Dan Randall was a human male in the Babylon 5 universe. He worked for the Interstellar News Network (ISN) after the former news organization was remade into a propaganda mouthpiece for President Morgan Clark.


After the end of the Shadow war Randall and an ISN crew traveled to Babylon 5. He and his crew refused to allow security to inspect their materials and were arrested. While in custody he told Sheridan that he and his crew tried to put as much truth as possible into stories without getting into trouble, and that if allowed to report on Babylon 5 ISN would be fair and not misrepresented.

Despite the efforts of Babylon 5's crew to keep answers short and to the point, Randall was able to twist just about everything that was said to him and use it for propaganda value. He was also able to take the words of former dissatisfied security chief Michael Garibaldi - who was behaving that way because of disguised Psi Corps programming - to great effect.

His report on Babylon 5 was a propaganda piece that presented Sheridan as suffering from "Minbari War Syndrome" and the crew under the thumb of the alien races. It further more presented the human inhabitants as living in squalor and being experimented upon by the senior staff and their alien masters. Randall "recommended" that a military strike be made soon to correct the issue.

Over the next several months Randall's broadcast was regularly rebroadcast to civilians and military personnel. As a result of this and other ISN propaganda Babylon 5 began a Voice of the Resistance broadcast to counter ISN.

It's unknown what happened to Randall following the death of Clark, if he retained his position with ISN or was terminated for being Clark's mouthpiece.

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