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The Dancing Fish, are a dance group and recurring characters in Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja, although normally good, every so often the fall victim to the Sorcerer's dark magic and are turned into monsters.

Villainous History

in "So You Think You Can Stank" following Howard rudely insulting the group, before they even got a chance to perform, the group (except for Morgan) was so overcome with misery, they were changed into monsters. Randy took them on, however as the anger grew they once again fell victim to the magic, which changed them into one giant monster, composed of all of them. However Randy managed to defeat them by messing up there routine, thus turning them back to normal.

In "Stanks Like Team Spirit" following the school losing the annual chess tournament, overcome with grief, they (along with multiple other students) once again turned into monsters, Randy managed to stop them by using his ice powers to freeze them in a block of ice. They were later released when he threw another monster into them shattering the ice. However they returned to normal when Howard defeated McFists robot at Chess.

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