Dark Guld is the main villain and final boss from Golden Axe II.


Dark Guld is an ancient evil warlord known as the Lord of Darkness, who seeks nothing but to plunge the world into chaos. In ancient times he caused a great war but in the end he was defeated and imprisoned for eternity by the power fo the Golden AXe along with his evil followers. Centuries later, Dark Guld broke free from his eternal prison and seeking revenge for his defeat he once again resumes his plans, stealing the Golden Axe for himself and sending his followers to terrorize every country they come upon.

With the world in danger, the three warriors who had previously defeated Death Adder, Ax Battler, Tirys Flare and Gillius Thunderhead, once again throw themselves into battle to stop Dark Guld's reign of terror and return the Golden Axe to it's rightful place. On their journey, the trio fights Dark Guld's minions and eventually reach his stronghold where they fight the evil warlord, defeating him for good and retrieving the Golden Axe.

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