Dark Chibiterasu
Dark Chibiterasu
is the evil form of Chibiterasu, and is aided by Kuni, who has been possessed by Akuro. He is the final boss of the game Ōkamiden.


Dark Chibiterasu is a darker version of Chibi. His entire body is black, and has red markings on his body. He also has a possesed Kuni on his back.

Dark Chibiterasu wields lightning, ice, fire, along with the ability to call up an invincibility shield made of darkness. He also uses the Providence Crystal to attack, which deals out major damage, and, being a copy of Chibiterasu, he is able to use the Celestial Brush with an anti-Sunrise brushstroke called Sunset.

When defeated, Dark Chibiterasu explodes, while Kuni returns to his normal self.

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