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Damian Beelzly is a major character in the webcomic Zoophobia and the secondary antagonist in the animated short, Bad Luck Jack.


Damian is a 16 year old Anti-Christ, though he isn't as evil as his parents would like him to be, and is very laid back, always jumping at the chance to explore the overworld (Safe Haven), in his frequent efforts to indulge in a temporary escape from the depths of Hell. This is largely due to the restrictions placed on him by his father, the Devil, which kept him confined to his parents' castle in the underworld throughout the majority of his childhood. He has a crush on Kayla, despite the fact that she is in a relationship with Zill, and she runs away during every one of his attempted flirtatious encounters with her. Damian's closest friends are Addison and Sahara. Though Damian's parents cared for him deeply and nurtured him throughout his childhood, Damian was placed under the watchful eyes of both Tentadora and Major Styx from a very young age to ensure that he was kept out of trouble. He is often seen accompanying his cousin Jack during his time spent on the Zoo-Phoenix Academy's school grounds. He flirts with Addison, and is shown to be very clingy and protective of him, even going as far as becoming very openly jealous when Addison is asked out by Gustav only a short while after the two had met.


The Main Five

Despite having a crush on Kayla and Addison and being Jack's cousin, Damian is not close to the Main Five and often ruins the end of their musical performances by setting their piano on fire, Damian is also jealous of their talent and even if they accomplish something with great skill, Damian will still claim their performance was terrible such as when he gave Zill and Jack a score of -0 after they won a dodge ball game.


  • Damian is Greek for "demon".
  • His last name, "Beelzly", is derived from the demon Beelzebub.
  • Damian appeared in one of Vivziepop's videos called The Son of 666.
  • Damian was voiced by Johnny Aponte in "The Son of 666" while Alexander Yap voiced him in the Zoophobia web series.
  • Damian is the son of Satan, who is a different entity from Lucifer of Hazbin Hotel, in fact it has been confirmed that Zoophobia exists in a different universe from the other series, in part due to the conflicting images of Zoophobia's Hell and the Hell of Hazbin.


Damian first appeared in "Son of 666", a short animation predating Hazbin or Helluva, he is far less antagonistic but it established his relationship with his father, Satan:


The Son of 666 -SVA (Third Year Film)

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