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Damnd, also known as Thrasher, is the first boss and a minor antagonist from Final Fight. He is one of the top lieutenants in the Mad Gear Gang.


Damnd was one of Belger's top lieutenants, and was put in charge of the Information Network. He was once a well-known Caribbean Drugs Dealer, until he was imprisoned. He escaped and fled to America, where he found it's way to Metro City, being proposed a deal with the Mad Gear Gang, which he accepted. He was nicknamed "Thrasher" for his ability to easily thrash opponents on street fights.

When Mayor Mike Haggar refused to accept kickbacks and let Mad Gear to do as they pleased, Damnd decided to get his revenge, by kidnapping Jessica, Haggar's daughter. Shortly after kidnapping her, Damnd phoned Haggar, telling him to turn on the TV. When Haggar turned on the TV, he saw that Damnd, laughing maniacally as he showed that he's kidnapped Jessica. He told Haggar to be reasonable, but Haggar refused their ultimatum and went on a search for Jessica. Shortly after, Haggar found Damnd with Jessica in the Slum Area.

Damnd retreated while his servants held Haggar at bay. Eventually Haggar managed to catch up to him. But by the time he caught up, Damnd had already passed Jessica on to accomplices, and she was nowhere to be found. Despite Damnd getting the jump on Haggar, the mayor managed to beat him senseless to get information on Jessica's whereabouts. He was imprisoned after that.


  • Damnd's name is a play or pun on the word "damned", meaning cursed or condemned for the sins/crimes a person committed in life.
    • In Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, the New Metro City Stage features a giant statue of Damnd, indicating that he is regarded as a hero by the Mad Gears for being the orchestrator of the plan to extort the mayor.


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