruct in a last attempt to kill Mira, resulting in the whole base being blown up.

Mira survives, battered by the explosion, and returns to the ritual site with Damian. Achetto expresses anger at Damian for letting Mira get beat up, but Mira tells her to just make preparations. They then perform the ritual and Mira is able to revive Ptolemaios with her own life force.


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