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Bonjour mon ami! The wheels of fate led you to a strange place today, non? Let us see if you will walk away, or not.
~ Daniel Fabron greeting the players.
Dr. Wesker wants your fear, they want your flesh. I... do not give a f***.
~ Daniel Fabron
The reaper's scythe called for you and you resisted! Good for you. Enjoy the air and run! It will not be long before I catch you again.
~ Daniel Fabron upon failing to defeat the players.

Daniel Fabron is one of the playable characters of Resident Evil: Resistance. He is a Umbrella security officer working with Alex Wesker in kidnapping subjects for her tests, also killing escaped subjects.


Daniel's past life is very unknown, however in one of his quotes, he said he seen revolutions and slaughter of all sort. Once recruited to Umbrella, he serves as an officer within its intelligence branch, working with Dr. Alex Wesker. He is likely born in France judging from his accent and dialogues.

Daniel assists Alex in her research, building facilities and kidnapping subjects. He had a knack for controlling creatures and takes pleasure in using them for close combat.

Powers and Abilities

Daniel's ultimate skill is summon the T-00, with the increase of damage, and specializes in combating survivors through controlled creatures. Much like all Masterminds, he can auto-lock the doors and set traps.


This really is not a very efficient way of ending your life, but orders are orders.
~ Daniel Fabron
He feels no pain, the perfect machine for this endeavor.
~ Daniel Fabron
Go find the place to use that.
~ Daniel Fabron
Fun for me, at least.
~ Daniel Fabron
There will be no rest here for your corpse once you are gone.
~ Daniel Fabron
If that were something you needed, do you think I would tell you?
~ Daniel Fabron
The cogs turn, the bars of the cage fall into place, you are close to the point of no return!
~ Daniel Fabron
Why are you still in this place? Don't you have somewhere else to go? Do you not want to escape?
~ Daniel Fabron
I have killed dozens, maybe hundreds, and now I am asked to make novelty locks. My life is strange.
~ Daniel Fabron
Excitement! Entertainment! A high risk of dismemberment! Please say "bonjour" to our guest star, Mr. X!
~ Daniel Fabron
A fittingly brutal weapon for a brutal game.
~ Daniel Fabron
There is more fun ahead, and possibly death.
~ Daniel Fabron
You stepped into my game and it swallowed you. It will not spit you out.
~ Daniel Fabron
In case you are paying attention, I have deployed a gun.
~ Daniel Fabron
This is... some dead person. I do not recognize them.
~ Daniel Fabron
Pof! He died so easily. You should take his keycard.
~ Daniel Fabron
The pen of Fate awaits writing the final line for you.
~ Daniel Fabron
This is Bloody McBloodface.
~ Daniel Fabron
Well done Daniel! Why thank you Daniel, it was most excellently played.
~ Daniel Fabron
Sometimes it is easiest just to do things yourself. You understand me, oui?
~ Daniel Fabron
I control everything here!
~ Daniel Fabron
You are blinded? Where are your enemies? Where are your friends?
~ Daniel Fabron
Bravo! Let us see how much further you can go!
~ Daniel Fabron
You see the things you have forced me to do? No matter, the stain of your blood will be joined by many more.
~ Daniel Fabron
Let us play a game of trust: see how long you can stand still without me shooting you. I dare you.
~ Daniel Fabron
Say bonjour to the reaper for me.
~ Daniel Fabron
We get to keep you here for more experiments. The decline of civilization continues, and your lives will end with it. If not today, then soon.
~ Daniel Fabron
I expected disappointment and you delivered. You had the chance for sacrifice, you had the chance for escape, but in the end you are just... here.
~ Daniel Fabron
It takes more than brute strength to win!
~ Daniel Fabron


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