Darah and Khyber are the two main antagonists of Joe Camp's 1983 short-lived TV series Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince. They are a pair of ruthless bounty hunters from Antars sent by Zanu to capture Prince Yubi.

In the earlier episodes, Darah was portrayed by Angie Bolling, and Khyber was portrayed by Joe Rainer. In the later episodes, Darah was portrayed by Anna Holbrook, and Khyber was portrayed by Dallas Miles.


Darah is less overt than Khyber and more subtle, yet just as quick to chase after Yubi or Benji and fall for one of Benji's tricks. Khyber is not overly concerned about Earthlings noticing his strange Antarian attire, except in rare moments when he wishes to impersonate a particular Earthling, such as when he put aside his normal Antarian dress for an Earth business suit in order to impersonate T.J. Parker's father in the episode "Double Trouble". In general, Earthlings respond negatively to Khyber, though they may tell him what he wants to know in order to get him to leave them alone.


They are two bounty hunters led by a tyrant named Zanu and are from a planet in another galaxy called Antars. They also have a level 10 droid named Zord to help them capture Prince Yubi.

In order to survive on Earth, Antarians must wear a special bracelet, known as a cipher. Most of the plot involves Darah and Khyber chasing Benji, Zax and Yubi in a black Chevy van, and their efforts almost always end in failure, usually due to some failure of one or both of them combined with Benji's quick thinking and loyal assistance. There is never any doubt that Benji is a major heroic figure for this show who seems to do an often better job protecting his highness than the level 2 droid assigned to him.

This is logical since the atmosphere is likely to be very different on Antars than on Earth. Every Antarian in the series is highly protective of their cipher, experiencing the immediate onset of fatigue as a result of its theft (Benji steals first Darah's then Khyber's cipher in the episode "Gold Mine" to force them to share a cipher and therefore rendering them unable to detect the nearby orgon signature from Trask's ship).


The Prince and the Bag Lady

While eluding the pair in a graveyard, Zax is damaged and picked up by a bag lady, but he is later captured by the pair while they're chasing Yubi. Benji finds Zax and helps him to escape, sabotaging the pair's van so they can't pursue.


They are seen before Harwell Thompson captures Prince Yubi. When they arrive at the hotel where Yubi is captured, they ask Thompson where Yubi is after Benji leads them to the hotel room where Thompson is. When Thompson says they can have Yubi, Benji turns on Zax and Zax frees Yubi, which resulted in the pair losing the trio.

The Day of the Hunter

The Hunter lay a trap for Prince Yubi by leaking the location of his ship out. Soon NASA is investigating the ship and the pair try to grab Yubi when he comes to check on his ship and find Benji.

Goodbye to Earth

It's Prince Yubi's birthday and Zax has a special gift for him, a hologram of from his mother filled with words of wisdom. But wisdom is not in the prince's heart as he takes a job at the space administration in Houston at NASA--without Benji and with the pair in close pursuit.


Two crooks mistake Prince Yubi as a runaway and decides to ransom him back to his parents. But the pair hear the crooks CB messages about Yubi and tries to take him from them.

Puppy Love

After they capture Benji, he pretends to be on their side after believing they brainwashed him. When Darah orders Benji to take them to Yubi, he tricks them into getting arrested by leading them to a one-way street and crashing into a cop's car.

Double Trouble

Prince Yubi is arrested for stealing when he's mistaken for a local boy named T.J. Parker. While the pair kidnap TJ thinking he's the prince. It's up to Benji & Zax to set things right and free both boys.

The Flying Lesson

When the pair arrive in response to Yubi's radio test and a beloved horse is injured, only a risky flight to Dallas in a thunderstorm can save Sugarfoot's life.

Decoy Droid

Zax is captured by the pair and is replaced by an evil droid. Benji sees through the droid and tries to protect Yubi from falling into the trap that the droid is trying to lure him into.


  • Although Zanu drove the plot, Darah and Khyber are the main antagonists, because they appeared in the actual episodes, while Zanu only appeared in the intro, partially due to the short run of the series.
  • Their theme was reused in a scene in Benji the Hunted where the mother cougar chases Benji.


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