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Damien: Oh, you're adorable. Blaming your family problems on me. "Damien crossed the line and made the bad men angry." What about me?
Aiden: *pushes him* What about you?
Damien: You're not the only one suffering! They made me a cripple! They took everything from me. Don't you see? That's what binds us together.
~ Damien to Aiden.
Damian: Hey. F*** you. Look at you. You plowed over people to get to a mob boss. You think your absolved because your cause is what - what? - noble?
Aiden: You played me. That's what this is about.
Damian: I played you? Clara is as much your fault. So is your niece. That's why you sent your family away. Right? They know what you are. You play a beautiful game but sometimes you still lose.
~ Damien to Aiden as the vigilante confronts him.

Damien Brenks is the main antagonist of the 2014 video game Watch Dogs.

He is Aiden Pearce's former criminal partner who wants to acquire control of the Bellwether Code to destroy Chicago.

He is voiced by Daniel Kash.

Official Description

"Damien's mind is restless. He’s easily distracted by new ideas, but when he does find focus, he’s precise. Self-absorbed bordering on narcissistic, it was a horrendous blow to his psyche when he was left beaten near-death. Damien plays the world around him like a chess board: seeing many intricate moves ahead and manipulating his opponents from the opening moves. He’ll have his revenge, his own way."


In the past, Damien worked as Aiden's partner in crime and mentor, with the two teaching each other valuable tricks of the trade. Aiden would work as the man in the field, while Damien would work from behind his monitor, making them both good a team of thieves.

At the beginning of the game, Aiden and Damien proceeded with a hacking robbery of the Merlaut Hotel. While Aiden was inside he hacked into the system and Damien began siphoning money from people's bank accounts. During the robbery however, an alarm goes off within the system and it is revealed that someone else is hacking into the system. Intrigued, Damien decides to explore into this further, despite Aiden's insistence that they should stick to the plan. Damien ignores him and tries to find what triggered the alarm but comes across a blurred video image of a woman, and is confused as to what it is. With the hotel scanning the system and the security staff becoming alert soon after, Aiden is forced to terminate the link and make a run for it.

Despite getting away, the Chicago South Club would eventually discern Damien and Aiden's identities with the help of Clara Lille and the second hacker involved (eventually revealed to be Iraq). A hit was then ordered on the two, Damien was located and violently beaten to near death, the incident leaving horrendous damage to his body and mental state. In the same week as Damien's attack, Aiden loses his niece in an attempt on his life, causing the latter to cut all ties with him.

It is eventually revealed that Damien's leg is beyond recovery and that he will have to wear a brace for life before being bound to a wheelchair. Now alone and crippled, he chooses to dig deeper and find out why he was attacked in a quest for revenge.

Damien eventually decides that he needs Aiden's help and makes attempts to contact him and gain his attention. He successfully does this by paying someone to pull a crank call on his sister Nicole, causing Aiden to chase down the man to find who was responsible. Aiden eventually finds and hacks into the man's apartment, despite Damien being absent, he contacts Aiden and greets him again after spending years apart. Aiden is forced to flee after Fixers gain knowledge on his location.

Aiden and Damien eventually meet again face to face, with Damien being drunk and Aiden still angry that he targeted his sister. Damien goes on to angrily state that he had suffered just as much as Aiden had with how he was made a cripple and lost everything. Damien soon reveals that he had located the IP address of the second hacker and attempted to convince Aiden that they should work together, but Aiden refuses saying he doesn't need his help.

Damien eventually convinces Aiden to meet him again but doesn't show up, instead Damien shows that he is inside Nicole's house and tells Aiden to come around. Aiden quickly gets over there, only for it to be revealed that Damien has had Nicky kidnapped to force Aiden to work with him. Despite Aiden's fury, he reluctantly is forced to agree, with Damien also revealing that his nephew Jackson is absent.

Damien says that Aiden will get to talk to Nicole in exchange for information, and while he accepts that this will likely end badly for him, he tells Aiden not to get clever and that he has no problem killing his sister. Aiden proceeds to find that Jackson is being pursued and gets him to safety in the care of his therapist Yolanda.

Aiden eventually finds the source of the IP address and subsequently finds a corrupted video of a woman. But is forced to find the original as it is unfixable. He uses a viceroy member Bedbug, Iraq's cousin to get inside and manages to get some of the data, revealing it to be blackmail. Bedbug also reveals the woman's name to be Rose Washington, who Damien recognises from Blume.

Aiden then resorts to finding an ex-Blume employee Raymond Kenny for help on decrypting the data. Damien however reveals himself to be against this, in knowing that Kenny being a whistle-blower will send the blackmail public and make it worthless. He warns Aiden to find another way, but the vigilante ignores him seeing this as their best chance. After Aiden locates Kenny A.K.A. T-Bone in Pawnee. Damien appears informing Charlotte Gardner with him tipping her off Kenny's location, while Aiden manages to erase T-Bone's biometrics from the system. Despite this, the Pawnee Militia are made aware go to dispatch Aiden and T-Bone, but they both survive and escape the attack.

Aiden successfully infiltrates Rossi-Fremont and gains all the blackmail from Iraq's server, with it also being revealed that the leader of the Viceroys was the other hacker in the Merlaut. Aiden ends up in a firefight with Iraq and his enforcer, but kills them both and escapes.

Despite having the blackmail, the Bunker is then hacked by Defalt who steals all the blackmail and reveals Clara's involvement in Lena's death, Aiden feels betrayed by this and pushes her away. Aiden is then forced to meet with Damien without the data, but Damien knows this to be the case right away. Aiden fires back by saying that Blume will send Fixers after Damien if he does not hold up his end of the bargain with them. Damien allows Aiden to talk to Nicole again before terminating their connection, saying that he feels as though his former partner isn't taking him seriously. Damien threatens that Nicky will be killed if Aiden shows up without the blackmail again, before hacking into billboards to show news of the vigilante, forcing Aiden to flee while Damien uses ctOS hacks to try and hinder his escape.

Aiden recovers the data from Defalt and manages to rescue Nicky from an audio footage translated by T-Bone which revealed her location. Aiden then goes to the Merlaut Hotel and proceeds to fight his way through the rooftops while cornering Dermot "Lucky" Quinn, who was revealed to be the one who ordered the hit on Aiden and Damien. He then shows Aiden a video of Mayor Donovan Rushmore murdering Rose Washington, the perfect blackmail over the Chicago mayor, which is what Lucky Quinn thought Aiden and Damien were after. Aiden proceeds to hack the mob boss' pacemaker, and kills him in revenge.

Damien then reveals however that Clara was willing to give herself up in exchange for Aiden's sister, unaware that Nicole had been rescued. Aiden warns that Damien leaves Clara out of it, Damien responds by saying that they aren't partners anymore and that all bets are off, the Chicago South Club are tipped off about Clara's location and Aiden fails to save her before she’s shot to death.

Aiden then proceeds to publish the blackmail to the public, much to Damien’s anger. The vigilante then sets his sights on hunting Damien down, but the latter uses his ctOS hacks to cause destruction around the city while also siccing the police on Aiden to slow him down. With T-Bone’s help, Aiden manages to hack into Blume’s weak points and uses T-Bone’s old virus to cause a blackout across the city. Aiden then locates Damien at the lighthouse.

Aiden confronts Damien, with the latter saying that Clara and Lena’s death is just as much on him. Jordi Chin appears however and betrays Aiden, revealing that there has been a change of contract and demands Aiden kick over his gun, Aiden complies. Jordi tells them both that they both take things too personally, before noticing Aiden reaching for his phone. Jordi demands that Aiden surrender his phone, but Aiden successfully hacks into the lighthouse lamp causing an explosion. Aiden overpowers Jordi and flings him off the edge before managing to shoot Damien, killing him once and for all.


After months of physiotherapy, the verdict is in. Doctor says my leg will never recover. I'll need a brace for life. Eventually a wheelchair. Those bastards crippled me. They wanted to scare me away. Make me flee to Bermuda and start over. What could be so fucking precious, so secret and dangerous, that they would cripple a man because he glanced at it? They haven't scared me. They've lit a fire under me.
~ Damien's third audio log.

Extremely intelligent and egotistical, Damien is a vengeful man who wishes payback on those who were all responsible for leaving him crippled and broken. Despite this, he does show to be agreeable as he wanted to team up with his old partner to find their attackers, hoping that they could relate on how they were both attacked. Upon Aiden’s refusal however, Damien goes a step further by kidnapping his sister to get him to play along.

Despite showing a somewhat charming and welcoming attitude, underneath he is extremely ruthless, calculating, sadistic and destructive in pursuing his vengeance. He was willing to tip off Clara Lille’s location as revenge for her selling them out, while also taunting Aiden over his mishaps and past. He later revealed that his plans were to destroy and cripple Chicago, to make everyone know what it’s like to be in him. Even in his final moments, he showed a lack of fear in knowing that he would die but still having succeeded his goal to some extent. Damien’s calculating mindset and the power of his vendetta paint him as a vengeful psychopath who is bent on his goals while overviewing his whole situation strategically.

Damien can also serve as a dark reflection of Aiden. As while the vigilante was willing to take lives and go to great lengths to seek his vengeance, he still had his own morality and wouldn’t have vented Lena’s death on the innocent people in the city. Damien does the exact opposite, and is willing to tear Chicago apart to exact his revenge.


  • In the final mission, Damien will still die even if he's shot in the leg or chest.
  • Damien can only be profiled once in the mission; The Future is in Blume. Here it is revealed that he is divorced and that he works as a forensic technologist.
  • He has a son called Marcus who is fifteen.
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