The Dark Hunters—for thousands of years, that name has brought fear into the hearts of everyone from Toa to members of the Brotherhood of Makuta itself. Gathered from every corner of the universe, these thieves, enforcers, and monstrosities have come together in an organization whose reach extends into every council chamber and every shadowy corner.
~ The Shadowed One on the Dark Hunters

The Dark Hunters are a band of mercenaries from the BIONICLE franchise. The members are frequently known only by their codenames, and they specialize in theft and assassination, all in the name of profit. They mainly consist of bounty hunters, thieves, and warriors.



Ancient made a business for himself to serve whoever paid the highest, with The Shadowed One being inspired with the idea. The duo eventually began their long spree of crime and recruiting members to their cause, to the point where they struck a mutually beneficial deal with the Brotherhood of Makuta to make their own forces more effective and powerful, create Rahi, and loaned out weapons to them, in exchange to servitude with the Makuta.

Infrastructure The organization is headed by the Shadowed One, and is highly regimented, with the real names of many operatives being unknown. Any and all treasure found is required to be turned over to the Shadowed One, who has been known to torture members that fail to bring him the required payment. Members must pass tests to gain admittance into the Hunters, ranging from psychological preparedness to physical combat. Those who fail the tests are allowed to leave the island, having been brought in without knowing where Odina is, but once granted entrance to the organization, it is for life; renegades and traitors are executed. The Dark Hunters are entirely profit-based; one rule of the Dark Hunters is that one will take on any task as long as the reward is great enough, no matter the risk to themselves or others. The Shadowed One also takes affronts to his pride very seriously. Those who kill a Hunter are ordered to be killed themselves, and when Makuta Teridax murdered two of his Hunters, the Shadowed One declared war on the entire Brotherhood.

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