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~ Dan Backslide's famous and most memetic quote, loudly expressing his intentions to steal a runabout.

Dan Backslide is the main antagonist of the 1942 Merrie Melodies cartoon The Dover Boys. He is a parody of Dan Baxter from the Rover Boys book series.

He was voiced by the late Mel Blanc.


Dan makes his appearance in this cartoon by kidnapping Dora Standpipe while playing hide and seek with the Dover Boys, and then proceeding to take her to his mountain lodge. She proved to be quite the fighter, however, and she managed to beat him to a near pulp, all while yelling out for help. When the Dover Boys arrived to save Dora, they proceeded to beat up Backslide, and then themselves, after Backslide had cleverly collapsed to the floor. All of it ends with Dora leaving him, Tom, Dick and Larry for the strange old bath suit wearing man, then both of them jumping into the sunset.


Hark! The Dover Boys! Drat them! Double drat them! They are escorting Dora Standpipe!
~ Dan Backslide
Dear rich, Dora Standpipe! How I love her... (aside glance) Father's money!
~ Dan expressing his love for Dora's family fortune.
CONFOUND THOSE DOVER BOYS!!!! OH, HOW I HATE THEM! I hate Tom! I hate Dick! And I HATE LARRY!!! THEY DRIVE ME TO DRINK!!!!" (drinks numerous shots) Confound them! (hiccup)  CON...(pauses as a random swim suit guy walks by)...FOUND THEM!!!
~ Dan expressing his hatred of the Dover Boys.
The Dover Boys! Then Dora must be alone and unprotected!!
~ Backslide plotting to kidnap Dora Standpipe.
~ Backslide pleading for help from the Dover Boys.



  • Due to his hammy nature, Dan Backslide has become a popular source of Internet memes. For example, he inspired the "Confound those ponies, they drive me to drink" meme.
  • A short clip of this cartoon featuring Dan Backslide can be seen on one of the TV monitors in a bar in the pilot for Vivziepop's Hazbin Hotel.
  • He's one of the few Looney Tunes characters who never returned again after his one-shot appearance.
  • His design was based off of animator Ken Harris who at the time was working for director Chuck Jones.


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