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Daniel "Dan" Jones was a fictional character of the British soap opera Coronation Street.

He was a supporting antagonist in 2015 who previously abused established character Leanne Battersby back when he was a client of her just years ago.

He is played by Andrew Paul.


Dan Jones was first introduced as a man who worked for the brewery and had an eye for landlady Liz McDonald - who ran the Rovers Return Inn on Coronation Street. The pair began dating, however Leanne was uncomfortable when she crossed paths with Dan, and dialogue revealed how he was a client of hers many years prior and also abused her. Leanne wants Dan to split from Liz or she will reveal his murky past, but Dan threatens to tell her step-son Simon Barlow how she worked as a prostitute. This temporarily keeps her mouth shut.

After crossing many paths, their uneasiness around each other becomes noticeable and Liz questions Leanne what the problem is. She confesses Dan's murky past, and Liz later dumps him in the packed pub and in front of his boss and daughter. Dan's daughter Lucy is disgusted and refuses to speak to him, and he ends up being sacked from the brewery.

Vengeful for his humiliation, Dan plotted revenge against Leanne. One day while drunk, he followed her home from her workplace and forced her into the flat, where Simon was being looked after by Liz. He blocked off the door and in rage, revealed all to Simon about Leanne's past. In rage Leanne knocks him down and allows Liz to escape with Simon to safety.

Dan later gives himself up when the police arrive and is taken into custody. However he succeeded in tarnishing her relationship with Simon, who would go onto abusing Leanne.