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Are you doing it out of pity, or guilt?
~ Dane Hibbs sarcastically asks Shona Ramsay if she is helping her fiancé David Platt out of pity, or guilty after what their son Clayton Hibbs had done to David's late wife Kylie Platt.

Dane Hibbs is a fictional character and major antagonist of the British soap opera drama Coronation Street. He appeared as a minor antagonist in 2017 and a mentioned character in 2019.

He was played by Simon Naylor.


Dane Hibbs first came to Weatherfield in 2017 after hearing that his ex-girlfriend, Shona Ramsay, has resurfaced a year after their wayward son Clayton Hibbs had been imprisoned for the murder of local resident Kylie Platt.

When they first cross paths, Shona recognizes Dane as Clayton's father and demands for him to leave her alone. But Dane wants Shona to help out their son and is surprised to learn that she is having a relationship with Kylie's widow David Platt, and is also bonding with his two children Max Turner and Lily Platt. Upon realizing that neither of David's two children are aware about the truth behind their mother's death and Shona's relation to Kylie's murderer, Dane begins to try and blackmail Shona in order to extort enough money to secure Clayton's release from prison. David soon finds out what is going out and attacks Dane, threatening him to leave Shona alone and stay out of Weatherfield for good.

However, Dane doesn't listen to David's threats and begins stalking him and Shona until the kids are accidentally left alone in the car. Dane quickly rushes into the car and locks the door with Max and Lily inside the vehicle. As David and Shona attempt to force Dane to release the kids from his custody, Dane attempts to turn Max and Lily against Shona by revealing to them that his son Clayton is also Shona's son and that Clayton is currently in prison for killing Max and Lily's mother - Kylie. Having exposed the truth to them, Dane flees as the kids are safely rescued by David and Shona. Unfortunately for Dane, however, his plan against Shona fails when Max and Lily realize that she is not to blame for what Clayton did and in the end Dane's advantage over Shona has been lost.

A few years later, Dane dies off-screen from a drug overdose and is funeral is held in February 2019. At the ceremony, Clayton arrives in police custody and is joined by his stepbrother Macca before the pair are unhappy to see Shona and her friend Billy Mayhew attend the funeral as well. Once Dane's funeral ends, Macca causes a scene that gets him arrested but allows Clayton to escape police custody. Shona later confronts Clayton and learns that he got Dane to supply drugs for him, which consequently caused Dane's death in the first place.

Henceforth, Clayton has indirectly caused the death of his own father and with this realization Shona comes to learn the extent of her son's nefariousness; Clayton is eventually rearrested and sent back to prison for his crimes, after which Shona disowns him upon feeling appalled with the way how he showed no pity over killing Kylie or causing Dane's death.


  • Dane Hibbs appeared 6 times in his total duration on the show.