Dan Straight

Dan Straight is a villain of Fairy Tail. He is a member of the Legion Cops.


Dan is a brown-haired man in an armor.


Dan falls in love whenever he sees a young woman.


Dan appears with Samuel in the Heartfilia mansion searching for a book. Then the two start a fight with Team Natsu and Wendy. After Samuel reads the book they escape. Later along with Coco he confronts Natsu, Lucy, Michelle and Romeo and fights them. Some after the two teams split up and he still fights Natsu. Later Dan is defeated by Natsu with Romeo's help. After coming to senses he surrenders and later Byro arrives and some after Neo Oracion Seis arrives, beating all of them. Later he falls in love with Angel and fights for her until Gray saves her from her doom. After that incident he along with others searches for the other clock parts.


  • Habaraki: A lance that can shrink anything.
  • Ricochet: A shield that can defend magic.


  • He is one of the only Legion Cops' members to not have an Edolas Counterpart revealed.
  • Some assume he is a kind of counterpart to Erza Knightwalker.
  • He is similar to Patrick Colasour from Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
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