Excuse me? How dare mere insects request something of the great Dantarg! Leave while you still breathe life!
~ Dantarg

Dantarg is one of the main antagonists from Romancing SaGa 2.


Dantarg is one of the Seven Heroes, having joined the group as a means to fight strong opponents. Unlike the other Heroes, he is unconcerned with Wagnas and Noel's revenge plot, so when they return he settles himself on the North Nazelle region, moving around the many caves on the region due to the strong monsters inhabiting them, with his only objective being to absorb many monsters to become stronger.

It is possible to find Dantarg as soon as the North Nazelle region becomes available, with him randomly appearing as the boss in one of the cave dungeons in the area. The main method of finding him is during the mission to find a lost child late on in the game, as he will block the path to the kid. Upon being confronted, Dantarg dismisses the Emperor as an insect, but if the player tries to avoid him he will angrily tell that the weak should bow to the strong. Learning that Dantarg had no intention on attacking the Empire the Emperor tells him he will allow him to leave, but Dantarg is angered at the suggestion and attacks. Once he is defeated the Emperor finds the lost kid and takes it back to the herders. Like the other Heroes his soul returns later as they all fuse together for the final fight.


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