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It's your birthday, congratulations. You're stupid
~ Daniel Bryan insulting a young fan in public, much to the audience's uproar.

~ Bryan's catchphrase.

Daniel Bryan (real name Bryan Danielson) is a professional wrestler from WWE who has varied over his career from an anti-heroic figure to a heel (term for villain in wrestling).

He was a member of the Wyatt Family until he turned face (term for hero in wrestling), attacking all members of the faction. After his face turn in 2013, the "YES" Movement began. On the November 13, 2018 episode of SmackDown Live, he defeated AJ Styles for the WWE Championship after a low blow. After the match, he shockingly turned heel by attacking Styles.


Wyatt Family


Face Turn and the "YES" Movement


Retirement and General Manager


Heel Turn and New Persona (2018-2019)





During his heel run from late 2018 into late 2019, Bryan has changed his personality into a dark, sinister and mentally unstable individual who mocks and hates his former fans - disavowing his hugely popular "yes" movement and losing touch with reality - believing himself to be the "new" Daniel Bryan and claiming his old persona was dead. He has also grown a malicious and narcissistic personality in which he scorns humanity for ruining the environment and culture, while holding himself as a superior being - despite engaging in petty and cruel behaviors himself (such as mocking a young fan on their birthday).


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