The Dark Fall's minions revived.

Dark Fall are the villains of Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. When it is first seen Akudaikan is shown sitting on a giant throne in the middle of a lake inside a cave. Later it is shown that Goyan has a separate house in a different area out side the cave surrounded by an ocean. The main tower stands alone in the water. It has a path from the entrance into the cave at the main tower. Akudaikan and Goyan live in this cave.


The Dark Fall consists of the corrupted rulers from each of the worlds making up the Land of Fountains. Each of the fountains were destroyed by Goyan and Akudikan. As the fountains were destroyed each of the guards of the fountains were taken to be part of the Dark Fall. During this process The Dark Fall was trying to get to the Fountain of Sun, as that was the fountain in which the Sky Tree percieved most of it's power from. Without the Sky Tree the world would be in seemingly darkness. But when the World of the Spirits sent Flappy and Choppy to Earth to find the Pretty Cures the Dark Fall set out to not let that happen. Once Flappy and Choppy found the Pretty Cure the Dark Fall would soon send it's minion's to defeat them. One by one failing. It was only until the Fairy Charafe was stolen and each of the minions were revived that the Dark Fall came back. Pretty Cure managed to defeat all the the subordinates and soon made their way to Akudaikan. It soon turned out that Goyan had actually created Akudaikan for the purpose of re-gaining power until the time when Pretty Cure had to fight him. With the revived and purified Michiru and Kaoru, Pretty Cure used Spiral Heart Splash Star to defeat Goyan. With it Goyan was defeated and the Dark Fall became defunct.


  • Michiru Kiryuu (formerly)
  • Kaoru Kiryuu (formerly)



Goyan is on Akudaikan's side as one of his evil cohorts. He is a short, mockingly character who will openly taunt others and seems to enjoy making them angry. As shown by how much he taunted and mocked Karehan during his attemps to defeat Pretty Cure. Ms. Shitataare calls him "Go-chan". He is later revealed to be the true creator of the Dark Fall and the true mastermind behind the events of Pretty Cure Splash Star. He also created Akudaikan.

Goyan resembles a frog/toad-like figure dressed in dark Chinese-like outfits with long white sleeves, red slit eyes, and sandals with socks. He normally poses as if he holds a cane. This said appearance, of course, is just a facade; his true form is that of a giant, muscular, green-skinned humanoid being with white hair and a single horn and black pants.

At first he seems like he's just Akudaikan's most powerful lackey and acts as his underling though most of the series but in episode 47, it is revealed that he was the one who has created Akudaikan and the true villain using Dark Fall to destroy the fountains. After killing Akudaikan, he transforms into a gigantic monster but is eventually defeated by Pretty Cure's Spiral Heart Splash Star in the final episode.



Akudaikan is a supposed evil ruler of Dark Fall, he wants to take over the World Tree, and has managed to capture six of the seven fountains that irrigate it. He has sent out minions to search for the location of the last of these fountains, the Fountain of Sun. He appears as a shadow-covered, towering-robed demon-alike being with a pair of glowing red eyes that shine out of the cave in which he lives. His name comes from two words, "aku (evil)" and "daikan (a local administrator of Tokugawa shogunate)".

Through almost the whole series Akudaikan appears to be in charge sending out the other villains to capture to find out where the fountain of the sun is and capture Flappy and Choppy. He is first seen scolding Karehan about his two previous failures while talking to his seemly manservant like Goyan and doesn't tolerate failure in any of his servants. He threatens to destroy them on multiple occasions and he banishes the Kiryuu sisters when they refuse to destroy pretty cure and beg for their freedom. In the last few episodes it is revealed that Goyan created him and Dark Fall as a tool to try to destroy all the fountains. When he is nearly defeated by Pretty Cure Goyan shows his true form and destroys Akudaikan.

It is later revealed that Akudaikan is actually not the true creator of Dark Fall; he was just a creation of his own "aide," Goyan.


Karehan Fullbody.gif

Karehan is the first enemy from Dark Fall to appear. His element is trees, and he guards the Fountain of Wood. He has long yellow-white hair that sticks straight up, and wears a leaf mask. He also has yellow eyes.

An impatient person, Karehan often gets angry or yells at others. Even when he is not enraged. His tolerance for mocking is also low, but due to this Goyan likes to taunt him for this very reason. He does not like knowing he's probably the weakest member in the group and when he fails, he often hides by himself to think things through before doing anything else.

Karehan first appears to capture Flappy and Choppy to find out where the Fountain of the Sun is. He appears shortly after Saki and Mai first meet the mascots and nearly captures them but is then defeated when Saki and Mai become Pretty Cure.



Moerumba is an executive member of Dark Fall who resides in Lake Fire and has the ability to utilize fire. His name comes from a type of dance rumba and a Japanese word 'moe'(燃え) which means burning. Although his body consists of fires, he seems to be unaffected even when underwater. Most (few Uzainas he had are water-related) of his Uzaina creation are fire-related.

He was the second executive meber of Dark Fall to appear. His entire body looks as if engulfed in flame. Although he is a man his body is very thin and behave effiminately. He seems to be immersed in Latino culture as he greets and departs with Spanish He also performs Samba in his spare time.

He has a very frivolous and light-hearted personality who, although internally dislikes Goyan, answers to him in a positive manner. Even after continuously defeated by Pretty Cure Girls (this is due to confronting and clashing Pretty Cure Girls head-on without any kind of schemes or preparation) He never lets his defeats get to him, and continue dancing himself in his spare time, much to the displeasure of Goyan. He claims that "aim for the fatal strike at the decisive moment". After successive defeats Moerumba challenged Pretty Cure Girls to one final duel at the factory owned and operated by Asuka Suzuki. After attacking Asuka into unconsciousness, Moerumba and Pretty Cure Girls fought. Initially gaining upper hand at first, the tide quickly turned against him and he was struck by Twin Stream Splash technique and was destroyed ignominiously. When Asuka came to, she created a bust of Moewumba she saw in her dreams. But for unknown reasons, Moerumba's bust melted away.

Moerumba, along with other Dark Fall executives, was resurrected by Goyan. His fire elemental powers becoming enhanced and his yellow fire has changed into black. He was the second member to be resurrected. He teamed up with Karehan to take on Pretty Cure Girls at the Golden Lake. With his enhanced power he overwhelmed Pretty Cure Girls and even destroying their Spiral Star Splash technique. Thinking he had won, Moerumba returned to Dark Fall cave with Karehan and Goyan.

Moerumba was next seen teaming with Kintoreski to take out Kiryuu Sisters who defected to Pretty Cure Girls, almost killing the sisters. However, Pretty Cure Girls, realizing the danger Kiryuu sisters are in, rushed to save them. Moerumba, against the advice of Kintoleski, decides to finish off all girls including Kiryuu Sisters. Reinvigorated by Pretty Cure Girls' genuine friendship and devotion, Kiryuu sisters launched a counterattack that destroyed Goyan's resurrection emblem, and Moerumba is finished by Pretty Cure Girls' Spiral Star Splash. With his final word "This time... I properly burned out." Moerumba disintegrated.

Ms. Shitataare

Ms. Shitataare

Ms. Shitataare is the fourth element from the Dark Fall, who controls water and guards the Fountain of Water. She is a boastful, young woman who wears ancient Chinese clothing. She is tan with blue eyes and silver hair. She refers to Goyan as "Go-chan", which often annoys him. She also has a high pitched laugh, compared to other villains. She destroyed the Fountain of Sky and use the water for her own proposes.

Ms. Shitataare first appears after Saki Hyuuga and Mai Mishou revive the Fountain of Sky. She's very strong, comparable with the others. Throughout all their encounters, Saki mostly gets her name wrong, angering her. Most of her schemes to get Pretty Cure involve her element of water, that she can manipulate to turn into ice or gas. She also likes to wear disguises and many times she captures Foop and Moop.



Dorodoron is the third enemy from the Dark Fall in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, after Moerumba fails and returns to his natural element. He's an arachnid-like creature that travels underground instead of through the air. Dorodoron transforms earth-related objects such as rocks and cobblestones into Uzaina monsters. He also occasionally takes commands from two suspicious girls (Kaoru Kiryuu and Michiru Kiryuu) that are in the same class as Mai and Saki.

Dorodoron appears while Michiru and Kaoru, two servants of the Dark Fall that infiltrate the kind of Saki and Mai. This aims to like their predecessors, discover the location of the Spring Sun and retrieve the other two springs. Dorodoron appears in school girls and sending them an Uzaina trapping with his web, but manage to escape the Pretty Cure it. Later it will be with Dorodoron, Saki and Mai have a little disagreement (since fail to discuss fight can not be called), since both forget their appointment to lose his glove Saki and Mai his notebook, because Michiru and Kaoru's had stolen. But the feeling that the other recover his treasured object makes them stronger and winning against Dorodoron. After Dorodoron creates a plan to trap the Pretty Cure, you are doing can not join hands to attack your network trapping. But Michiru and Kaoru starting to make friends with the girls involved without anyone knowing breaking the network. Dorodoron usually pay much attention to Michiru and Kaoru as these are stronger than him. The last time I fight it's raining Dorodoron takes to become "Big-Dorodoron". But this way does not work for creating a Uzaina fusioandose with mud that had, although they defeat Pretty Cure anyway, returning to its original shape. When he returns thanks to Goyan steals Fairy Charafe, Pretty Cure attacks the first with and then with Ms. Shitataare and Karehan. While he fights against Michiru and Kaoru, he manages Ms.Shitataare with Pretty Cure. However at the end of the power is Goyan cleaned and destroyed by the Pretty Cure.



Kintoleski is the last Dark Fall villain to appear and unlike some of the others he has a prediction for playing fair. He also shows up casually sometimes at Panpakupan to buy bread without causing any trouble. He likes to train like a boxer for his fights with Pretty Cure often jogging and lifting weights. Later it is revealed that he is trying to "train" the cures so that he can have an all out fight with them.

After the defeat of Ms. Shitataare, Kintoleski has its place, but the Principe appears as a villager of Vegetation, buying bread in the "Pan Panpaka" Saki's bakery. At present very clear that its sole purpose is to train the Pretty Cure to face her in a duel. During her free time by train around the city and buy bread at the bakery of Saki. Kintoleski, even the most educated villain this season, often have the idea that winning is all important. At the end of softball, when the team loses Saki, this feels awful and Kintoleski starts saying that her friends are weak, which makes the girl angry. In Mai's birthday, when Saki wants to draw a picture of Mai, Kintoleski provides tips to draw better, which confuses seeing Saki until she draws better villain. After a few clashes, Mai's birthday, I sent a letter challenging them girls on the beach, promising that if you hand them expire miracle sprays. The match starts and turns Kintoleski getting bigger and becoming reddish, becoming stronger. Despite the difficulties the girls do the "Pretty Cure Splash Star Spiral", but manages to break the attack Kintoleski. The girls think it's the end, but then disappear Kintoleski starts saying he is satisfied with the fight and giving them the miracle sprays. Later is revived along with the other villains and goes along with punishing Moerumba, Michiru and Kaoru for betraying Akudaikan. However due to the Pretty Cure Moerumba so Kintoleski later confronts them with Ms. Shitataare. The Pretty Cure manage to beat the two, and just when Ms. Shitataare wants to flee, Kintoresky grabs her away saying he would like her.

Kiryuu Sisters

Kaoru Kiryuu (霧生薫 in Japanese) is at first a cold and rude girl who meets Saki and Mai at The Sky Tree. Kaoru has long blue hair and blue eyes. Kaoru is always with her younger sister, Michiru. They are later revealed to be part of the Dark Fall. Being executives, she and Michiru are capable of commanding Uzaina creatures. Their duty is to guard the Fountain of Sky. They pretend to be transfer students of Yuunagi Junior High School where Pretty Cure Girls attend in order to gather information about Pretty Cure. Kaoru and Michiru eventually defected from Dark Fall and sacrificed their lives to protect Saki and Mai in episode 23. Later, in episode 42, they are revived by remnant powers from the Fairy Carafe and return to assist Pretty Cure in defeating the Dark Fall and Goyan. After Goyan's destruction, Kaoru and Michiru are able to live a good and happy life.

Michiru Kiryuu (霧生満 in Japanese) is Kaoru's younger sister. She has short red-violet hair and red-violet eyes. They both seem confused and clueless about the Land of Greenery at first, but quickly learn that "霧" means "fog" and "生" means "life, birth". Michiru, along with her sister, is revealed to be part of the Dark Fall. Being Dark Fall's executive menbers, Michiru, like her sister Kaoru, can command Uzaina creatures. In episode 23, Michiru and Kaoru use their last powers to save their precious friends, Saki and Mai, from Akudaikaan and send them back to the Land of Greenery. Later, in episode 42, she and Kaoru return to assist Pretty Cure in defeating the Dark Fall and Goyan.


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  • This is the first group of villains with the theme of elements.
  • This is the first group of villains to have some members who were originally good followed by Trio de Major.
  • Ms. Shitataare is permanently revived in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2.
  • Karehan is the first villain to have the Element of Trees.
  • In DX 2, Arachnea mistakes Karehan's name for "kare pan", lit. meaning curry bread.
  • In DX 2, Karehan, together with Moerumba, Ms. Shitataare and Kintoleski, represents the villains from Splash Star.
  • Goyan is the first main villain who is the man behind the man, followed by Dune from HeartCatch Pretty Cure! and Noise from Suite Pretty Cure♪.
  • Goyan's and the other main villains' silhouette (Dark King, Desperaia, the Boss, Moebius and Dune) are seen in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3: Mirai ni Todoke! Sekai wo Tsunagu☆Niji-Iro no Hana. Goyan's silhouette represents the Dark Fall.
  • Akudaikan is similar in nature to the Dark King of the previous two seasons.
  • Akudaikan is the first main villain in the Pretty Cure series to be part of "the man behind the curtain" cliche as a front for the real villain Goyan who's true nature is not revealed until the last few episodes.
  • Dorodoron's element is the earth itself and he sometimes flings mud.
  • Kintoleski's skin is gold in color and he is the strongest of the Dark Fall. He likes to exercise and work out. He has shown to have feelings for Ms. Shitataare in Episode 45.
  • Kintoleski's name comes from "kin", which is Japanese for "gold" or "metal" (and also a homophone for "muscle", "筋"), "kintore" is an abbreviation of "kinniku (muscle) training", and "suki" can mean "like". Hence, his name can be translated as "(I) like muscle training".
  • In DX 2, he, together with Karehan, Moerumba and Ms. Shitataare, represents the villains from Splash Star.
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