The Dark Gods are a villainous pantheon appearing in Marvel Comics as enemies of the Mighty Thor. The characters are essentially an evil counterpart of the Asgardians and were created by Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr.


The first Dark God, Perrikus, appears when accidentally freed from a hidden prison in Asgard by the Thunder God Thor. Not knowing what has occurred, Thor departs and Perrikus brings his brethren to Asgard. The core group are Perrikus (god of "Power Unlimited and Energy Infinite" and Thor's counterpart); Majeston Zelia (the queen of the dark gods and Perrikus' mother); Adva (goddess of Portals and Knowledge); D'Chel (god of Illusion); Tokkots (god of Rhyme) and Slototh (god of Filth). With an army they invade and overrun Asgard, capturing Odin, Thor's father and the ruler of Asgard.

Revealed to be the evil opposites of the Asgardian gods, the Dark Gods first invaded Asgard over a millennium ago after an Asgardian scout called Lonkarr found and investigated Narcisson, the city of the Dark Gods. While there, Lonkarr was attacked by Tserron, the wife of Perrikus, whom he killed in combat. A vengeful Perrikus then led the Dark Gods after Lonkarr to Asgard where the two factions entered into a full-scale war. Although thwarted, the Dark Gods now seek revenge. The now-adult Thor battles Perrikus and during combat slices the Thunder God's hammer Mjolnir in half with his own weapon. Despite this setback, Thor regroups, and with the aid of fellow immortal Hercules and the Asgardian Destroyer Armor defeats Perrikus and Majeston Zelia and Odin banished the Dark Gods in another dimension.

Desak the God Slayer eventually finds and slaughters the surviving Dark Gods, and only Perrikus and Adva escape. The pair eventually battle Thor at the direction of Zarrko the Tomorrow Man, although both concede defeat when Thor severs Perrikus's right arm with the Bloodaxe. Perrikus and Adva retreat and have yet to return from Comic Book Limbo. Their current status is unknown.


The Dark Gods have the ability to merge into an giant monster called Union, at the command of Majeston Zelia. They can teleport from Narcisson to anywhere in the universe thanks to the powers of Adva.

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