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Danny Jennings is the main antagonist of the House MD season 7 episode 17, "Fall From Grace". He was a homeless patient masquerading as a recovering victim of abuse. In actuality, he was a serial killer who ate his victims. He was played by Chris Marquette, who also played Jamie Townsend and Tyler (Fillmore!).


Danny Jennings was a false name. He stole the identity of another member of rehab, after he was brought in due to a drug overdose. Danny was sleeping in a park when two children accidentally set him on fire. When he was taken to the ER, the doctors discovered that he had dysosmia, an altered sense of smell. Masters convinced Dr. Gregory House to take his case. Danny told House's team that he was a victim of abuse. He manipulated all of them, particularly Masters, by claiming he was trying to get clean from drugs and he hoped to be a doctor some day. Every time they caught him in a lie, he skillfully came up with a new lie, usually one that gained him sympathy from the doctors. When discussing his overdose, he claimed he was trying to kill himself as a punishment for "hurting people". He also confessed to beating his college girlfriend. He said he believed he deserved to die. After House diagnosed him, he was cured. Masters convinced him that he deserved redemption, and urged him to seek therapy. Danny said he believed this was all part of God's plan for him. After he was cured, Danny quickly escaped. When his DNA was sent for testing, it revealed that he was a serial killer who killed and ate thirteen people.


The website Buddy TV rated Danny as the best patient in the series.



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