Dark End

Dark End is an experiment created by Delia using similar genetic blueprints to that of Stitch. It is because of this that Dark End does not have an official number. Delia made Dark End as a combatant in order to defeat Stitch in the Stitch! anime.

Dark End is a female in the Japanese version and a male in the English dub. Dark End is voiced by Roger Craig Smith/Johnny Yong Bosch.


He/she is a very dark purple, rabbit-like experiment with purple claws, two gold earrings on his/her right ear, large ears similar to Delia, a small yellow Mohawk, white fur on his/her belly, hands, and around his/her eyes, and a pink rabbit-like nose.


Like Stitch, he/she is able to mutate into a second form with four arms, two long antennae, and three spikes on his/her back. However, his/her eyes glow bright purple when doing so, and energy radiates off his/her body. He/she possesses Stitch's abilities of enhanced strength, invulnerability and fighting skills. He/she also possesses other abilities, such as creating faults in the ground, flight, teleportation, purple energy blasts and electricity.


Delia began the creation of Dark End at the start of the third season of the Stitch! anime and continued working on him/her until the second-to-last episode. After he/she was created, Delia then invaded Earth and sent out Dark End to defeat Stitch. Dark End easily had Stitch on the ropes, even with the help of some of the other experiments. However, Stitch eventually defeated Dark End using a hidden power he had. Afterwards, Jumba caught Dark End in a container, and the Grand Councilwoman arrested Delia, Hämsterviel, Gantu and Reuben. Dark End has not been seen since.


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