The Dark Hide or more commonly known as either the Hunter of the Dark, or the Unnamed Heartless, is a major antagonist, as well as the final boss in the video game; Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It's a Pureblood Heartless that attacks Aqua while she was trapped in the Realm of Darkness.


While Aqua was making her way through the Valley of the Darkness in an attempt to find a way to return home, she was being stalked by a strange creature with bloodshot red eyes. Upon moving in the shadows, Aqua notices the mysterious creature's presence, and pulled out the Master Keeper Keyblade. Shortly after, the nameless creature emerges from the shadows and attacks Aqua from behind, knocking her down. However, Aqua quickly retaliates by casting a Fire spell, forcing it to retreat back into the shadows, showing Aqua nothing but its glowing red eyes.

Almost instantly, Aqua realized that the creature was neither an Unversed, nor any other creatures she's has faced before. Instead, she found out that it was another creature that she encountered while she was in the Realm of Darkness. She then processed to engage the Heartless in a one-on-one battle. At the beginning, this creature attacked Aqua while being cloaked in the Darkness. After a while, the creature revealed it's true form to Aqua, removing cloak of Darkness covering it. The creature then continued to attack Aqua. After a long and strenuous battle with the nameless monster, Aqua emerged victorious. However, the creature survived and disappeared in the darkness. The fate of this nameless creature is still currently unknown.


  • The Dark Hide greatly resembles the Pureblood Heartless; Dark Thorn from Kingdom Hearts II.
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