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Dark Choco Cookie is one of the main antagonists in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak and Cookie Run: Kingdom. He is the son of Dark Cacao Cookie and a former prince, although he was disowned by him upon the destruction of his father's kingdom.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, he is Voiced by Choi Won-hyeong in Korean, Junichi Suwabe in Japanese dub, and Isaac Robinson-Smith in English dub.



Dark Choco Cookie was once a prince of the Dark Cacao Kingdom, and his proud father, Dark Cacao Cookie, who taught him the ways of a prince. Dark Choco Cookie wanted to be a hero, but unfortunately, fate had other plans of him. When he got hold of the forbidden Strawberry Jam sword, he lost control of the sword's dark magic and attacked his own kingdom and his father. Dark Cacao Cookie was shocked of what his own son had done, and disowned him as punishment, and Dark Choco Cookie was possibly banished from Dark Cacao kingdom in shame.

Dark Choco Cookie eventually came upon meeting Dark Enchantress Cookie and her Cookies of Darkness, and joined them, becoming a new member of the Cookies of Darkness, and vows revenge.


Dark Choco Cookie, along with Licorice Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, and Poison Mushroom Cookie, returned to the former prince’s birthplace in the Dark Cacao Kingdom. While Licorice Cookie creates licorice monsters, Dark Choco Cookie is tasked to seek revenge on his father, Dark Cacao Cookie for disowning him. He tells the king to give his Soul Jam, saying that he will put it to better use, but Dark Cacao Cookie refuses. Dark Choco Cookie reminds his father that he never known love nor sweetness during his time in the kingdom, also recalling that the only lessons he received from his father were of the strong were superior to the weak. But Dark Cacao Cookie was only aggravated by these words and regrets about calling Dark Choco Cookie his son, and the two cookies engage in battle.

Upon being defeated by his father, and again doubts his own strength and abilities. Dark Cacao Cookie apologizes to his son for not giving him love. They were both interrupted by Pomegranate Cookie, who cast a spell on Dark Cacao Cookie, giving Dark Choco Cookie the opportunity to defeat his father. But however, deciding to take his own path, Dark Choco Cookie used the Strawberry Jam Sword to attack Pomegranate Cookie instead, betraying her and the other Cookies of Darkness. Dark Choco Cookie casts aside the Strawberry Jam Sword and walks away from the Cookies of Darkness and his kingdom, leaving his fate unknown.



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