Dando is an enemy from the NES video game Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of a Chaos. He is the first boss in the game.


The evil emperor Ashtar decided to create loyal servants. By using black magic, Ashtar summoned the souls of countless Viking warriors who died at sea. He then transferred the souls into the body of a dead warrior. The body rose to life as a powerful being known as Dando.

Dando pledged his eternal loyalty to Ashtar. He then joined a tribe of demons who reside in the realm of Chaos. The tribe was led by a powerful sorcerer known as Jaquio. One day, Jaquio was defeated by a super ninja named Ryu Hayabusa. Ashtar then became the new leader of the demon tribe.

A year later, Ashtar sent a horde of demons to invade a metropolitan city. He appointed Dando as leader of the horde. Ryu Hayabusa quickly found out about the invasion and he took immediate action. He fought the demons in the city streets and on the rooftops of buildings. The battle led Ryu to an indoor train station. He went inside and he encountered Dando who was the only demon left. Dando used his brute strength to ram Ryu into the wall but he missed. Ryu then used his sword as to counterattack. The process repeated until Dando wasn't able to sustain any more damage. He lost consciousnesses and fell down. Dando woke up a moment later. He attempted sneak-attack Ryu who was talking to another person. The person saw Dando moving and shot him. Dando screeched in pain and died.



  • In the Japanese version, his name is "The Damned and Cursed". He was renamed as Dando in the English version.


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