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NOTE: This article is about the demon that possessed Daniel Mutuku and assimilated his identity. The hero he possessed can be found here: Daniel Mutuku.

Well, that depends. Do you really think you can stop him? He's waiting for you.
~ Daniel Mutuku to Tyler Locke after he asks if he is wrong.

Daniel Mutuku's Demon is a supporting antagonist in the second season of Locke & Key. He possessed a benevolent yet impressionable officer after Dodge apprehended the latter at the police station with the Demon Key in her fist. He was ultimately ripped out of Daniel's body by force when Tyler Locke invented the Alpha Key, leaving his fate unknown.

He was portrayed by Martin Roach, who voices Malco in Di-Gata Defenders and Doctor Claw in the Inspector Gadget 2015 TV series.


Arrival on Earth

It's been a while.
~ Daniel Mutuku

This demon dwelt in a blue dimension until Dodge completed the Demon Key and inserted it into the backside of a middle-aged police officer named Daniel Mutuku upon their introduction at the police station, causing the demon to beam onto Mutuku and possess him. He found Tyler and Kinsey Locke en route to school and stopped them by flashing his car's mounted sirens. Tyler asked what he had done wrong, to which Mutuku cryptically yet correctly answered that this depended on if he believed he was a match for Dodge, who awaited him. The tense conversation was cut short when Kinsey panicked and Tyler drove off. After this, Dodge led him to a cliffside residence where she and the other shadows had made as headquarters, while he also kept tabs on Nina Locke. Hence, he was present for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting because she herself attended. Following this, the two of them got coffee and had a friendly conversation together.

Defeated by the Alpha Key

Give me the key!
~ Daniel Mutuku to Tyler Locke.

Daniel Mutuku walked Nina back to Keyhouse Manor, where Bode and Kinsey Locke were concurrently discussing why Josh Bennett and Eden Hawkins went to the Black Door. He cordially greeted them, despite the xenophobic children knowing what species he was and showing fear and prejudice in his presence. Affronted, Mutuku addressed the duo hostilely, asking if Kinsey ever made a decision regarding the idea of revoking her betrayal of Dodge, and while Bode was ignorant to the situation, Kinsey chose not to enlighten him in Mutuku's presence. Bode abrasively told him to get out, but his arrogance flickered when Mutuku told him he could rip out his throat should he desire it, eliciting apprehension from Kinsey as well. Just then, Nina returned with a drill Mutuku had asked to borrow. He promised to return it on the morrow and made his exit, with Nina acknowledging his kindness.

Mutuku returned to the cliffside residence and stood with his fellows as their mistress ordered them to follow Mutuku to Keyhouse when the night was out, to execute Nina and await further instruction at the mansion. Although Dodge ordered the demons to prepare themselves, Mutuku was protective and remained behind. Seeing this, and acknowledging Tyler and Bode had been more trouble than what the two children were worth, she told him if he desired to kill them, she would not stop him from doing so. Mutuku was warned not to harm Kinsey, but then both demons realized she was at their front door. Mutuku stood by while Dodge conversed with the intruder, but did not take his eyes off of them, wishing to risk no harm to Dodge. After Kinsey unexpectedly unleashed the Angel Key, Mutuku realized Scot Cavendish and Tyler and Duncan Locke had broken into their home and loudly warned Dodge that they were headed for the vault where the Demon Key was kept safe. He proceeded to charge at them, but was unable to prevent the closure of elevator doors. He gathered a few demons and together they rode a different elevator to intercept their adversaries, but Duncan was already upon the vault and trying to force it open by way of Matchstick Key.

Seeing Tyler was armed with the Hercules Key, Mutuku demanded Tyler give him his mistress' property, but Tyler defied him and, with his strength enhanced by the stolen magic, Mutuku found an equal in the frail teenager. Just as Mutuku was winning, Tyler called for Scot's interference. Dutifully, he rushed over and grabbed Mutuku from behind while Tyler used the Alpha Key to split the demon from Daniel's soul, leaving his fate a mystery. Moments later, the demon's former host body perished when his lifeless body fell into the sea.


You see how easy it is for me to get to your mother?
~ Daniel Mutuku to Bode and Kinsey Locke.

Daniel Mutuku's demonic possessor is relatively reticent in his duty to compel observance and compliance of Dodge's benevolent will, being unwaveringly loyal to the beautiful and ambitious demoness for bringing him into the mortal plane and giving him purpose as her right-hand man, to unite demon and mankind to live on one world together as equals. Their common ambition to revolutionize society cemented the fact that he would never betray his mistress and he is seen being very protective over her.


I could rip your throat out if I wanted. Right here.
~ Daniel Mutuku boasting of his strength.

Demon Physiology: Daniel Mutuku possesses strength well above the level of an average human, and even with the Hercules Key on Tyler Locke's torso, Mutuku was still able to dominate him, necessitating Scot Cavendish ambush him for Tyler to win.


  • This demon is unique among his fellows because unlike them, there is not enough information to deduce whether his host body futilely resisted him possessing him or if he welcomed him of his own volition after Dodge introduced herself to him.


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