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Dark Faust (ダークファウスト Dāku Fausuto) Is the first evil Ultraman who appeared in Ultraman Nexus. He was created by Dark Zagi after Dark Mephisto was created. A year ago, Nosferu killed Riko's family and Mephisto finally united Dark Faust with Riko Saida by bringing her back to life.

Despite her masculine voice and appearance. Faust has confirmed in the magazine that she is female. Furthermore, she was never called by a full name, but instead only referred as Faust by herself, Himeya, and Night Raider.


A year before the events of Ultraman Nexus, Riko Saida met Kazuki Komon and from there they began to get acquainted and have a relationship. One night, Riko was returning home with her family. The most terrible thing, Nosferfu destroyed their car and Riko who just got out of the car was shot by Mizorogi. Then, Mizorogi with the power of Dark Mephisto unites Riko with Dark Faust.

After she was united with Dark Faust, Riko lived in an imaginary world created by Mizorogi where she could live happily and peacefully with her family. then, when Ultraman's light was held by Himeya, Fausr appeared and approached him. Shortly thereafter, when Ultraman Nexus was trying to create a Meta-Field, Faust suddenly unleashed his power to create a Dark Field. Nexus is overwhelmed when fighting in the Dark Field. In the end, Nexus managed to fight against Dark Fauast and they disappeared.

While Himeya was investigating Lafleya's victim, Faust suddenly came to face him and provoked him. Himeya immediately transformed into Nexus and prepared to fight against Faust. During the battle, Lafleya appeared and Faust disappeared. When Nexus fought Lafleya in Meta-Field, Faust appeared in front of them and immediately created a Dark Field. Nexus had a hard time dealing with Faust and Lafleya, but after using the Phase Feather attack Faust parrying Nexus' attack and the attack instead aim to the Night Raider's Chester, bringing down the Chester.

Komon woke up and found the unconscious Riko. Komon saw Riko holding Nagi's dog tag. After that, Nagi interrogated Riko, but Riko was nervous about answering her interrogation. On the following night, Nexus fights Lafleya again but Faust appears and creates a Dark Field. However, after Night Raider used Strike Vanisher to defeat Lafleya, Faust gave up. Around this time, Riko started hearing visions and voices that she had used by Mephisto as Dark Faust's vessel. The next day, Faust meets Komon and Faust tries to kill Komon for asking Riko, Himeya appears and saves Komon from Faust's attack. They fight in the Meta Field, Faust manages to knock out Nexus at first but in the end Faust is knocked out by Cross-Ray Schtrom.

After retreating for a long time, Faust finally showed herself in the forest and she started taunting Komon that she was dead and it was all Komon's fault that caused Riko to die. After Riko transforms into Faust, Himeya turns into Nexus, Faust creates a Dark Field and its range reaches Komon. Faust managed to knock out and bring down Ultraman Nexus. Faust torments and absorbs all of Nexus' energy. Komon then shot Faust, and that was what caused Riko to seal Faust's consciousness and take over Faust's body.

Mizorogi was furious to see Faust surrender and finally sent Nosferu to kill Komon, when Nosferu attemped to kill Komon, Riko used Dark Faust's body to protect Komon and sacrifice her life. After Nexus defeated Nosferu, Riko finally died at Komon's hands and her body became gold particles and disappeared. To make matters worse, Mizorogi now hates Komon even more and plans to psychologically torture Komon.


Light and shadow. From the light you give off, the shadow, me, is created.
~ Dark Faust to Jun Himeya

This place is endless darkness, Dark Field. You who is being of light have no chance of winning
~ Dark Faust introduced Dark Field to Nexus

Today i will defeat you and absorb a piece of you in myself so that i can become more invincible.
~ Faust before absorbing Nexus' power

~ Dark Faust as Riko


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