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"You're gonna regret it!".
~ Dan vowing revenge against his business partner-turned-archnemesis Phil Mitchell.

Dan Sullivan is a fictional character and major antagonist of the long-running British soap opera EastEnders, appearing as the secondary antagonist from 7 June 1999 to 16 August 2001.

In his first storyline, Dan represented a love triangle involving himself; his girlfriend Carol Jackson; and her daughter Bianca. It turns out that Dan and Bianca had a previous romance and they soon embarked on an affair until Bianca's husband Ricky Butcher and Carol herself discovered their secret. Dan's actions later resulted in the other three characters being written out of the show. He then embarked on a feud with his archnemesis Phil Mitchell after their partnership in The Queen Victoria public house fell apart. Phil later framed Dan for shooting him and their shared enemy, Steve Owen, conspired to gather evidence against him. After being acquitted for Phil's shooting, Dan exact revenge on both Phil and Steve by kidnapping the trio's common lover Mel Healy for a £200,000 ransom.

He is portrayed by actor Craig Fairbrass, who is also known for playing Nick Barton in The Bank Job and Pat Tate in the Rise of the Footsolider series, Delmar in Cliffhanger, Freddy "Dead Cert" Frankham in Dead Cert, Lincoln Burgess in Avengement, and Eddie Franks in Villain.


Dan Sullivan started out as a dodgy bloke who cheated on his girlfriend Carol Jackson by having an affair with her daughter Biancia. Once Carol discovers this, she ends her relationship with Dan and aborts his baby in retribution.

Dan then developed a more villainous streak when he forged a business partnership with Phil Mitchell and stole his shared ownership of The Queen Victoria public house for £5. Phil had taken the bait after wanting to spite his mother Peggy for favoring his brother Grant Mitchell more than him but soon regretted it when he realized what Dan was like. Dan had earlier caused trouble for Bianca's estranged husband Ricky Butcher and his father Frank Butcher, who were both related to Phil, by getting the former to leave the square heartbroken while the latter clashed with Dan over practically taking over the Vic that Frank continues to own.

Dan later reported Phil, Frank, and their friend Roy Evans to the police after discovering that they were working on a motor scam that Phil had been making. Phil soon found out that Dan sold him out and planned to get him out of Walford good. Phil later tricks Dan into playing poker so he could reclaim the Queen Vic. The plan works and Dan, left with nothing, vows revenge on Phil.

Dan soon discovered that Mel Healy, the best friend of Phil's girlfriend Lisa Shaw, is partly the reason why Phil stole his ownership of the pub. He begins to harass Mel with threatening phone calls. She discovers this when her fiancé Steve Owen returns, and he threatens to kill Dan unless he leaves Mel alone. Dan is forced out of Walford after Steve visits him with a gun, and he seemingly leaves Walford for good.

In 2001, Dan returns to Walford so he could get revenge on Phil. When Phil is shot on the night Steve and Mel get married, Dan becomes a prime suspect and many of the residents assume that he is the shooter, even though Lisa is the real culprit. Dan soon begins terrorizing Phil's cousin Billy and godson Jamie for money, going as far as to beat up Jamie on one occasion. When Phil is released, he contacts Dan's old crime boss Ritchie Stringer and the two conspire to frame Dan for the shooting. This works successfully as Dan gets arrested and later charged for shooting Phil, but is found not guilty in his trial for attempted murder.

To get revenge on Phil and Steve, who conspired with his nemesis against their common enemy, Dan kidnaps Mel after blackmailing Billy into getting leverage against them. Dan then orders Steve and Phil to each give him £100,000, which Phil is subsequently forced to deliver. Phil attempts to kill Dan, but fails after Mel distracts Phil to help Dan (after Mel is led to believe by Dan that Steve shot Phil).

Having got his revenge on Phil and Steve, Dan releases Mel and drives out of Walford with his £200,000 ransom, never to be seen again. He is last heard to be in Spain, but with many brushes with the law, as he did in Albert Square. His last reference is when Steve Owen is killed a year after Phil is shot, and at Steve's funeral Dan leaves a note baring "Gotcha".

List of Victims

  • Mel Owen: Tormented her on the phone and later ended up being kidnapped by Dan.
  • Jamie Mitchell: Assaulted him and later threatened him at gunpoint while trying to extort money from him and his godfather Phil Mitchell.
  • Billy Mitchell: Coerced him to give him leverage against Billy's cousin Phil Mitchell and boss Steve Owen.
  • Steve Owen: Blackmailed him to give £100,000 after kidnapping his wife Mel that afterwards resulted in Steve having financial problems in part thanks to Dan's kidnapping scenario.
  • Phil Mitchell: Knocked him out after escaping gunpoint and later tied him to a pole and gagged him around the mouth before leaving the apartment with the $200.000 from Mel's ransom.


Don't spend it all on once, Eh?
~ Dan's final words to Mel Owen before leaving in a car with the $200.000