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The insane Dark Aegis

"The fools of this planet were grotesquely less than human."

-Dark Aegis, regarding the citizens of the very planet he has just destroyed - after Iron Man states that Dark Aegis will pay for said crimes.

Dark Aegis is the main villain of the 1994 Iron Man animated series episode, "Distant Boundaries." He is voiced by Scott Valentine.

He is first seen when Tony Stark watches a surveillance tape of his previous encounter with him. He had armed Stark's Asteroid Blaster, to fire at the Earth. Iron Man managed to turn the Blaster on Dark Aegis - and blast him into space.

However, Dark Aegis survived this encounter - and it is revealed that he has just destroyed an entire planet and annihilated all it's inhabitants. He also convinces Titanium Man to help him in his mad plans, by promising him a weapon enhancement.

After Titanium Man manages to lure both Iron Man and War Machine to the planet Dark Aegis has just destroyed, Iron Man almost immediately finds Dark Aegis - who has been lying in wait for him. Dark Aegis promises Iron Man a chance of being a god - to which Iron Man bluntly refuses. Titanium Man joins forces with War Machine and Iron Man, after coming to the realisation that nothing is worth what Dark Aegis wants.

It is eventually revealed that Dark Aegis wants to use Iron Man, to help him destroy the suns - and it angered when Iron Man rejects him. Iron Man, War Machine and Titanium Man battle Dark Aegis, who seems to fail to understand why Titanium Man has turned on him.

After his shield has been worn down, Dark Aegis blasts all three of them - and summons a spaceship and tries to escape. However, Titanium Man breaks into Dark Aegis' ship - and fights to bring Aegis to justice. Titanium Man ends up sacrificing himself, to do so.