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You have no idea what I have planned for you. It'll be in the news for weeks. I'll make sure of that.
~ Danny Johnson's most famous quote.

Danny Johnson, also known as Jed Olsen and The Ghost Face, is one of the playable killers in Dead by Daylight. A charming journalist by day, and a psychopathic killer by night, he took on the identity of the famous Ghostface to become famous and be in the newspapers.


Danny, under the alias of Jed Olsen, was a newspaper writer. However, to become famous, he started murdering many people, young and old, with people eventually realizing it's a personal motive due to the multiple stab wounds. He liked to stalk, stalking some of his victims for days. He started being known as the Ghost Face.

Eventually, Danny, as Jed, produced footage of the Ghost Face breaking into a house and committing murder, effectively making a newspaper about himself. Danny then left Roseville when evidence was pointing to him. But then, the Entity took him to its realm, so he will serve and kill.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strategy: A cunning malicious killer, Johnson can patiently plan his strikes on his victims without being detected.
  • Charisma: His charming aura has earned him his coworkers' respect.
  • Stealth: Ghost Face can slip into the shadows at ease.
  • Bladesmanship: Expert user of the hunting knife.
  • Journalism: A remarkable writer and storyteller of crime articles.


There is no need to worry. I've been preparing my whole life for this.
~ The Ghost Face.
The night assists me and it's endless here.
~ The Ghost Face.
Gotta love Philly: keeps giving and giving and I don't wanna forget any of it.
~ The Ghost Face.
I've been watching you for a while. I wanted this to be special; the kind of headlines that people don't forget.
~ The Ghost Face.
Gotta get ready like a scout — without the stupid patches. What I get is much better.
~ The Ghost Face.
They all want to know who Ghost Face is. But what they should ask is, who's next.
~ The Ghost Face.
An image is worth a thousand words.
~ The Ghost Face.
In this footage, a dark figure is seen entering a house late at night in Northern Roseville, Florida. The police were called the next morning to report a murder in the area. Lock your doors: a Killer is in our midst, roaming freely, like a ghost in the night.
~ The Roseville Gazette about the Ghost Face.



  • Due to copyright conflicts over the Ghostface character, Behaviour Interactive had to create a completely new and original killer, keeping only the original mask. However, they were later given the rights to use the original Ghostface costume and it was added as a skin.


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