The Death Generals (デスジェネラル Desu Jeneraru) are a group of 7 commanding leaders within the Bagra Army and an evil organization in the anime Digimon Xros Wars.

They are led by Bagramon, DarkKnightmon, Tuwarmon, and Yuu, Nene's brother. One by one they all get defeated by Xros Hearts. DarkKnightmon revived them back to life as souless Digimon to get revenge on Xros Heart United Army. And all 7 of them merge together to form the Ultimate Death General; GrandGeneramon.

After GrandGeneramon easily defeated Shoutmon X7, DarkKnightmon sent Taiki's, Shoutmon's, Ballistamon's, and Dorululumon's souls into Prison Land. They confronted the Death Generals to get revenge on Taiki and easily defeated Shoutmon X3. Olegmon betrayed the other Death Generals and the good Apollomon emerged from Apollomon Whispered and destroyed him for good, alowing Taiki, Olegmon, and the others back to the Bagra Empire to return to their bodies.

Each of them also use their own variant of the Darkness Loaders to control the Digimon at will.

Known Death Generals

Kingdoms of the Bagra Army

Due to a catclysm some time in the past, the Digital World of Digimon Fusion was split and divied into 108 "Zones", mini-worlds separated by a featureless expanse that most Digimon are unable to travel through on their own. The Code Crowns for each Zone bestow complete dominion over that Zone, as well as the ability to travel to other Zones. It was revealed that the Digital World was originally one area until it was broken up into different zones. When Bagramon reclaimed all 108 Code Crowns, he reconstructed the Digital World into seven great kingdoms orbiting his fortress, the Bagra Pandæmonium, and created an eighth spiritual kingdom named "Prison Land" as a place to imprison his foes.

Bugra Army's Kingdoms



  • The Death Generals are themed after the elements which constitute the Wu Xing and the Moon and Sun (yin and yang), each representing one of the seven days of the week. 
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