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Daniel Osbourne is a fictional character and major protagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street.

He is most famously portrayed by Rob Mallard.



Daniel Osbourne was born in 1995 as result of a fling between Ken Barlow and Denise Osbourne. At one point, Denise left with her brother-in-law Brian Dunkley and pawned Daniel off on Ken to take care of. When she came back, Ken was forced to hand him over, as he has no legal rights to Daniel as his name was not on the birth certificate. Ken lost contact with Daniel and only came to see him on rare occasions. Some point after this, Denise left which Daniel struggled to hide from his friends and neighbors.

Darker Side Emerges

In 2016, Daniel arrived in Weatherfield General to visit his father; Ken had suffered a heart attack. He helped Ken recover his memory and thus his father was proud of him, but this didn't stop both his nephew Adam and sister Tracy taking an instant disliking towards him. By contrast Daniel's brother, Peter was the only one out of the family besides Ken to treat Daniel kindly.

As time went on, Daniel had begun a relationship with local resident Sinead Tinker - even though she was dating her boyfriend Chesney Brown. When the latter found out from Adam about this, Chesney confronted Daniel and warned him to stay away from Sinead. At first Daniel tried explaining that he didn't set out to hurt anyone, but then he pinned Chesney up against the wall after the latter kept on having a go at him - before Daniel then told Chesney that he'd always come second best.

Later on, Sinead was pregnant and told Daniel about this; Daniel thereupon chose to sacrifice his studies so he could raise the baby. Ken interfered, and told Sinead that the baby would ruin Daniel's life, which caused her to have an abortion. Daniel dumped Sinead and assaulted Ken after learning that he was involved in his baby being terminated. Daniel felt guilty and supported Ken with nobody suspecting him aside from Adam.

Despite his guilt, Daniel kept quiet even though his family and local villain Pat Phelan fell under suspicion. Phelan was later taken in for questioning by the police, but his stepson Todd Grimshaw was able to prove his innocence. When Ken deduced the truth, Daniel was prepared to murder him to keep him quiet - but suffered a breakdown when Denise showed up again. Ken realized how much he had put Daniel through and lied to the police to protect him. However, the rest of the family refused to forgive him. Adam and Peter came round soon enough, but Tracy continued to remain apprehensive towards her brother.

Soon enough, Daniel came into a conflict with Phelan when he tried to expose the latter's alleged involvement in a flats scandal project called Calcutta Street. This went on to the point where Daniel suspected that Phelan had collaborated with his ex-business partner, Vinny Ashford, in the scam and was also accountbale for the death of love rival Michael Rodwell back in 2016. However, Phelan eventually indimidated Daniel into dropping his investigation. Months later Daniel launched a campaign to exonerate Phelan's archenemy Anna Windass, whom he had previously raped in 2014, from prison after the former had recently framed the latter for the attempted murder of her daugher's boyfriend Seb Franklin. As such, Phelan's crimes came to light when his role behind the Calcutta Street scam was exposed along with the deaths of both Michael and Vinny - in addittion to the kidnapping and murder of Michael's surrogate son Andy Carver, as well as the killing of Andy's best-friend Luke Britton. At somepoint, Daniel was assicated by Phelan's long-lost daughter Nicola Rubistein; she had learned the truth about her father after learning that Phelan had raped her mother Annabel in the past. Together and with the help from Anna's son Gary Windass and also Todd's mother Eileen in the process, Daniel's efforts to free Anna from prison was successful; Anna later killed Phelan after he shot both Nicola and fellow resident Michelle Connor in an attempt to escape Weatherfield, during which he perpetuated a siege at Michelle's wedding to her husband Robert Preston and in the process Daniel was among those held captive.

By then, Daniel's feud with Chesney had reached boiling point. Chesney embarked on a hate campaign against Daniel, proposing to Sinead in front of him to upset him and convincing the neighbors Daniel poisoned his food; Tracy even helped out Chesney to get revenge on Daniel for what he did to Ken earlier on. Chesney then took things further by hitting himself with a brick to trick Sinead into thinking Daniel had attacked him. Everyone except Ken turned on Daniel, and following this Daniel manipulated Chesney into making a mug of himself at Sinead's hen party. Daniel had the chance to ruin Chesney and Sinead's wedding but dediced against it, knowing it would be wrong; Chesney and Sinead's wedding didn't happen anyway and they later made peace with Daniel after Chesney decided to put their grievances aside.

A few months later, however, Daniel resumed his relationship with Sinead and they soon got engaged. But a devastating problem emerged when it transpires that Sinead has cancer, though Daniel vowed to support her throughout her ordeal. They soon got married, but Sinead eventually died from the cancer and Daniel was heartbroken. So much so that before Sinead's death he cheated on her with 18-year-old Bethany Platt. When the neighbours learned about this affair, they are mortified with Daniel for his actions; Daniel and Bethany decided to end their romance when it became clear to the pair of them that Daniel was using Bethany to help get over Sinead.

Sometime later, Daniel got involved with an escort named Nicky and stole finances that belonged to fellow neighbour Geoff Metcalfe to help her escape the lifestyle. Since then, Daniel has been supporting Peter with his liver problems and comforts him after the latter's wife Carla Connor had been revealed to sleeping with Adam behind her husband's back. Daniel also helps Bethany and her colleague Alya Nazir in a campaign against sleazy businessman Ray Crosby.



  • Rob Mallard (the actor who currently plays Daniel Osbourne since 2016) has been nominated and won several awards for his performance as the character.