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Beware your dark side.
~ Dark Dexter in the guise of Kimberly before showing his true form

Dark Dexter is an enemy in the 1983 Don Bluth game, Space Ace. He appears as one of Dexter/Ace's obstacles in his way to rescue Kimberly from Borf. After making his way through the spiked walls, Dexter finds Kimberly, only to discover that it was Dark Dexter, who tried to shoot Dexter with his blaster ray. There are two options when confronting Dark Dexter:

As Dexter

Dexter escapes through the drainage system, and multiple Dark Dexters shoot at him. Dexter escapes.

As Ace

Dark Dexter grows into a giant and tries to eat Ace. After Ace shoots in his mouth, Dark Dexter tries to shoot him, but Ace jumps over his arms and legs, causing Dark Dexter to shoot himself to pieces. Ace barely escapes Dark Dexter's rolling head and moves on to the next stage.


Dark Dexter trying to eat Ace

Dexter finding "Kimberly" before revealing himself as Dark Dexter

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