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You see?!! You understand now, don't ya?! You can have me! It's how the world works now! Give part of yourself... so others can live! --(...) --You gotta keep me alive. If you kill me, the meat gets tainted! You can't eat it!
~ Danny to Lee, pleading for his life.
You ain't gonna kill me, just like you didn't kill Jolene...you don't have what it takes! F-cking coward!
~ Danny, mocking Lee for not being as ruthless as him (determinate).
Do it then! I know you can! I seen you do do it! Just like you killed that woman in the camp!
~ Danny, provoking Lee to kill him (determinate).

Danny St. John was a survivor who serves as one of the three main antagonists of the Starved For Help chapter in Telltale's The Walking Dead, he was also the son of Terry St. John and Brenda St. John, and the younger brother of Andrew St. John.

He and his brother Andrew are members of the cannibalistic St. John Family. Danny was the secondborn of his parents, and was more openly hostile, having a predatory nature whilst both his brother and mother had disturbingly calm outlooks on the work they did.

Danny, like his mother and brother, was quick to silence anyone who may jeopardize their way of life and when Lee and the other survivors became aware of the cannibalism (after being served Mark's meat) he was the first to say that they would eat the other survivors as well, once they became ill or dying.

Once they find out that the bandits shot Mark with an arrow, Danny helped Lee go scouting to find their camps and take revenge. They discovered and found a small camp where they found Clementine's hat. Jolene then confronted them and tried to kill them with her Crossbow. If Lee doesn't decide to kill Jolene, Danny will instead shoot her in the head without warning, then claims once they see her corpse the others will get the message.

Since Mark has been wounded, Danny and the others cut his legs off and then used the meat as their dinner. Though Lee found out and warned his group to prevent them from eating, so Danny and Andrew got out their guns to stop them from escaping. Lee is then knocked out and they are locked up in the Freezer Room except for Duck and Katjaa.

Thanks to Clementine, Kenny and Lee managed to escape and went to save Duck and Katjaa as well as take down Danny, Andrew and Brenda. The two found out that Danny was placing out Bear Traps, once they looked again, Danny tried to kill them with his Shotgun but Lee put it away and sliced him.. Kenny then opened the door which hit him and then sliced him, causing him to fall into his Bear Trap and then fell on the hay.

It is then the player's choice to kill or spare his life. If killed, Lee will throw the Pitchfork to impale him. If spared, Lee will throw the pitchfork next to him to scare him and then tell him that cannibalism is not the answer. If spared, it is unknown if the Walkers kill him.



  • Danny is considered as the most evil member of the St. John family.


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