Dante Moro

Cyprus is their destination. They want....they....want...
~ Dante Moro's last words.

Dante Moro (1460-1486) is a villain from the video game "Assassin's Creed II". He was a Templar puppet and the personal bodyguard of Marco Barbarigo. He was assassinated by Ezio Auditore. Moro is a minor Antagonist in Sequence 8 and 9 and the secondary Antagonist of Sequence 10.

Dante Moro was the captain of the city guard and an heir to one of the most prestigious families in Venice. But his close friend and employer, Marco Barbarigo, fell in love with Dante's wife, and to get her, he orchestrated an attempt at Dante's life. The attempt failed, but left Dante with the mind of a child. Marco coerces Dante into annulling his marriage to Carlotta, and marries her himself. After that, Marco makes Dante his personal slave.

Dante is first seen in Venice with Marco, and the other Templars plotting to kill the Doge. He is next seen in the carnival with another Templar, where he fights Ezio for the golden mask. The golden mask was the only way to get to Marco's private party.

Dante cheats to win the mask so he can prevent Ezio from entering Marco's party and assassinating him. Ezio then pickpockets the golden mask from him and attends the party. Dante shows up looking for Ezio but he fails, which results in Marco's death. When he tries to escape to a different part of Venice, he gets followed by Ezio.

The next day, they are heading for a ship, but Ezio assassinates him before he reaches the docks. Dante tells Ezio that they were set to sail for Cyprus, and he is about to tell him why, but he dies before he can finish his last sentence.

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