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Villain Overview

Are these the May Queens?
~ Dani to Pelle.

Dani Ardor is the main protagonist of the 2019 folk horror film Midsommar directed by Ari Aster. She is crowned the "May Queen" by The Hårga and eventually accepts them as her family.

She is portrayed by Florence Pugh, whose performance was praised by critics. Pugh also played Katherine Lester in Lady Macbeth.


Before the events in Sweden, Dani's sister Terri commits a murder suicide, killing herself and their parents via car exhaust. Dani becomes traumatized and distraught after the event, further straining her relationship with her boyfriend Christian Hughes, who is emotionally distant, and wants to end their relationship. The following summer, Dani still deals with the death of her family, and learns that Christian and his friends, Mark and Josh are going to Sweden with their friend Pelle, who has invited them to attend a midsummer celebration.

Dani wasn't informed of the trip, and Christian reluctantly allows her to come, much to Mark and Josh's annoyance. There, Dani's trauma reaches a high point, as the cult makes her drink psychedelics, and she later participates in the maypole competition. Dani wins the competition, and is crowned the May Queen, and later sees Christian having sex with Maja. Dani suffers from another panic attack upon this discovery, but is comforted by the Hårga women as they wail with her in empathy.

Towards the final act of the film, the pagan cult makes the decision to sacrifice four individuals, who will all die from being burned in the yellow building seen throughout the film. Among the four is Christian. Before the group proceeds with the killings, they ask Dani whether or not they should sacrifice Christian. Although hesitant, she ultimately agrees to go forward with this after seeing him have sex with Maja, having become bitter and heartbroken.

Christian is stuffed into a disemboweled bear and placed in the designated temple, alongside the still-living Ingemar, a second villager, and the ritualistically-prepared corpses of Josh, Mark, Simon, Connie, and the two elders. The temple is burned in an effort to purge the cult's evil. As the cult celebrates the completion of their ritual, Dani sobs in horror, but gradually begins to smile.


You have to eat the herring.
~ A villager and Dani on eating Swedish food.
Why would Simon leave without her?
~ Dani to the group on why Simon would leave Connie behind.


  • The surname Ardor is a noun, meaning a zealous or excited transitory state, foreshadowing the climax of the film.
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