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Fresh fish on the line, ni--a. Ain't nothin' like that $**t.
~ Damon

Damon Pearly is a minor antagonist in Friday After Next. He is Ms. Pearly's son.

He was portrayed by Terry Crews, who also played The Devil and Health Inspector.



Damon went to jail and he was incarcerated for 12 years until he was released the day before Christmas Eve.

In Friday After Next

Craig and Day-Day are afraid of Damon since they also knew when they used to be in prison before they got out early while Damon remains in jail, much to his chagrin. Damon meets both Craig and Day Day, whilst threatening them in the process. He was later seen at his house listening to Tupac Shakur's song Illuminati.

Damon shows up at Craig's rent party and sets his sights on Money Mike before long. While Money Mike is in the restroom, Damon appears and tries to rape him, but he fails when Money Mike grabs his testicles with pliers. After Damon is freed from the pliers, he then proceeds to chase Money Mike when he tries to run away and the Epilogue states that they're both still running throughout the entire neigborhood.


Damon has been a gay pervert since he is been in jail. He's shown to be loyal to his mother, acting as her enforcer, threatening Craig and Day-Day to give her the rent money they owed.

At Craig's party, Damon was visibly trouble being around many people, until meeting Donna and Money Mike (the latter being the object of his sights). Damon is shown to be single-minded once he sets his sights on something, as he chases Money Mike throughout the neighborhood.


  • Damon could be as bad as Deebo, but he is not a monster.
    • Damon is more or less a frenemy to Craig and Day-Day.
  • Despite his sexual preference, he asked Craig about Donna (implying the possiblity of heterosexuality).

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