Dark devil

The Dark Devil

The Dark Devil, also known as the Purple Demon and Purple Devil, is a boss from Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel that appears in the second Iris Stage. It is a form assumed by Eifer Skute, one of two main antagonists of said game alongside Iris Sepperin.

The Dark Devil attacks by splitting into multiple spherical pieces of itself as the pieces bounce along the floor to the other side of the area before reforming, just before shooting a small bullet at Freudia Neuwahl (or Pamela Arwig). When half of its health is depleted, it'll fade away from the area and create a wind while smaller pieces of itself will fly across it from both sides, before the Dark Devil reforms like normal.

The Dark Devil's weakness is Eislanze, which is obtained from Luste Teuber.

After its defeat, the Dark Devil returns to normal as its previous identity, Eifer.


  • The Dark Devil is often dubbed as the Purple Demon and/or Purple Devil by fans due to its purple colorization.
  • It is possible that the way the Dark Devil attacks is similar to Dark Moon from Mega Man V for the Game Boy.
  • Its attack involving its small pieces flying across the area from both sides is based on an attack used by the Shadow Devil from Mega Man X5. It also has the same light pattern around its eye as the Shadow Devil.
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