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"You really hurt my feelings!
~ Danny Moon after knocking out his brother Jake in their final confrontation, moments after Jake discovered that Danny killed Dennis Rickman on the orders of their crime boss Johnny Allen.

Danny Moon is a fictional character and major antagonist of the BBC British soap opera drama EastEnders. He appeared as a major character from 30 December 2004 to 7 July 2005, before reappearing as the secondary antagonist in the Get Johnny Week storyline from 27 March to 31 March 2006.

He is the cousin of Alfie Moon and younger brother of Jake Moon who worked for gangster Johnny Allen in the Square. Danny became enemies with mobster Andy Hunter, murdered Dennis Rickman on Johnny's orders, and tired to kill both Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell - famously known as the Mitchell Brothers - before he was eventually killed-off by his own brother Jake.

He was portrayed by actor Jake Maskell.


Danny Moon first arrived in Albert Square with his brother Jake Moon. They did a botched job for their mob boss Johnny Allen and were looking for their cousin Alfie Moon. Alfie reluctantly allowed them to stay in the Square and help him and his brother Spencer look after their grandmother Nana Moon. Quickly Danny made an enemy of the square's reigning crime lord Andy Hunter after learning that he was Alfie's nemesis and stole his car. Andy summoned Johnny to deal with Danny and Jake and they were forced to work for Andy.

Danny later attacked Andy before Jake punched him for calling him a "psycho". Andy had his henchman Eddie arrange for Nana's house to be broken into in retaliation. Danny was angry and ready to confront Andy when Johnny arrive to personally deal with the situation. Danny continued to antagonize Andy after learning that he had Paul Trueman killed and was having marriage trouble to Sam Mitchell. Then Johnny arranged for Jake and Andy to do a criminal transaction that Danny was originally never going to be involved in. But then Andy secretly roped Danny in his scheme to con £750,000 from Johnny under the pretense that he can prove to be better at being Johnny's errand boy than Jake. Danny became interested and argued with Jake about it in The Queen Victoria public house before it's owners Den Watts and his wife Chrissie Watts forced the brothers to leave. Danny met up with Andy to do the job and their plan succeeded until Andy betrayed Danny by ditching him.

The next day, Danny is shocked to learn that Andy has died and assumes that Johnny killed him. He learns this to be true when confronting Jake and getting the truth from him. The brothers then continued to work for Johnny until Danny's troublesome attitude gets them fired. Danny does give Johnny an idea for a salsa night at his "Scarlet" nightclub. Johnny steals the idea and calls Danny a liability for his behavior. Danny goes out of control and sets fire to Johnny's house to try and win his attention. This nearly kills Johnny's daughter Ruby Allen and girlfriend Tina Stewart. Johnny learns that Danny is responsible and plans to kill him in the woods. Jake stops Johnny at the last minute and manages to persuade him to spare Danny. Johnny agrees but forces Danny to leave Walford and never return.

Danny is revealed to still be working for Johnny when he is called for a favor on New Year's Eve 2005; to kill Dennis Rickman after he beat up Johnny for attacking his wife Sharon Watts and killing Andy. Danny secretly comes to the Square as the fireworks start and he stabs Dennis before running away. Dennis dies in Sharon's arms and Danny calls Johnny to confirm this. Jake later encounters Danny before they go their separate ways. Then Sharon's ex-lovers Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell try to bring Johnny to justice for Dennis' death and Johnny orders Danny to deal with them. Danny gets beaten but he still helps Johnny capture the brothers. Then it is revealed that Danny has become mentally unstable and increasingly psychotic due to Johnny's treatment and that Johnny disregards his health. Jake notices this when he tries to bring Danny home. Danny later shows Jake evidence that he killed Dennis to explain how it good him back in Johnny's good books. Jake confronts Danny and the two fight that ends with Danny threatening Jake with a gun and knocking him out with a bat. Danny is then summoned by Johnny to execute the Mitchell Brothers in the woods. He prepares to kill Grant in front of Phil and a gunshot is heard. But it turns out that Danny has been shot by Jake and instantly been killed from the pact.

Jake never tried to kill Danny and merely wanted to hit him in the arm or leg to stop him from killing the Mitchell Brothers, but unintentionally killed him in the end. Jake then buries Danny's body as Phil and Grant see Johnny get arrested for the murders of Andy and Dennis.

Months later, Johnny dies of a heart attack after failing to have Ruby's boyfriend Sean Slater killed for plotting against them and Jake is thereafter confronted by the mob afterwards. Following these incidents, Danny is never heard or mentioned again.



  • Danny Moon is one of the few British Soap villains whose death is yet to be discovered by the local community.