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Only six years, what a tragedy. What a waste. All this, such a waste. You know, the real tragedy here is that someone like you is surrounded by such fragile things. This makes you fragile too.

Damien Brenks is the main antagonist of the 2014 video game Watch Dogs. He is Aiden Pearce's former criminal partner and hacker, as well as his mentor.

He is voiced by Daniel Kash.

In the prologue, Aiden is at the Merlaut hotel to enter people's personal data and thus allow Damien to drain their bank accounts. Suddenly, the two spot another hacker on the system. Although Aiden insists on cutting the link, Damien refuses and decides to find out more; despite this, his protégé refuses to follow him and disconnects, running away. However, the second hacker manages to get their identities uncovered by putting a bounty on their head. Damien is crippled as a failed assassination attempt on Aiden leads to the death of his niece Lena. Eleven months later, Damien starts making underhanded attempts to contact Aiden, such as paying a stranger to call his sister Nicole and scare her, thus leading Aiden himself to track down the caller and find out who paid him, discovering that it is Damien. After coming face to face with him, Damien is drunk and begins to tell how he suffered as much as he did. He later reveals that he has tracked down the second hacker's IP address and tries to get Aiden to go back to work with him. However, Aiden refuses, stating that she doesn't need him.

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